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Dr. Phil Springs Into Action During 911 Emergency

5/22/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw found himself in the middle of a serious medical emergency this week -- when a guy hanging out at his Bev Hills mansion collapsed on the tennis court and Phil dashed to his aid.


It all went down Thursday morning -- when Phil's wife was playing tennis with a family friend. We're told the man suddenly became disoriented -- collapsed -- and started to go "in and out of consciousness."

We're told Phil's wife Robin screamed for the doc to call 911 -- which he did -- and while on the phone with the dispatcher, Phil raced over to the court to tend to his friend.

Sources close to the McGraws tells us Phil checked the man's pulse and calmly relayed all sorts of important information to paramedics as they raced to Phil's pad.

The man was transported to a nearby hospital -- and was released a short time time later. We're told he's "doing fine."

It pays to have a (TV) doctor in the house.


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Sanjose Mike    

Knowledge of first-responder medicine helps people survive. One does not have to be a physician to learn first-responder medicine. Most people who use it are NOT medical doctors, since medical doctors cannot be everywhere.

They key is to learn first responder medicine and get training in it, mostly offered by Red Cross representatives and teachers (usually registered nurses).

Every adult should learn first-responder medicine. You may help your family member or friend survive. The most important part of first-responder medicine is to keep your cool and think clearly about exactly what you will do in the next 30 seconds when an emergency strikes.

Yes, I am a physician. No, I cannot be everywhere. And in fact, most paramedics know more than physicians about first responder medicine and have more experience with it than we do.

1248 days ago


He doesn't have to be a doctor to be able to do that.

1248 days ago


CHECKING the fallen dude's Pulse was what kept him alive until paramedica arrived on the scene.

This man now owes his life to Dr. Phil.

1248 days ago

who dat    

How much did Phils publicist pay you (tmz) to put this fluff BS story up on the site? 5K?? The person who fainted probably needed a glass of water. Big effn deal.

Phil springs into action with a glass of water. Stop the F'n presses. News at 11.

1248 days ago


What id "Dr" Phil do, stand over the guy and berate him telling him what a terrible human being he was while waiting for the paramedics?

1248 days ago

She's baaaack    

@Sloane .... uh sloane? Nuh uh. Okay, Dr Phil has a PhD in psychology. If you've ever known enough psych people you'd find that most of them are a bit off, to say the least. Phil couldn't hack practicing, and so founded a company that psychoanalyzes potential jurors. He is also not a practicing psychologist, which means he still holds the PhD because he earned that, but he probably hasn't kept up credits for his psychology license in any state in the USA, so he's pretty much worthless in the praticing arena. He's Oprah's boy and he's a whore along with his wife and sons.

1248 days ago



1248 days ago


Too bad he didn't leap into action when his dog bit that woman.

1248 days ago


Sounds likely to be a migrain type concern or possibly a blood sugar problem. I'm sure that he would have been just fine on his own . . .

1248 days ago


What good is it if you're screaming your head off to call 911 when you can do it yourself. The woman needs to take some BLS (Basic Life Saving) courses if you ask me... Back Seat Driver's... you gotta love them.

1248 days ago


Excuse me but anyone who took a first aid class in HS could have done the same thing

1248 days ago


How ironic that the faux-doctor Phil and his wife spring to the rescue of this male friend but when a female friend was badly bitten by Phil's dog, who was known to have bitten others and is poorly trained, Phil and his wife just walked away.

Hmm - sexism or just a cowardly refusal to take responsibility for the destruction he causes to others? Or both?

1248 days ago


Oh big freakin deal. I'm glad that man is doing OK now, but this Oprah lackey didn't do anything that anybody else wouldn't have done. That's what you do when people collapse. You go to their aid, administer chest CPR while talking to the emergency responders over the phone. BIG DEAL for him. Lots of people in the world who have saved people in way worse situations than this one..... so who cares about "Doctor" Phil?

1248 days ago


First of all he's not a licensed doctor; he let it expire. Second he did what most people would do.

Cracks me up that if a celeb does something like this, they are superhuman and heroic. But this is done all the time by regular people.

I'm glad he did it and that's great but lets not act like he's this god.

1248 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

For all of those naysayers that say that Dr. Phil doesn't have a Ph.D resd this quote from Wikipedia:
McGraw graduated in 1975 from Midwestern State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. He went on to earn a master's degree in experimental psychology in 1976, and a Ph.D in clinical psychology in 1979 at the University of North Texas,[6] where his dissertation was titled "Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Psychological Intervention".[7] After run-ins with several faculty members,[8] McGraw was guided through the doctoral program by Frank Lawlis, who later became the primary contributing psychologist for the Dr. Phil television show.[9]

After obtaining his Ph.D., McGraw joined his father, Dr. Joe McGraw, in Wichita Falls, Texas, where the elder McGraw had established his private psychology practice.[10]
/end quote
He does have a Ph.D and you would have to prove to me that he doesn't. He just doesn't have a medical license anymore and the California Medical Board ruled that he didn't need a medical license to do his TV show. Kudos to Dr. Phil to helping his friend when he needed it.

1248 days ago
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