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Lindsay Lohan -- Working in the Sun

5/21/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL yesterday where she'll be spending the next few days working on a photo shoot for a local magazine. 

This will be her last outing in the sun for a bit -- Lindsay has to turn herself in for an electronic monitoring bracelet by June 17.


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yeah, she developed a baby bump between Thursdays pics and todays! Stop being stupid people, when have TMZ EVER posted a good pic of Lindsay? They go out of their way to choose the worst.

The Judge obviously gave her permission to leave Cali for work purposes. We don't know how many hours CS Lindsay has done. Just because you haven't seen pap pics doesn't mean she wasn't there.

1215 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Wouldnt it be sweet if LL, her family and fans all got Raptured today? A win/win for everyone!

1215 days ago

the Seeker    

What is wrong with the Haters today, cat got your tongues ?
Lindsay is working, hello did I sstutter ?
WORKING, gosh people one day you're all SCREAMING that she needs to work instead of just "hanging around clubs", now it is -

Why is she allowed to leave California to work ?
Why isn't she doing more Community Service ?
How can she safely take care of her sister ?
Shut up you jealous trolls.
Lindsay, fight on my brave young.... *Vogue Warrior*

1215 days ago


Baby Bump maybe? That photo of her going into the Chateau Marmont the night before Holley plead to her theft charge looked like a baby bump too. She had quite the pouf hanging over her low rise jeans.

1215 days ago

Who Farted    

She looks like a truck stop lizzard

1215 days ago


Im finishing re reading a book called the Cloak of the Illuminati, and its some pretty heavy duty fun stuff. I dont think the rapture will happen today but you never know about that "Project Bluebeam".hahaha

Oh BTW, I just saw on X17 a post where someone had listed Lindsays score list of celebs, and holy frickin CRAP!!!I had no clue there were so many big actors, and there are probably much more than that being that was just guys. No wonder she brags about it, wouldnt most girls brag if they hooked up with Dicaprio? Well, thats the fun of being a celeb I suppose.

1215 days ago


the SEEKER, I would say you are retarded but I'd only be insulting my level 4 retarded brother and all his housemates. You are seriously a braindead, ugly a$$ troglodyte wanna be. Step back from the LiHo a$$ kissing your dimwitted coke fiend lover. There have been plenty of LiHo haters posting about this stupid, ugly, trampy, skanky camel toe licking drug addict and its her fault so few like her. She whines and complains about how unfair the court system is to her when, in reality anyone with half a brain cell (not Fire Crotch) knows she is actually skating by with barely a slap on the wrist. He camel toe licking mouth should be in jail for a few months just like what would happen to the average Jane Doe. She needs to have her skanky disease riddled mouth planted firmly between her attorneys legs, pushing her slimy tongue deep inside her crotch. She has only herself to blame for all that is wrong in her life. She needs to kick her both her stupid parents to the curb. Mom most of all as she is only using LiHo. Dad, he is just a looser ball and chain she needs to shed. As for taking care of her sister, as you mentioned, Dear Jesus, please no. She can not properly care for herself how can she care for someone else, much less an impressionable teenager. In fact, that teenager is probably more equipped to care for LiSkank. Someone mentioned that when one performs court ordered cs, they usually start of gung ho with it then taper off about midway through.

LiHo doing cs with children, please God let that be a typo! There goes the youth at that center, right them off. Maybe the state can do a video on the negatives she has done to herself.

1215 days ago


I hope they lock up all their valuables while she's around.

1215 days ago


Maybe she's posing for the Plum Magazine that is for expectant mothers(yes,there is one) instead of the South Beach poser one?

1215 days ago


Well this is the last comment i plan on putting up here (unless something REALLY amusing comes up) but YEAH, what a pointless story. Next are we going to be hearing when she actually WASHED those rattails?

Seriously, the girl just needs to disappear.

1214 days ago


Who the hell wants to see HER in a photo shoot ??

Is that all she can do now, is pose for pics ?? I noticed she did not get the part
of Victoria Gotti as predicted. This bimbo's movie jobs are over !
No one will ever take her serious as an actress, they will always see the idiot liar
she is, and no part can disguise that.

1214 days ago


Never heard of Plum Magazine or that radio show she did the other day.

1214 days ago


Is that magazine known as the Ft Lauderdale Coupon Saver?

1214 days ago


Plum Magazine:

The first-ever pregnancy magazine for women 35 years and older

Later childbearing is a hallmark of our time—with more women than ever before having babies later in life.

Plum, a name chosen because it means “something especially prized” describes how a 35+ pregnancy—whether her first, second, or fifth—fits into a woman’s rich life of family, relationships and career

1214 days ago


Oh boy. Just saw some pics from the shoot--girlfriend looks *rough.*

Behold, the Yeti formerly known as Lohan...

1214 days ago
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