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Maria Shriver Shops for L.A. Condos

5/21/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver was quietly looking at pricey L.A. condos back in January ... months before the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby scandal broke ... TMZ has learned.


What's especially interesting about this ... it looks like Arnold told Maria about Mildred Patty Baena immediately after he left the governor's office on January 3.

Sources say Maria and her broker looked at a condo at The Carlyle on Wilshire, a pricey condo building near UCLA.  Among the residents -- Bruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, Paul Anka, Donna Summer and Matt Kemp.

Our sources say Maria didn't like the units.  We're told she looked at several penthouse units, which are priced between $10 - $14 million (they rent out for around $30,000 a month).  She also looked at a few 3-bedroom condos, which were listed between $4 - $7 million (they rent out at around $17,000 a month).

We're told Maria felt the building was too exposed to the paparazzi.

Maria is still on the hunt for a place.


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TMZ Incorrect info! Not all of those celebs live in that building

1230 days ago


Why would she go for a condo if she has kids at home? She should splurge on a big ol' house in Bel Air or on the beach in Malibu.

1230 days ago


@ dimes --

I would not want the maintenance on a big ol' house -- and especially not the household staff that would go with it. She still has teenage boys, so would you have a few maids around? Any more maids, she would just be asking for more 'insurance' or 'blackmail' babies.

1230 days ago



1230 days ago


Because a big ol' house affords the kind of space and privacy you don't get in a condo. She's used to having household staff, and now she can get a gorgeous poolboy, a hot butler, and a smokin' hot chef!

1230 days ago


Daniel, money does not ease anyones pain. Such a misconception. emotional pain is what it is with or without money. If that were true than there would not be so many miserable rich people. There are folks who have won the lottery then comitted suicide. Go figure----

1230 days ago


I think Harvey's fanatical desire to paint the former maid Patty as a slutty psycho is beyond disturbing and reeks of political bias and Kennedy butt kissing rather then rational fair reasoning.

He has said Patty has a big mouth and bragged about everything to her friends and others for a long time yet it was kept a secret from the public some how, however the fact it was kept a secret demonstrates to me she may have been open about the generosity of her employer but didn't reveal all we know now, in spite of people coming out of wood work (for a few bucks) now claiming other wise.

I could care less where Maria locates herself as I'm sure it will be far more secluded and insulated environment then the former house hold help and child have in Bakersfield Ca, which is being swarmed by the media in mass and Maria also has the media to protect her instead of hound and degrade her.

Don't get me wrong, Patty isn't someone I'd trust in my house but I just don't see her as the top villain in this story so many are painting her as with their Kennedy crush brush.

This situation is a sad one for the children ( not just Maria's children) they are the only ones I really feel for.

1230 days ago


Kelly, media scandals always have to have a victim and a villian.

Right now, the person being painted as the villian is the housekeeper and the victim is Maria.

The cycle will change as time goes on and more is uncovered about the behavior of the real villian (Arnold) and media sympathy starts to include additional victims - this boy, any other kids that come to light, and random souls like that actress (Gigi something) who hired Gloria Allred for an as-yet-unknown reason and who claims to have had an affair with Arnold when she was a 16 year old minor.

On the other hand, if it comes out that Maria was aware of some/all of this philandering and kept it quiet for months or years for politicial reasons, the sympathy for her will start to decrease in direct proportion to the amount of money she gets in the inevitable divorce.

1230 days ago


Has to be a first, a Kennedy on the receiving end of the cheating stick.

1230 days ago


Hey Maria's Broker ck out the Azzurra Condos in Marina del Rey to get her out of the Brentwood/Hollywood peeps --get excellent value for penthouses with other celebrities and better security--- and what roof top views....No I dont live or own at Azzurra anymore because I moved to a no tax state. I do miss the Azzurra though.

1230 days ago

Real n the field    

good to see "white" guys exposing there scandalous ways just like every other race of men.
so you los angeles white boy loving black women better wake the *uck up..
you all walk around hollywood grabbing white boys because you see another one with one...pathetic...they more scandalous and player than any brother could ever be.

1230 days ago


Media needs to stop trying to paint Arnold as the only scapegoat for his marriage falling apart. It takes two people to make a marriage fall apart. No one really knows what the true state of Maria and Arnold's marriage was really like. Maybe Maria had her own share of flaws too. What if he didn't like Maria's personality, and wanted to get outta the marriage years ago, but couldn't since he was already the governor?

1230 days ago


of course it's exposed it's on ****ing wilshire blvd for god sake!!

1230 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Kelly: Mostly I agree with you. I cannot stand the self-applauding Kennedy clan. What people fail to realize, is how DISINGENUOUS they are. They PRETEND to do all this selfless stuff for people and right "empowerment" books but, they are as FAKE as can be.

1) Maria Shriver knew EXACTLY who Ahnie was when she met him, during their courtship and before she married him. Yet she happily married him anyway. Why? Either she thought her magical Kenney v_a_g_i_n_a would change him OR...she lives life with a different set of morals than other people do. I'm guessing the latter. Because if it's the former - it just screams delusions of adequacy LOL.

2) How can ANYONE blame the MAID? I mean, really, blaming the MAID is so pathetic. Like Kelly said, I wouldn't want to have Patty around as a friend but I so totally don't fault her for doing what she did. Think of it like a business environment where even though she was paid well, she wanted to advance. That's human nature. Especially with some snotty butt-ugly bosses that acted like they were above her. Even in the pic where Ahnie is dancing with the maid, he looks down at her with gentle contempt - as if it's just so OBVIOUS that a steroid-loving STD carrying German is above his Guatemalan maid.

3) Maria Shriver is only apart from Ahnie because he was indiscreet and it would be HORRIBLE for her public image if she stayed with Ahnie because of what he did. Maria Shriver doesn't THINK like most women. As TMZ first reported, it's not because of his womanizing that this is happening. Harvey Weinstein is the same way...he cheats on his wife left right and centre and she knows and is okay with long as he is discreet and help her sell her Marchesa line. And Harvey's wife is GORGEOUS unlike butt-ugly Maria. But Maria is a Kennedy, so that makes up for it - right Maria (barf).

4) Don't you just love this: Condo units priced between $4 and $14 million but "Maria didn't like the units". LOL!!! Isn't Maria Shriver just SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU AND I AND THE MAID (of course)?

5) As for the kids: WHY does everyone feel sorry for "the kids"? I've read so many news articles about how bratty and elitist her kids they are complete and utter classless pigs at stores and restaurants with no respect for salespeople or wait staff...why feel sorry for them? Why feel sorry for ANY of them? Just enjoy the show!!!!!! I am :)

6) And Harvey can kiss their collective a$$s as much as he wants. They still, and will always, have HUGE contempt for a short homosexual jew boy failed attorney. And they always will.

1230 days ago


This is the time for Maria to live her life and take Arnold's money...He needs to pay for this, he had a wonderful beautiful wife, Home, appearantly, that was not good enough for him..well, he will pay for it big,, Great way to retire Arnold!!Maria,, you have so much class and you deserve better.. Best of Luck to Maria...

1230 days ago
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