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Katherine Schwarzenegger: What's On Your Mind?

5/22/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



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Shane D.    

true stuff...

1227 days ago

Shane D.    

OMG, First!!!!!!

1227 days ago


This is a difficult situation to work out. The ever present media is no help. What use to be private family matters are now fodder for gossip sites.

1227 days ago


You might forgive him for the transgressions against your mother and family but THE VOTERS DO NOT NEED TO FORGIVE HIM FOR REPEATEDLY LYING TO THEM WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.

Your father lacks morals and accountability and is now a "girly man" hiding behind his daughter.

1227 days ago


Sad for all involved. I for one do not think Maria accepted the truth about this child until recently. She looks pretty bad.

Hope she does NOT take him back, if she does she should stop lecturing at Women's Empowerment conferences. She would be (and in fact has been because of her denial) a horrible example/role model.

Love and lust really scramble the brain.

1227 days ago



Actually, it is not a private family matter because he repeatedly lied to the voters and citizens of California and tried to pull the wool over their eyes too. People do care about moral character, for instance a narcisstic, blatant cheater might think its ok to PARDON HIS PAL'S MURDERING SON!

These things matter and he prevented the voters from making an informed choice.

I am with Roseanne Barr on Arnold.

1227 days ago


Gretchen please. The voters of California were in such a rush to get rid of Gray Davis they would have elected Satan himself. Everyone knew Arnold was a womanizer but the Republican party was willing to look the other way because they knew with his name recognition the recall effort against Gray Davis would be successful.

1227 days ago


Why do people feel the need to let the world know their every thought?

1227 days ago


Translation: Daddy controls the trust fund.

Let's see her forgive her boyfriend or husband that cheats on her. She won't.

Dummy, it's better off not saying anything. Now, you're just alienating your mom by being rather unsympathetic. And no, not "everything happens for a reason"! Some people are just greedy, selfish sinners, like ole Arnie.

1227 days ago


It is a wonderful attitude to have. He is your father. And the new brother you have also accqired also.
I would imagine this is an a lot for your mother to understand, feels betrayed and so much more. My heart and soul just bleed for your mother. She is just such a wonderful woman.
Done so much for so many others. She did not deserve this. I too hope at some time she will feel as you do. But, remember this was her husband, soulmate. Her trust is completely ****tered. She will need time to heal herself, before she can forgive you father. He has a lot to correct with her.
May God bless you and your family and bring you much comfort and peace in this most difficult and painful time.

1227 days ago


****tered is the word above.

1227 days ago


Well, girl, I don't wish on anyone what your mother is going through, but maybe if it happens to you, you would understand more of the humiliation and the world of pain your mother is going through. I don't think you would be that forgiving if your husband and or boyfriend (girlfriend?) cheated on you the way your father did.

1227 days ago


This matter is between one man and one woman who are married and have ran into a bump in the road, if she forgives him and takes him back good for her...too many people rush for divorce and that's more damaging for everyone. Everyone deserves a second chance if they are repentant.

1227 days ago


Dealing with a father's betrayal in a situation like this is a nightmare (believe me, I've been in Katherine's shoes), but nothing changes the fact that he's still your father and loves a daughter unconditionally.

As for husbands and boyfriends, they don't have the same emotional committment to you as a father; besides, it's a different type of relationship.

As for Maria, forgiving Arnold is the right thing to do. By forgiving him, she can heal and move on with her life (with or without him). If I were in her shoes, I would forgive him (for my own benefit) but I would not stay married to him. Arnold can't be trusted.

I hope Arnold can live with what he's done; he has no other choice.

1227 days ago


I had a family of my ex do a lot of bad things to be--tie me up in court for years, play tricks on my kids instead of promoting
visitation with their son. Years later, I found out the mother
spent time photoshopping my picture into their family gatherings. Later she took a picture of my grandaughter with a birthmark on her face and photoshopped it out and gave it back to my daughter-in-law.
In their old age I saw them again as I moved to S.D. county, and all was well. The grandfather died, and the mother is in a resthome and I see her now and then or am invited to the home.
So, I don't see them for 40 some years, and my picture is photoshopped into their family dinners--boy I didn't miss those! Be a bigger person and forgive which doesn't mean you have to forget.

1227 days ago
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