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TMZ Live: A Pox on Botox Mom & Sell the Dodgers!

5/20/2011 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter who interviewed Botox Mom says she has a smoking gun to prove Sheena Upton slandered her in claiming the whole thing was a hoax ... And, someone who knows the L.A. Dodgers inside and out tells us how Frank and Jamie McCourt have destroyed the team -- inside and out.

Answers to all your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(1:08) "Macho Man" Randy Savage died in a car accident today ... Ryan -- who helped break the story -- has all the details.
(7:27) We have one of Macho's old rivals on the phone -- Diamond Dallas Page.
(12:23) Arnold coughed up $65,000 to his mistress for a house payment!
(25:30) We have an insider on the Frank/Jamie McCourt situation on the phone -- the producer of the "Petros and Money" show, David Vassegh! Great stuff here for you sports fans.
(33:30) Harvey interviewed Botox Mom yesterday ... and he thinks he caught her in a big lie!
(37:40) Alley Einstein -- the reporter who claims to have WITNESSED Sheena Upton inject her daughter with Botox -- is on the line ... and she flat-out calls Upton a liar for saying it was all made up.
(38:07) CRAZY -- Alley says she also saw Sheena inject her daughter's LIPS with filler! And she's got PHOTOS to prove it!
(40:20) Why didn't Alley publish the more graphic photos???
(46:50) Alley says Sheena is "setting her up."
(50:10) SHOCKER -- Alley says Sheena tried to extort her ... and that legal action may be under way! 


No Avatar

who dat    

You've been covering the Randy Savage death as if you have no other stories. Before that, it was the stupid botox mom story.
You have lost your edge in reporting interesting stories.

1216 days ago


Since the world may end tomorrow - steak tonight Harvey?

1216 days ago


Harvey, what do you think of my mom's cousin (my second cousin) Haley Reinhart getting sent home last night on American Idol? Talk about a boring finale.

1216 days ago


I was recently getting into a bar where a guy was getting kicked out for being sloppy drunk. As he was getting kicked out, he was cussing at the bouncer so the bouncer got mad, tackled him to the floor with one hand on his throat and the other hand twisting his arm. Could the guy sue for assault? and how much power do bouncers actually have?

1216 days ago


How long did we have to wait for TMZ Live to start today. Oh, right. Harvey, at 61 years old, thinks of himself as the Sun King with all of his pretty young office boys circling round him. We’re obviously meant to sit and spin as well.
WOW. Harvey, or someone got your message.

1216 days ago


I agree with WHO DAT--

Whatever happened to your VARIETY OF STORIES. You seem to latch on to a story and milk it for all its worth.

1216 days ago


HARVEY... Don't you think it is an INSULT to MARIA SHIVER'S INTELLEGENCE to think she DID NOT KNOW about ARNOLD and his MISBEHAVING... and THE LOVE CHILD???

Lala :o)

1216 days ago


The macho man loves his cocaine that is a fact. Cocaine use will ruin your heart.

1216 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Wrestling fans are crying because this guy on the phone has just said they are actors and championships are rigged. LOL!!!

1216 days ago

Meaghan La Plante    

It's so sad when someone passes away. Randy Savage as an icon!! It's so sad to say goodbye to a part of my childhood. he will be missed.

1216 days ago

Yeti Lee    

DDP needs to stop talking about himself and his career. The guy is just looking for publicity.

1216 days ago

January Jonez    

Harvey, you look very nice today!

1216 days ago


FYI, Maria Shriver has been travelling with a special "friend" for a couple years now. Its not as black and white as it may seem. Im just saying.

1216 days ago

who dat    

Pro Wrestling "fixed"? another myth ****tered.

1216 days ago


Macho Man was a strong side of WWF. No only was he the best he also made Elizabeth famous too.

What become of her?

1216 days ago
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