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Charlie Sheen

The $3,000,000

Sugar Daddy Offer

5/22/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has no current sources of fresh income, so what better way to score a cool $3 mil than doing what you already know -- become the king of the sugar daddies.

0520_charlie_sheen_established_men_doc_launch_EX -- a social network for rich men seeking needy women -- put the offer on the table earlier this week ... $3,000,000 for Charlie Sheen to endorse the sugar daddy website for three years.

But EM wants even more from Sheen.  Charlie would be crowned PRESIDENT of Established Men -- running advertising, sales, and promotions -- in return for a 50% interest in the company.

Also HUGE ...  EstablishedMen could not fire Charlie for "moral turpitude."

The bad news -- it's an exclusive deal ... so Charlie couldn't work for anyone else.  To make matters worse, he'd have to move to Toronto (no offense).

Chuck Lorre -- eat your heart out.


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You just perfectly illustrated why we hate America (and many Americans like yourself)

From New Zealand (and the rest of the world)

1248 days ago


Charlie pays over $100,000 per month in child support, somehow I don't think this job is going to cut it.
I think they know this is a ridiculous offer but it's free advertising right?

1248 days ago


Keep the sleaseball south of the border! Toronto doesnt want him!

1248 days ago


Charlie doesn't need the money and this unknown sugar daddy outfit is just wanting free publicity. So, the real question is this: just how is "" connected to TMZ, WB and Time Warner?

1248 days ago


That's okay, Toronto thinks it's the centre of the universe too

1248 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

Toronto where i lived for 25 years and can objectively examine...


1. weather winter..pass
2. Snotty attitude..thinks its NYC when its not...
3. Culture of balls/galas/hospital namings..each member of so called society crawls over each other to have there photo in national post "society page" and if you dont think that happens your a naive idiot...
4. Anti American attitude..what a joke..i moved to Florida and the first think i noticed is how fit people are compared too Canada...when i was in San Diego a month ago i was shocked how fit everyone was....and this site says canadians are more fit...what a joke..not a chance....
5. US Military and US support of country far out weighs Canada's..i mean how many Canadian flags do you see waving from peoples homes??? i think you see more Italian, German, and other countries..
is that the leafs suck

1248 days ago


Toronto has a society page?

OK Charlie is interested again!

1247 days ago

Ron Wall    

Toronto has the same weather as Chicago and New York.

The only difference is Canada is a richer country than the USA per capita.

Canada is also more sexually liberated than the United States.

1247 days ago


yeah right. He was making 3 mill in 3 weeks.

1247 days ago


Why do people continue to feed this b*stard money for basically doing NOTHING! It's like he's getting rewarded for being a F*ck-up.

1247 days ago


TMZ is one big PR machine for websites and companies to get free publicity and Harvey Levin falls for it every time.

The pitch... offer a celebrity a large sum of money to do something and then send a copy of the pitch to TMZ and they'll promote your company for free.

You've promoted for Ashley Madison, Clips for Sale, etc... and for what? They should be paying you for such publicity! You guys are suckers!

1247 days ago


Seems odd to say the least that a story supposedly about Charlie Sheen has instead turned into a lets compare our countries and bash each other so called discussion instead. Maybe there's not a lot left to say about Charlie these days,

But, since it did turn into a country bashing with people citing various so called facts, I provided a simple method for obtaining and comparing facts on as many countries as anyone cared to. There are several websites that provide that service, plus plenty of articles online written by people who have lived different countries and gave their personal views on the comparison. Facts are one thing, personal preferences are another and don't always coincide with facts.

Speaking as someone who has traveled and lived abroad, I have found that every country has something positive and something negative about it, including the US of course. I have also found that while some people outside the US dislike the US and Americans in general, there is also plenty of positive sentiment toward the US and towards Americans. Neither sentiment was surprising.

What was surprising were the people in Europe I met who had a fondness for Texans in particular. Also surprising were the people in New Zealand who I met who expressed concern that America was headed toward socialism like New Zealand had, and which was in their opinion a failure. They had a surprising admiration for American ingenuity and didn't want to see it lost to socialism. My visit to New Zealand was in the mid 1970's, for political context, btw.

Anyway, it seems to me that there are so called facts being stated here that anyone could verify and discover the truth about for themselves if they cared to. For example, its a fact that the US is richer per capita than Canada based on standard measures like GPD. Not that being rich is the end all and be all of what makes a country good, IMO.

This "fact" is not the only one stated here in error, like immigration rates of the US compared to Canada. But if anyone cares to know the truth they can do their own research just like I did.

GDP per capita

$48,000 (USD) - USA

$40,200 (USD) - Canada

1247 days ago


"Chuck Lorre orchestrated the whole thing...why do you think he set Charlie's meltdown with all his offensive Vanity Cards?"

That's the funniest f*ckin' thing I've heard in days - you should go into stand-up!

"Lorre caused Chuckles the Crackhead Clown's meltdown!"


1247 days ago


"Chuck Lorre orchestrated the whole thing...why do you think he set Charlie's meltdown with all his offensive Vanity Cards?"


LMAO! You've just make your vatican warlock assassin to be weaker than a limp noodle.
''I have defeated this earthworm with my words'', says Sheenius.
But you're saying he's the LOSER?
I would recommend that Charlie's fans read his words very carefully.
Someone who claims to be dealing with fools and trolls and soft targets with tiger blood SHOULD be right on top of the game. Lorre could never pull a fast one over an F-18 who ''effortlessly and magically converts tin cans into pure gold''.
Give your head a good shake, man.

1247 days ago


@Minxster @Roast Beef,

Thank you both for addressing that comment. I noticed it and also agree with your views but am personally maxed out at the moment on dealing with toxic stupidity. With fans like these who needs enemies?

1247 days ago
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