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Chuck Liddell Takes Wing In Air Force Fighter Jet

5/21/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC fighter Chuck Liddell went all Top Gun at Andrews Air Force Base this week when he strapped on a flight-suit and took to the skies in a F-16 with a Thunderbirds' pilot.

Liddell posted the high flying photos on his Twitter page -- and wanted everyone to know he completed the sky ride without getting sick! .

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Pilot is still cleaning puke out of ****pit!

1221 days ago


a known addict given access to a fighter jet? they might as well, let Lindsay be a pilot as well

1221 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Sick of these so called celebs and talk radio dweebs getting rides with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds while us regular folks can only dream of the experience. It's not fair. Cut it out.

1221 days ago

who dat    

It's nice to know the tax payers money is hard at work taking this headcase on a joyride.

1220 days ago


you cares. seriously, how did this story make the cut?

1220 days ago


Hey guys at TMZ: Top Gun is NAVY - the Thunderbirds are AIR FORCE. You are making yourselves look ignorant!

1220 days ago

The King    

Tax dollars hard at work protecting our "freedom" by flying around some kungfu fighter dude. What a bunch of BS, the US spends as much on "defense" as the rest of the world combined. Blatant welfare for the military industrial complex, sold with fear/hate mongering to an obtuse, naive citizenry.

1220 days ago


And hard working Airman that would love to get a incentive ride never do. Air Force is too busy giving rides to folks that enjoy having their brains bashed around.

1220 days ago

The King    

Meko, Exactly! The King served 23 years in the USAF as a network manager and was never given an incentive ride. However, The King didn't care, as he felt pilots were arrogant *******s, and paid little attention to them.

1220 days ago


Please don't reference Top Gun when some one does something in an aircraft. Top Gun refers to a NAVY training program for Naval aviators. He took flight with the Thunderbirds, the AIRFORCE fight demonstration Squadron.

1220 days ago


I know its stupid to take up a celebrity, especially this dirt-bag. However, it has everything to do with media attention and press for the air force. This is why the Air Force spends top dollar on advertising and contracts with organizations like Nascar. Just like every organization, you have to get your word out and make yourself popular. This flight is just an extension of that marketing effort. The goal is to get people to support the USAF and also get people to join up. If the USAF decided to take up a nobel prize winner (or anyone actually contributory to our society), nobody would know who he/she was. Unfortunately, our society decides to make people like Chuck Lidell popular. Please do not pick on the USAF, as they really do know what they are doing.

- Future F16 Pilot

1220 days ago


First off they do give rides to civilians, It's called the hometown hero flight. Second many hard working airman that are maintainers get incentive flights. Third why are so many people such haters! I do not like it when they give non maintainers in the military flights and not alot to the people who do work their butt off working on those planes!

1220 days ago

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