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Shemar Moore & GF -- 'Criminal' Bodies

5/21/2011 2:25 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Criminal Minds" star Shemar Moore, 41, and and his sexy lady friend showed off their ripped physiques on the beach in Miami on Thursday.


They're a match made in abs heaven.


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Yum......what a fine specimen of manhood!

1218 days ago

There's a problem here    

@Pookie ... Shemar can play both sides of the black/white fence because he's biracial. He's also verrrry nice to look at, educated, has a career, and is an interesting, decent person. He can be with anyone he wants to be. He's definitely not a "step down" by any standard.

1218 days ago



1218 days ago


Is she the miami trainer that appeared i all the Real World/RR challenges and converted many a bi-curious female cast member?

1217 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

the real question is..why is he wearing chonies with his swimming trunks?!

1217 days ago


What is she doing with my man? If I could choose any man in the world to mine it would be Shemar. So gorgeous.

1216 days ago


I love shemar , hes perfect (physically i mean) they look lovely, and many people say race doesnt matter and i agree most of the time but i also get confused, where im from, it matters and the most common thing ppl say is , yes u want it to last 4ever but wut if u get divorced and you want to go bak live in your native country,where would your kids go, with you or their daddy?

1216 days ago


Yummy Shemar Moore.........I need to see more of him......That Pretty Cow (Hate Her) I hope this is Love for him ..U go Boy!

1216 days ago


Has he ever been photographed with the same woman more than once? 41 is a bit old to still be ho'in it matter how sexy he his.

1216 days ago


He is straight.

The co-star who is gay is the woman who plays Penelope.

As someone else said...his mother is white.

So we have a little bit of everything mixed into the relationships on CM.

1216 days ago


Can anyone tell me what brand of sunglasses or model of sunglasses that he is wearing?

1215 days ago


Nice photo of both of them. We can only assume they are together. Whatever the case I wish him success and happiness in his relationship. Men and women deserve to be happy these days.

1189 days ago


She in great shape but her face looks like a mack truck hit it.
Hopefully he is gay and that is not something he i*********.

If he actually is into chicks he should find one who is naturally gorgeous facially AND bodily... For such small boobs they look kinda saggy...ew! I'd be happy to volunteer,and no I am not hating I just hate to see a beautiful man go to waste even for one second with some half assed chick.

Even if she is just his hag she's a bust....NEXT!

1186 days ago

amy williams    

when will shemar be in Miami next?

1185 days ago


I for one am horrified. She has a face like a dog,small saggy breasts,and a rear end that does not look all that deeply toned and kapowish. The only thing she has are abs...NEXT!! I am 5'10",a perfect size 4 and have real measurements of 40C-25-38. My abs are like chisled rock!! I am black,German,and Cherokee. I have the same complextion as Shemar when he is tan naturally,long shimery bone straight jet hair that is growing out of my scalp that I can sit on,and a face like an angle. Everyone stares at me every where I go..and I do mean everyone... women,men,children. I stop every show. To top it off I have 2 ivy degrees and a successful business of my own in NYC. My point is where is my gorgeous beach god?

It honestly makes me ill to see something like this. She is not on his level. I hope he is gay and that is just one of his not so fab hags. I would be thrilled if he was walking wiht a women or a man for that matter that looked like his equal. Why waste even one second of your time on something like this? Maybe once every 3 or 4 years I see run across a man that I think is beautiful,interesting,and successful enough to consider even stopping to let him speak to me for 5 minutes. It burns my ass to see stuff like.

You would never catch me with walking around with something like that! Shemar what is wrong with you?!! I do not care how this sounds it is how I feel.

Where are the young Matt Dillons,Keanu Reeveses,and Shemars of the world. I am 26 and the men in NY are so sub par I do not even bother noticing them.

When I was in my early to mid teens there where super pretty boys all over the place. Did you all grow up and become fat,ugly,or bald?

Calgon take me away!!! LOL

1182 days ago
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