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Arnold's Baby Mama Defaulted on Car Loan

5/22/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a ton of cash on baby mama Mildred Patricia Baenabut not enough to cover her car payments -- because TMZ has learned she defaulted on her ride back in 2004.


According to documents filed back in 2005, Baena had her car repo'd in April 2004 after she failed to make payments on a 2001 Nissan Frontier.

We're told a collection agency still has an active case on Baena for $17,193.82 in back payments.

As we previously reported, Arnold forked over the down payment on Baena's home in Bakersfield, CA and even picked up the tab on her niece's Quinceanera. 

Think he'll open the checkbook again?


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WHATER should have been WHATEVER.

1216 days ago


Well she's certainly no gold digger. He should have been paying child support this whole time, a down payment for the house is nothing compared to the money Arnold has/makes. His cars alone are worth more than that. He should pay up now, she's been good about not leaking anything or sticking it to him.

1216 days ago


This woman could hardly be called a "gold digger". I believe she is very much a peasant, an uneducated woman. She knows next to nothing about the California courts and that's the way Arnie likes it. She could have run to a lawyer 14 years ago and be set up for life. Instead, Arnie made sure she worked as his servant. The courts in California view illegitimate children as equal to legitmate children. This is not the case in either Arnie's or Mildred's home countries.

Marla Maples, Rachel Uchitel, Diandra Douglas, Anna Nicole Smith, these are all "gold diggers". I mean this Dianda Douglas divoreced Michael Douglas 20 years ago, got 45 million dollars and then lost it to Bernie Madoff through her own greed and stupidity. Then she turns around a SUES a man who is sick with throat cancer for more money from a monvie he made 20 years AFTER their divorce. This dumbazz biatch lost her money so she goes back to her ex-husband for more of HIS money. I guess she never thought about getting a job and earning her own money instead of stealing somebody's elses.

I don't see any evidence of Mildred doing this. I mean, this woman worked as Arnie's maid and had her car repo'd for crap sakes. I would take a wild guess and say that Marla Maples never scrubbed Trump's toliet nor did Rachel Uticel ever scrub Wood's toliet, yet this tramp took him for 10 million dollars! Now, THAT'S a gold digging ho people!

People like Rachel Uticel and Dianda Douglas are worthy of contmept, not this Mildred person. Mildred seems to be very dumb, uneducated, unskilled and unaware. Who knows, she may have entered this country illegealy, Arnie "fixed" her redidency status and maybe he kept reminding her of this fact. In any event, Arnie is the father of her child and her child desreves to be supported in the manner in which Arnie supports his other children. None of Arnie's other children have had cars repo'ed out from underneath them. Arnie knew this child was his, he should at least make sure his child has a paid for, safe car to ride around in.

This woman is worthy of contempt for sleeping and carrying on with him right under Maria's nose, but she can hardly be called a "gold digger".

1216 days ago

jealous of kate    

17k on a TRUCK that has been repo'd... so, the truck company took a LOSS ON THE RESALE... Yes, the original BUYER is supposed to owe the difference, BUT... 7 years later, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET THE MONEY, and you can't take it from child support. Why is this EVEN AN ISSUE? She 'bought' or, took a loan on a vehicle that SHE COULD NOT MAKE PAYMENTS ON. Happens to a lot of people. Car dealers are NOTORIOUS for convincing people that the payment is going to be THIS, but, if your credit is NOT PERFECT, your rate is alot higher, and your payment is ALOT HIGHER!!!

1216 days ago

jealous of kate    

Now, about Arnold paying for the NIECE'S QUINCEANERA, I read somewhere, on some sites, that Patty's SISTER AND MOTHER both worked for Arnold and Maria's HOUSEHOLD! So, was it ARNOLD paying for the Quinceanera OR BOTH ARNOLD AND MARIA paying for it? And what NIECE TMZ???? The possible SISTER that WORKED OR IS WORKING FOR THE HOUSEHOLD? or another GIRL? Or maybe they were doing on behalf of Patty's Mother, who SUPPOSEDLY WORKED OR IS WORKING for the HOUSEHOLD. Because, why would Arnold pay for a NIECE'S PARTY? Why would this woman ask for money for her Niece's PARTY when she had other money problems, LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO PAY FOR HER TRUCK????

1216 days ago


nanunanu 3 hours ago

Just another nasty old spic stealing everything she can from gringo. go home. all of you.

If your gonna throw out a racial slur then, get it right. Spic is slang for an ITALIAN person. Wet back is slang for a Mexican border crosser.

1216 days ago


Has anyone taken the time to find out if Arnold bought her a replacement car? It would be interesting to see if she was not paying on this car, so that Arnold would feel obligated to purchase her a more expensive car. It does seem that she does things to manipulate things in her favor. If she lost her car, she wouldn't be able to work or drive Arnold's son around. Please check!

1216 days ago


I 6 hours ago

Piss off with this crap you small-minded, petty, grasping children.

You don't know anything for sure. You just thrive on rumour & innuendo.

I've never been a fan of his but I think everybody should be treated fairly.

If you've got something credible & provable against him show it & stand by it. Otherwise shut up.

I tend to agree with you, but I am a fan of Arnold's movies, and I will continue to watch his movies, he has done nothing personal to me, nor has he killed or raped anyone, to my knowledge. I am also tired of everything being one sided in this..and the only ones that know the truth are Arnold, Maria , and the maid..., and I dont think Maria is a innocent , nor the maid. Only the children, and kids are very resilient, I am sure his kids love him, and I am sure this other child will be okey.

1216 days ago


What if Arnold Raped this women? I see this woman a victim of
Arnold too, just to keep his job, She stayed longer.
How come Her car was repo's

1216 days ago


He'll be opening his checkbook to this individual and their spawn for the next umpteen years. Not sure which one deserves more scorn--him or her. Hope Maria gets her half PLUS before the mistress gets any of it.

1216 days ago


Surprised the Gubernator didnt shut the car place down. Maria's a Kennedy, she'll be just fine. Those kids r already ****ed up as it is.

1216 days ago


Let's put an end to this gold digger nonsense once and for all. Arnold probably groped her everyday until she gave in.

TMZ is doing more investigative stories about Mildred than about Arnold. He gets a pass, but Mildred, who has no money or big time lawyers to protect her or her son, will have their lives turned upside down. Makes me sick.

Will either Arnold or Maria ever make a comeback? NO. Bashing the maid is NOT making me sympathetic towards Maria. She knew he was a groper and cheater and she lied for him on the campaign trail.

Why doesn't TMZ report about how Arnold and Maria made commercials promoting California tourism, but paid themselves royalties from our tax dollars everytime the commercials were on the air. And they made sure the commercials were always on the air! Then they got caught and had to stop. Or when Maria used the CA Museum as her own private bookstore to sell her books and didn't give a percentage to the museum...until she got caught and had to stop.

1216 days ago

Glory Bee    

No, this is not some, poor, uneducated woman being taken advantage of. Knows EXACTLY what she was doing. Didn't care who was hurt, her family, his family, the people holding the paper on the car loan, no body mattered but HER and what she wanted. He is EXACTLY the same. Kid has no "right" to lifestyle of Maria's children. He is being MORE than amply supported. Perhaps he needs an executor to handle HIS money. Mom doesn't look very responsible.

1216 days ago


Thats what u get 4 having an actor as a governor. Youve had em before out there.

1216 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Geez, TMZ, are you going to start posting her high school report cards next? Why do all of your reports seem to attempt to vilify her, but make Arnold look like some kind of "good guy" who was "taking care of his?"

1216 days ago
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