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Chicago Bulls Star Appears to Hurl Gay Slur at Fan

5/22/2011 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joakim Noah pulled a Kobe Byrant during tonight's Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat NBA playoff game ... caught on camera appearing to hurl a gay slur at a fan. 

Noah went to the bench early in the game with his second foul. After a replay, the camera cut back to Noah ... who screamed a few colorful words in the direction of a fan behind the bench.

He ended his screaming appearing to say, "F**k you, f**got."

Unlike Kobe's outburst, the announcer's made no mention of Joakim's.

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Rogue Warrior    

WHO CARES????????

Great book for gossip fans by Dr. Drew, "The Mirror Effect". I highly recommend it, peace OUT.

1252 days ago


I feel like he should be fined just like kobe did because that was not right...... They would not have had it on tape of it was not for TMZ... THANK U¡!!!

1252 days ago


Big deal! Some a-hole in the stands said something to him while he was already upset, so he reacted. How is he supposed to react in a situation like that? "Excuse me, sir, but your words hurt my feelings and I humbly ask you apologize."

By making the use of the F word so sensitive, you're increasing the hurt that the word can inflict on other people. It's only an insult because people have made it into one.

1252 days ago


What happened to sticks and stones may hurt my bones but names they never hurt me?

get over it... it's just a name gay people call themselves anyway!

1252 days ago


lil harvey - kobe was not a rapist FOOl, the bi0t0ch was a money hungry s/l/u/t....its been proven.

also, who gives a f/u/c/k if noah said that s/h/i/t....stop being so ultra sensitives h/o/m/o's, no one really cares about your little homosexual lives, we just use the word to let off some anger. it really has nothing to do with you and your homosexuality.

1252 days ago


yeah i think about hot sweaty men all the time. I love it when i get a bid hard **** up my a**. Is that wrong?

1252 days ago


His game is over

1252 days ago


Some of you people just amaze me at how incredibly stupid you are. Or are you just not paying attention at how these words have been causing young people to commit suicide because they are bullied constantly with them. Karma is going to get ya..That's for sure.

1252 days ago


In all fairness, Noah plays in a city with a rich culture and appears to be a decent human being. Kobe Bryant is a rapist who plays in a joke of a city and gravy-trained off of one of the best centers the game has ever seen to win his first three and then stole two championships from a weak league and taking out Perkins. While Noah should be ashamed I can see why this isn't as big a deal as when Bryant did it. Bryant has had a career of tugjobs from the media and they finally woke up and called this sociopath on his bull****.

To recap, get back to me when Joakim Noah rapes a kid, rats his teammates out, kills his team in the playoffs by bombing air-balls instead of feeding the ball to a hall of fame center, running said center out of town, has a stripper wife that Yoko Onos Karl Malone and Pau Gasol, gets a ****ty tattoo in an attempt to boost shoe sales, tries to rap with Tyra Banks...I could go on but screw it.

1252 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Why have I never heard a homosexual complain when one of their persuasion calls a straight person a 'breeder'? Double standard, that's why. Get over it, Harvey, and repeat after me, sticks & stones, sticks & stones...

1252 days ago


No one cares!!! We can call Palin a bitch, Bush an idiot, christian's morons but we can't diss ***s? Why not?... This is America not f***ing Saudi Arabia. Call him a ***got Noah... It's your right. Stupid political correctness gone mad.

1252 days ago




1252 days ago


Sticks and stones. Beating someone down for being gay isn't cool, but words are words. There are gay people and there are ***gots. To me there's a difference. And I don't dislike gay people.

1252 days ago


hehe.. I didn't know Harvey was a 3 dolla bill...

no wonder TMZ headlined this story

1252 days ago
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