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Maria Shriver -- Sunset Stroll

5/22/2011 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver took her mind off things by taking a walk along the beaches of Malibu yesterday with a few friends.

The ocean air will do wonders.


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who goes to the beach in may in leggins and a sweater?

1219 days ago


Sociopaths are so sad: I agree have it spot on. Maria knew since January and was not showing up sad, but even talking about reconciling. She is a monster and someone who should be serve as the subject of a horror story detailing the damage power hungry, elitist, wealthy women cause to themselves and others. Arnold serve her needs with his money, Hollywood contacts and potential of him being President. She is posing here and no coincidence she was with Oprah when she took took a call from the press. She is exactly jumping the ship she has propped up for 25 years because he has no chance of being president and yeah her next book, do***entary, film etc., will be about empowering women.

1219 days ago


Maria Shriver deserves zero sympathy. What about when she implied all the women who said Arnold Schwarzenegger groped them were sleazy liars?

"You can listen to people who have never met Arnold, or who met him for five seconds thirty years ago, or you can listen to me." Maria Shriver

Some of those “people” included accomplished and respected journalist. The same kind no matter how much privileged Maria Shriver tried she could never be like.

1219 days ago


Can you even imagine being married for 25 years, having your husband cheat on you throughout the marraige and then find out he was screwing your housekeeper...AND....had a baby with her....AND she was trying on your clothes, jewelry and running into bed with your husband immediatly after you left for work....leave Maria alone TMZ.....I'm suprised her legs even work to take a walk....My heart feels heavy just thinking about it...hers must be feeling such pain right now.

1219 days ago

The Emperor     


She looks like the Emperor from Star Wars

1219 days ago


California's nominee for "Worst Lay in the Western Hemisphere."

1219 days ago


If you think Arnold is in pain now, just wait til Maria starts dating. Give Arnold a taste of his own medicine. How would Arnold like it if Maria was sleeping around and having babies from other men? These men don't like it when we start dating. Go for it Maria, start dating and you will see Arnold's ego will **** all over the USA. Go ahead, give him a taste of his own medicine.

1219 days ago


Why is Arnold and Patty acting as if they are the victims? What if Maria would of been the one having the affair with the hired help. How would Arnold like it?????????????????????? Egotistic Men don't like it when it is done to them. But they can hurt and hurt and hurt you all they want and they don't care.

1219 days ago


Is that the guy who sits next to Jack at Laker games?

1218 days ago

John Stone    

Is she alive or is she being manipulated like a puppet? God she looks bad.

1218 days ago


god look at her , who wouldn't snake around on that walking skeleton.

1218 days ago

Glory Bee    

Maria looks lovely. She looks rested and healthy. She's with friends.Grace under pressure. Why would I ever pity her? She is not pitiful. She is glorious.

1218 days ago


I am 51 and have always thought of Maria as a true lady. Nothing fake and what you see is what you get. A naturally beautiful woman who loves her husband, children and her family and even though her political views are/were diferent then Arnies she stuck to them, just quieter. :)

Too bad she could not be 40, still have her babies, and still get involved in a new relationship. She still can now but wont be for as many years. Arnie, I dont know, I always thought he loved her, and loved her because of who she was. For two reasons. I would have never suspected this of him thou because she is such a beautiful woman inside and out.
So much for going to church every sunday there Arnie.

Maria, best of luck(I dont think you will need it) and have a blast eventually when your heart heals, and dont live with the embarrassment and hide your head like Sandie Bullock did. You keep it out there and held up HIGH girl.

1218 days ago


She looks good...well rested and less stressed.

Wishing the best for Maria and the children

LOVE,KINDNESS,RESPECT & LOVE for one another makes for a better world for US ALL

1218 days ago


Let me give my opinion of this whole mess. Maria Schriver should of never left him if his uncle was still alive Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy would kept her together and advice her to stand by her man Arnold. That's how the Kennedy's do it. Every Kennedy cheated on their wife's at one point and her dad was no angel. So, Why is Maria taking it so serious?!?!? Besides she knew her husband was a Dutch an ASSWHOLE who likes to be with woman in general. Come on Maria its cheaper and less dramatic if you just stayed with Arnold your uncles did it and your mom never said a word about your dad's afairs or didn't care...Just Saying

1218 days ago
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