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Maria Shriver -- Sunset Stroll

5/22/2011 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver took her mind off things by taking a walk along the beaches of Malibu yesterday with a few friends.

The ocean air will do wonders.


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The only ones that would be on the b*****s side are the ones who have done the same. You probably steal lie etc. so what is a little sex with a married person. All the children are the victims not the cheaters. And looks are something lost in time unlike morals and kindness which denotes real beauty the kind that lasts. Prayers are with you Maria and your children.

1215 days ago


@ CaliSunChick and all the other sensitive d-bags: Why do you sadden so easily? This story is fodder intended for harsh comments. A lot of eediots overuse the pharses "it saddens me...", "oh, wow...", "really?...", "slow news days", "keep it classy"; or they're plain and simply a bunch of sensitive poosies. Those words and lines are getting old.

1215 days ago


Maria, eat a combo meal from ANY fast food restaurant immediately make your choice please!

1215 days ago


I am so confused about famous men, why is it when they have affairs they have them with absolute skanky looking women when they have lovely looking wives at home. EG. Jessie James, Tiger Woods, and Arnie. Stupid idiots hope the women bleed their bank accounts dry.

1215 days ago


I used to want to give her a sandwich. But, after seeing this picture, I'll treat her to any buffet, anywhere she wants. Send me the bill! I just want to see this woman eat! And, her facial expression: It looks like she's going to pass out, face first.

1215 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

I wonder if the people whose "heart breaks" for Maria really know what a piece of work this woman is? For starters, she's not gaunt because she's hurting. She's gaunt because she is obsessed with her weight. Her twitter lists her obsession with a book called "The Hacker's Guide to Losing Weight" or something of that sort. When she married Ahnie she was normal looking - on the pudgy side...but when she gets older and after four kids she is gaunt as hell = eating disorder. Maria's oldest daughter had/has an eating disorder as well - she wrote a book about it. So Maria as a mother and role model - meh.

Maria writes women empowerment books and holds women empowerment conferences. Yet she has always turned a blind eye on Ahnie's cheating on her and has always defended Ahnie against sexual harassment claims brought on by OTHER SUFFERING WOMEN. So Maria as an empowered woman looking out for the rights of other women including her daughters - meh.

Maria tries to come off as charitable to those less fortunate. Yet there are do***ented stories about her and her daughters dining at restaurants and shopping and treating the salespeople and wait staff JUST if they are ants who are beneath her. There are also do***ented stories of Maria texting while driving MULTIPLE TIMES and parking in handicapped parking spots. So Maria as a caring charitable human concerned about others - meh.

And that's what we know at face value - just by her public actions. Imagine what else we don't know.

Make no mistake Maria is VERY MEDIA SAVVY. This woman was raised by a very calculating and manipulative family, worked as a journalist and was privy to elitist functions from the time the silver spoon was put in her mouth. Maria knows how to play the game. She's the victim now but she knew about this for a long time. She's hurting and doesn't want her pic taken but this is the best she's ever looked...accidentally snapped while "walking on the beach". A day after Ahnie came out with his mea culpa....there was Maria....all dolled up on Oprah. This woman courts the press. She's playing this game to her advantage.

People saying Ahnie used Maria for her connections and is now disposing of her, etc. Please. Ahnie doesn't want this divorce - Maria is gunning for it. And NOT because Ahnie fathered a child out of wedlock, but because everyone knows. Apparently there are more such children. Maria's even "following" one of Ahnie's other alleged baby mamas on twitter. Can you believe? LOL. This woman is a piece of work. She is no victim.

1215 days ago


She looks sad. I think the press should give her her privacy. People have feelings and aren't just a money shot.

1215 days ago


Enough. Leave Ms. Shriver and her children alone. And to the person presuming "Patty" is some form of victim - shame on you.

Patty plotted and colluded and deliberately ruined this woman and her children's lives.

Don't any of you ever forget that. As you all try and make this "it takes two" procreating, unprotected sex mess only about Arnold.

1215 days ago


She looks like she is grieving over the loss of her meal-ticket.

If she cannot patch things up with Arnold she will have to get used to a much less lavish lifestyle, even with a big divorce settlement.

If nothing else she should have kept quiet for the sake of the kids instead of dragging their dirty laundry out in public. This is going to effect Arnold's earning potential and hence the size of the future inheritance of her children. For the sake of the children at least she should have kept this quiet.

1215 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Lorraine: You say "Patty plotted and colluded and deliberately ruined this woman and her children's lives." - REALLY?

So you're saying a simple Guatemalan MAID, through sheer intellect and force of will, brought down Maria Kennedy Shriver and ruined Maria Kennedy Shriver and her children's lives?

Who knew a simple Guatemalan MAID had so much power? NOBODY. Because she doesn't. And don't YOU ever forget that. Save your sympathy for those who need it - not elitist snobs who live their lives marginalizing others.

@Keith: What planet are you from? Maria has (and still is) the perfect Kennedy wife keeping quieter than a mouse. Ahnie was the one who let this cat out of the bag - and only because the media was closing in. Now that it's out in the open Maria is just making sure she doesn't go down with the ship. And why should she go down with the ship? She's a Kennedy, after all. Kennedys always float to the's the Mary Jo Kopechne's....I mean, the Mildred Patty Baena's...who drown. Didn't Mary Jo have an affair with a married Kennedy and wasn't she carrying his child when she "accidentally" drowned? Hmm. Patty should thank her lucky stars she was screwing a Schwarzenegger and not a Kennedy. Those Kennedys are ruthless.

That's why I'm looking forward to Maria's next woman empowerment book. I think she has a lot to teach me :)

1215 days ago


@ Sociopaths are Sad: I'm sorry there are no Like buttons here, cos you would definitely have my vote for such a "spot on" comment. Well said.

1215 days ago


tired old bag

1215 days ago


She is Really so Most Talented Women, many liberals are just as close minded and arrogant as many conservatives.

Acai Super Diet Plus

1215 days ago


TMZ Please don't bother Maria and her children - they have been thoough enough pain without having your reporters follow them constantly.

1215 days ago


Uhg, she's looking more and more like Eunice with each passing day. Between Maria and those mistresses I guess Arnie's not too bothered about looks.

1215 days ago
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