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Maria Shriver Shops for L.A. Condos

5/21/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver was quietly looking at pricey L.A. condos back in January ... months before the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby scandal broke ... TMZ has learned.


What's especially interesting about this ... it looks like Arnold told Maria about Mildred Patty Baena immediately after he left the governor's office on January 3.

Sources say Maria and her broker looked at a condo at The Carlyle on Wilshire, a pricey condo building near UCLA.  Among the residents -- Bruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, Paul Anka, Donna Summer and Matt Kemp.

Our sources say Maria didn't like the units.  We're told she looked at several penthouse units, which are priced between $10 - $14 million (they rent out for around $30,000 a month).  She also looked at a few 3-bedroom condos, which were listed between $4 - $7 million (they rent out at around $17,000 a month).

We're told Maria felt the building was too exposed to the paparazzi.

Maria is still on the hunt for a place.


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So she ensured continual employment, immigration status, stayed near the center of power and influence, and all the while staying close to the legal wife and children? She had a remarkable amount of power in the household by subtle threat to Arnold of the existence of the child.

Arnold is nasty by allowing that ticking time bomb to stay in the marital home -- during his stint as an elected official. It is all his fault and shows a remarkable lack of judgment.

This is not class warfare -- this is subtle influence-peddling. As soon as there is a child involved, she became 'legal' to keep it quiet.

Taxpayers in California will have a lot of thinking to do.

1251 days ago


@ lilac -- And if she was paid too well, red flags would go up all over the place. It is the perks, like the quincaneara, being close to power and influence, that made it all worthwhile.

1251 days ago


That's because she knew what was coming down the pike. He's no longer the Governor so there was no need to keep up appearances. They all act astonished and the housekeeper gets roasted over the coal by an idiotic public.
Really,Maria,so close to the family and you never got a glimpse of the kid!!! and we know Arnie was dipping into that salsa bowl every chance he got and now that he is a free man ,he will once again have unrestricted access to it.
That's the problem with senoritas. You can't get the taste out of your system and they're far better than some pretentious anglos whose only purpose in life seems to be dying their hair the color of urine and going to therapy because they come to realize that there was never anything special about them at all.

1251 days ago


I think Maria knew for a very long time about this. I'm not buying the fact that she found out recently. This story was going to unfold no matter what. I think Arnold finally want to acknowledge his son.

1251 days ago

Donna seem to be taking this to much to heart. With everything that has went down, it obvious what was taking place. Why would this women speak up, she manage to do very well by keeping her mouth shut. It kept her in the home around Arnold and close to his pockets. I have no sympathy for a woman with no dignity for herself or her own children, she should have left many years ago. She knew exactly what she was doing, think about the damage that this has done to all the children involved. Arnold was a stupid fool, but he got played now karma is coming down on both of them!! I pray that Maria and the kids manage to pick up the pieces and move on to a happier life.

1251 days ago


Oh, forgot to mention --

Confidentiality agreements are a fact of life, not only for the wealthy. Maids and housekeepers sign them all the time so my guess would be we won't be hearing anything from the maid -- ever.

1251 days ago

my opinion    

GREAT...Maria should move out. Arnold and the maid will get what they both deserve misery. I feel for Maria and the children

1251 days ago

Hawaii Girl    

Maria might have known at the beginning of this year, however, all the disgusting details that are being reported may be what pushed her over the brink. There is something new coming out in the press daily, and guaranteed, Ahnuld didn't tell her any of the gory details. She's learning them drip by drip from the news. She gave up her career for him. She's lost so many years by putting herself in the backseat, while he was in the front seat satisfying all of his own dreams and desires. He never loved her. He wanted the "Kennedy connection" and influence. She had no one better asking her out or to marry them, so she said yes, as well. They both kinda got what they wanted. But, as with so many other marriages and relationships, the hard reality of a spouse who cheats, stings. Whether you're a Kennedy or not. I don't think she needs to be looking at ugly, overpriced condos, though! She should just get another beautiful home in Brentwood, continue raising / supporting her children, and don't allow Ahnuld to come over. Simple solution. I don't think she knows how to be on her own. She'll have to learn, like so many other women do when they have to deal with this same situation.

1251 days ago


I don't know how most people define "Democrats," but my kneejerk response is that a good true "Democrat" would not live so profligately. The house that couple inhabited for 20 years was a ridiculously opulent mansion, but was that the "republican" half of the couple in charge? I never understood Maria's huge SUVs and luxury cars and jewelry, but then, that's who she is, she's not Rory Kennedy or even Caroline Kennedy. I just don't get the hunger for "things" that are so much more extravagant than seems reasonable. Arnold's profession, the movie business and entertainment business, isn't generally about humility or subtle presence; and Maria seemed very comfortable with that. As for Arnold's indiscretions, most of us would associate those with the Kennedy brand going waaaayyyy back; but Arnold is also in company with Tiger and Jesse and John many others. Who knows, maybe Maria cheated too. Probably not, but....

1251 days ago


Wow it looks cold and very impersonal..even if I had the money I wouldnt want to live gosh Maria your house is big enough for you and Arnold to have your own apartment , or it must have a guest house you can put Arnold in.

1251 days ago


CARTMAN comment so funny rofllmfao!
and i quote:just go change the locks"that is it lol yea who want to lay in the bed,even the kitchen sleep there,eat there walk around the same house where for 2 decades,of marriage,at least we know of 1/2 was spent with sex in each room maybe,durin mornin wen her kid was home,or maria shriver was out doin shoppin,having a family get together or friends,OPRAH etc.

who knows.i will not at all stay either! she is RICH.She is from royalty family.she is a KENNEDY after all.So,i m sure she will find a nice condo just right 4 her the kiddies!i like maria she will be just fine better after this...

Boy it must feel good to be RICH like her$$$$ look inside the condo wow.amazing.

1251 days ago


Muppet 13 hours ago

Lisa 44 minutes ago
I don't get it. When they first annouced their separation, they announced it amicably. Arnold even went on stage after the annoucement saying that "he just talked to Maria" and they both said they were lucky to have good friends. He even said he told Maria this January about the maid and child. I just think that she forgave Arnold long time ago and they've been close but now that the public knows about it, she is now keeping her distance from him and trying to play into the public's hand that she is a woman scorned...not that she's not but I feel they moved past this stage a while back.


I agree with you Lisa. It seemed like this was already something they'd discussed and moved past when they announced it. When I heard the announcement it sounded almost as if they were trying to reconcile but just needed some time to sort things out. The media has went nuts with all this stuff. I think Arnold and Maria should NOT let the media play any part in what they do or do not decide to do. Both of them need to put their family first and focus on that. I think if they are smart they would pay attention to their young children who are obviously very hurt at this time. That's more important than gaining public sympathy etc.
I so agree with both of you, I wonder if its the paps making it worse for them .

1251 days ago


I wonder why she's thinking of buying a condo, instead of a house/mansion, more suitable for kids.

1251 days ago


will all of you people stop saying that Maria is beautiful, she isnt and from some of the pictures I have seen of her , she looks cold. I am not excusing Arnold's behavior, and definately , not the maid's for continuing to work in their home ...but Maria knew Arnold was this way and married him anyway..I am sure she knew of all of this awhile ago... I am so sick of hearing about the long suffering Kennedy woman..if they are stupid enough to marry and or put up with bad behavior, then deal with the mess. Maria seems more worried as to how she will look to other woman , then to deal with her marriage and family.

1251 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Now that is a far out groovy love pad there eh? Who lived there last, The Partridge Family? Although I have to admit it has the clean, uncluttered look sorely lacking in today's "up-to-date" homes, which are full of "stuff" because Miss Thing has no clue how to decorate. But I digress.

Hey Maria, buy the whole floor! He can afford it!

1251 days ago
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