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Maria Shriver -- Sunset Stroll

5/22/2011 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver took her mind off things by taking a walk along the beaches of Malibu yesterday with a few friends.

The ocean air will do wonders.


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I saw photos of him dancing with the lover ....what kind of business this people have socializing with the employees ,a maid is a maid is not part of the family .Maria loves her husband ,Arnold don't ove Maria is obvious .I bet the love is a Illegal I wonder ....I had been a nanny fo rmany years ,the people treat me with respect ,but I was never part of the family ,business is business you respect indeed the people you work for it!this peopl love her and everyone of her family were working with this family ."raise vultures and they will eat your eyes" she is a cheater ,people is asking for compassion for this woman ,why? she was married and she had a love affair with a married man ,she is a character .....they belong together Maria was to much for him like "teh beauty and the beast".

1213 days ago


Listen , she must keep her face 'Out There" if she hopes to have any kind of a 'career" , as she wells knows there is no such thingt as bad publicity, i mean even a Kenneday couldn't afford this kind of face time.

Cmon Maria youv'e known about this crap for years and years !( was she even maybe relieved she didn't have to service him, how much uber horny can one little gal take ? )

Is her arm in a sling? And if one needs privacy , well don't go walking on the beach

I'm bored , wouldn't it be cool if Arnold married patty ? like a real cindarella story thats the only way Gov'nor can redeem himslef.

1213 days ago


I don't get all this pity and portraying Maria like a victim. She married a well known womanizer. She trashed and attacked women, over a dozen, trying to tell the public about his cheating ways. She made a bargain: to look the other way about her husbands misbehavior for the adrenaline, reflected power and glory she got in Hollywood and political circles for being Schwarzenegger's wife!!!! Think of this, Maria knew since January and was still saying cool and positive things about Arnold. This little charade is for public consumption. Maria is money, power hungry fake. Yes, she should get tested for any new STDs if she was having sex with her husband as I am sure she has had her fair share of those-given that she has been married to her promiscuous husband for over 20 years.

1213 days ago


i don't see how she could not have known about her husband's behavior, especially with all the complaints. i think she is sincere with the work she does to help women and she has done lots of wonderful things, but i just don't believe she didn't know. and don't take a walk along the beach in malibu if you don't want your pic taken.

1213 days ago


Fail to see what MSS has to do with the 'Kennedy' family aside from a remote great uncle or great-great grandfather. Ptui.

From what I can tell, she has always used 'Shriver' as her name and associations.

Arnold, on the other hand, making messes in his own home --

Rub his nose in it and hope he learns his lesson (although he seems a little old to change).

1213 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....she needs to eat a lil more, going to need her strength, she is a classy lady and terrific mother, I feel for personal pain in such a public way..all good things come to a end..nothing new...SUCKS!

1213 days ago

patrick ledoux    

leave maria alone....she's already suffering enough as it is....quit saying negative, degoratory comments about about some respect here???****, what if its your family member going through this *******s!

1213 days ago


Malibu, and all of LA county does not allow dogs on beaches, and in California there is no such thing as a private beach.

1213 days ago


TMZ, you are way too aggressive. Take all the pics you want of that bum but leave Maria and the children off your site.

1213 days ago

Michelle Nelson    

I have little pity for Ms. Shriver...she stood by this man as he groped, flirted, and harassed women. She covered it up, and the people of California suffered as well. Her tolerance of his behavior perpetuated the belief that he was a good man who deserved to be governor. Ultimately, the victims are, of course, the children.

1212 days ago


Can't imagine what must be going through Maria's head. I know how I would feel if I found out my husband not only cheated on me, fathered a child then had the nerve to have the woman and child present in his wife's life on a daily basis. I was cheated on and it takes a very long time to get past all that you feel in the wake of awareness. Hurt, anger, betrayal, trust issues all become bigger than life add to that a child and my heart really goes out to Maria and her children.
It's so sad when you find out the person you loved for so long is someone totally different and had been living a lie.
My best to Maria and her children.

1212 days ago


Hey - to everyone who keeps attacking Maria about her looks, please, give it a rest... For goodness sake, she looks pretty good for someone in her mid-50's. Wonder how fabulous looking all the bashers are? Or how your mothers looked when they were 56 years old!

1212 days ago


Looks terrible without makeup. She will be fine!

1212 days ago


She needs to eat a sandwich

1212 days ago


It saddens me to see people making fun of Maria during such a trying time. I was cheated on, which produced a child, and I subsequently filed for divorce. At that point in my life, I lost an unhealthy amount of weight and looked gaunt, much like Maria does. Thankfully, I didn't have paps and media following me around. I commend her for getting out and doing what's healthy by visiting the beach, and still living her life. I wasn't that strong.

1212 days ago
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