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Dr. Phil Springs Into Action During 911 Emergency

5/22/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw found himself in the middle of a serious medical emergency this week -- when a guy hanging out at his Bev Hills mansion collapsed on the tennis court and Phil dashed to his aid.


It all went down Thursday morning -- when Phil's wife was playing tennis with a family friend. We're told the man suddenly became disoriented -- collapsed -- and started to go "in and out of consciousness."

We're told Phil's wife Robin screamed for the doc to call 911 -- which he did -- and while on the phone with the dispatcher, Phil raced over to the court to tend to his friend.

Sources close to the McGraws tells us Phil checked the man's pulse and calmly relayed all sorts of important information to paramedics as they raced to Phil's pad.

The man was transported to a nearby hospital -- and was released a short time time later. We're told he's "doing fine."

It pays to have a (TV) doctor in the house.


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Seal Team 6    

Phil McGraw does hold a legit Ph.D. in Psych, and was a therapist, until his license was pulled for inappropriate relations with a patient. Texas would have given his license to practcie back if he agreed to meet certain conditions, but he refused. Because of this, he does hold his Ph.D., and can be called "Doctor McGraw," but he is not allowed to be licensed to practice in any state.

1252 days ago

No comment    

BFD- we hear of 5 yr olds doing the same thing...dialing 911 and telling the dispatcher the person is awake or not. Most of us morons out here could do the same thing....

1252 days ago


Phil and Drew need to be taken off the air, they are a menace to the poor uneducated people who listen to fact the American programming needs to smarten wonder Americans come across as a joke to the rest of the world..

1252 days ago


LOL, is poor Phil all a fluster because Oprah is getting all the airtime with her retirement shows and parties?

Attention ho to the nth degree. He did NOTHING that any other human being would do. Important information, "He's got a pulse, he's awake, wait no he fainted again, he's awake, his coloring is good" Sheesh

1252 days ago

Make it stop    

This guy is a joke. He's an Oprah production and that's about it.

1252 days ago

Bill Leslie    

"Dr" Phil is a Phd psychologist, not a medical doctor psychiatrist. And not qualified or certified to hand out aspirin.

1252 days ago


He and that Dr. Laura shouldn't be using that Dr. title. Neither are medical doctors, but I'm sure it confuses people, and they errantly believe that they are MD's.

1252 days ago


that wasn't heroic, that's what people do when people pass on next to them on a tennis court...

1252 days ago


I am guessing here but I do beleive Mr. McGaw received Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) instructions from the 911 operator. The operator (if trained in this) would ask key questions and relay the information to enroute paramedics. That would mean the 911 operator get the crit and not Mr. McGraw! Again this is a guess on my part, you would have to get a copy of the 911 call to verify this..

1252 days ago


That would mean the 911 operator get the crit and not Mr. McGraw!

*get - gets
*crit - credit


1252 days ago


AHHH>>>>DUHHH>>>isn't that what dumbass suppose to do calling himself a "Doctor"

1252 days ago


HE IS NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR! woo-hoo he called 911.......something a monkey could do. He is no more a doctor than Dr. Dre! He should be called Dr. Douche.

1252 days ago


Dr. Phil IS a doctor, he just doesn't practice anymore...He's said it on the show several times...Rude...

1251 days ago


I hope that people will read this and find out that DR PHIL is not a doctor at all he has no degree in ANYTHING and to make matters worse he wont show his degrees to anyone WHY you ask because he has none he is a fake and a total lier SHOW US SOMETHING you fake ass so called doctor

1251 days ago


if word got out that you or I had called 911 for our neighbour or friend I doubt if TMZ would add a headline to it about us "springing into action' to save someone

the minute TMZ got the info (probably paid the 911 dispatch operator after they tipped TMZ off) they headlined it into a big deal

I blame TMZ for trying to make something out of an everyday occurance which only happended to involve a celeb

and because of TMZ's sensationalistic approach-a lot of people here are blaming/condeming Dr Phil

he did what we'd all do - nothing heroic - it's TMZ that is blowing it all out of proportions

1251 days ago
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