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Arnold's Baby Mama Defaulted on Car Loan

5/22/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a ton of cash on baby mama Mildred Patricia Baenabut not enough to cover her car payments -- because TMZ has learned she defaulted on her ride back in 2004.


According to documents filed back in 2005, Baena had her car repo'd in April 2004 after she failed to make payments on a 2001 Nissan Frontier.

We're told a collection agency still has an active case on Baena for $17,193.82 in back payments.

As we previously reported, Arnold forked over the down payment on Baena's home in Bakersfield, CA and even picked up the tab on her niece's Quinceanera. 

Think he'll open the checkbook again?


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@ bubbles --

The one thing about this icky situation we do know is that Arnold owned part of AMI (National Enquirer, Star, Radaronline and others) when he started thinking about politics. The influence of owning part of the normal 'scandal' outlets just makes all tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists salivate.

Follow the money. Follow the influence.

IMO, any so-called 'Kennedy' connection was long discredited before Arnold was involved with Maria. The Shriver connection, however, Peace Corps, Special Olympics, etc. would have been invaluable.

The whole thing is slimy, especially sleeping with (and procreating) with the subordinate household help.

1195 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@kris: STFU calling this woman a WH0RE. Ahnold is a WH0RE, not this woman..."as a woman she should have stayed away"? LMAO. What moronic thing to say.

Why, "as a woman" should Patty have stayed away? Because, "as a woman" she should have been able to empathize with the elitist Maria Kennedy Shriver? LMAO!! How can any woman empathize with Maria Kennedy Shriver when Maria Kennedy Shriver (and her bratty daughters) think they are above EVERY OTHER WOMAN?

There was Patty, cleaning up after her rich boss who constantly made sexual plays for her while his cold, shriveled up wife looked upon her with contempt. Who WOULDN'T accept the advances of her rich boss (especially if she crushed on him which I believe Patty did) in these cir***stances? What did Patty have to lose? NOTHING. What did Ahnold have to lose? EVERYTHING. Who is the WH0RE again?

I mean really think Patty should not have gotten with Ahnold because she felt sympathy for MARIA KENNEDY SHRIVER? Do you think Patty should have felt sympathy for those elitist brats Maria Kennedy Shriver raised? Whenever I read news articles about the Kennedy brats I hear about how they are absolutely HORRID to salespeople and wait staff. About how they are entitled bratty kids.

Who cares about that elitist Kennedy biatch and her equally elitist brood? I sure don't. In fact, I consider myself an honest person but if I had the opportunity to steal from that bunch of Kennedy hypocrites, I would do it in a HEARTBEAT. And then I would donate that money to charity. What can I's the Robin Hood in me. :)

1195 days ago


Ofcourse he'll open the paycheck again, he's been doing that for years. I'm sure he has her back covered pretty well. He even footed the bill on her niece's sweet sixteen/quincianera party. Damn not only is he supporting the maid but he's also supporting her relatives too. Bitch and her family hit the jackpot.

1195 days ago


Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a ton of cash on baby mama.

This unemployed 50 year old woman is at least $226,000 in debt. Her loan on the house in default, the car being repo'd, and after 20 years of service, she was forced to "retire" from her job.

Sounds like half of Americans to me, and not like someone who coerced or blackmailed her employer.

She may be the baby momma of Arnold kid, but you'd never know it to look at her financial portfolio.

1195 days ago


Re: "The one thing about this icky situation we do know is that Arnold owned part of AMI (National Enquirer, Star, Radaronline and others) when he started thinking about politics."

Does he still own them? because if I'm not mistaken much of the info about he maid has been coming from a "joint investigation" between Star and Radaronline. Expect more pro-Arnold BS in the days and weeks to come.

1195 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    


Damn right she hit the jackpot and why shouldn't she have? Those Kennedy s*c*u*m have screwed so many people and have literally gotten away with murder (Ted Kennedy), rape (William Kennedy Smith), DUIs, texting while driving (just as dangerous as DUIs) that it's about time someone screwed THEM. Literally. LOL.

I don't me...screwing your boss, while bade, doesn't seem AS BAD as texting and driving - which has the potential to kill innocent people. But the Kennedys don't care about destroying the lives of other people right...only their own. Disgusting Kennedy pigs.

1195 days ago


Maria Shriver is a VICTIM and not to be blamed for Arnold's behavior. If she knew of his disgusting behavior, she would not have allowed EVIL Mildred to continue working for her!! Pathological liars can be highly convincing and are incredible ACTORS! Arnold clearly has NO CONSCIENCE and is likely a dangerous SOCIOPATH. I voted for creepy Arnold too, and do NOT have any animosity toward Maria... Only sympathy, empathy and compassion. Arnold is fortunate that Maria is not the mentally challenged Sociopath, or she would be hunting down evil Arnold and diabolical Mildred with a shotgun!! No woman deserves this psychological, emotional and physical abuse! Thank you Maria for helping to encourage women all across the world. Now it is time that we support and encourage you!

1195 days ago


Oh crap, here we go. From now on, or for at LEAST the next few months, TMZ will report every time this woman went to the bathroom, or McDonald's. Or that time she paid her light bill late.


ESPECIALLY YOU HARVEY. You KNOW you could never take this kind of scrutiny in your own'll be on TMZ live crying like a little bitch about it, so ENOUGH ALREADY!

1195 days ago


Why is TMZ digging up all the dirt on HER. They are making her personal and private finances public, and doing it in such a way as to smear her in a subtle racist manner. She's in default on her mortgage and car and she's MIA, none of her neighbors have seen her or her son going into week two. Yet Maria is getting pampered and pedicured, while Arnold is casually driving around town and spending time with his kids as if nothing has happened.

Yet in the media this woman is being ripped to shreds, smeared in such a manner as I have never seen, and we still don't know her side of the story.

Something is very wrong with all this.

1195 days ago



Well thats very much YOUR opinion. Whatever her Kennedy family did that doesnt mean that Maria and her kids deserve what Arnold has done to them.

1195 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Disgusted: Speak for yourself, you shrill cow.

You say: "No woman deserves this psychological, emotional and physical abuse! Thank you Maria for helping to encourage women all across the world. Now it is time that we support and encourage you!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? LOL!!! Maria damn well deserves everything she gets from Ahnie because SHE CHOSE HIM KNOWING FULL WELL WHO HE WAS. Maria KNEW who he was, married him and you really think she is shocked that he CONTINUED TO BE THE HORN DOG HE ALWAYS WAS WHEN SHE MARRIED HIM? Only you are shocked, darling, and that's because you are stupid.

Also, how the EFF is choosing a horndog who cheats on you left, right and centre "helping to encourage women all across the world"?

And where the hell is the "physical abuse" you drone on about?

Finally, DON'T speak for women because NOT EVERYONE "supports and encourages" Maria Shriveled-up. I sure don't. Maria Shriveled-up is NOT a victim. She just plays one on T.V.

1195 days ago


While not blaming Maria for Arnolds behavior,I do think she knew about the child long before January. I also think Maria knows Arnold is a womanizer. She grew up in the Kennedy family with the Kennedy men known as womanizers and saw what the Kennedy wives put up with. I'm sure Maria could spot a womanizer when she's with one. It took Joan Kennedy 25 years to finally have the courage to divorce Ted. Joan says she became an alcoholic living with Ted all those years. Maria will be fine she's retained an high powered attorney, movedout of their home,she's been out in the public with the taping of Oprah's last show. Maria's probably relieved to finally be divorcing Arnold.

1195 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    


You say: "Well thats very much YOUR opinion. Whatever her Kennedy family did that doesnt mean that Maria and her kids deserve what Arnold has done to them."

Well, Jazz, that's very much YOUR opinion. When human beings put themselves above other human beings and act in an elitist manner which includes (but is not limited to):

1) Texting while driving (Maria did this...MORE THAN ONCE....she could have KILLED innocent people...did she care? NO, which is why she kept doing it).

2) Maria kept DENYING that Ahnie was groping other women who DID NOT WANT TO BE GROPED BY HIM. She denied it so much that it helped get Ahnie elected. It's POETIC JUSTICE that the very act that Maria Shriveled-up denied came back to bite her in the bum. Because you KNOW Maria knew that Ahnie was groping women constantly - but Maria didn't care and turned a blind eye. She didn't care that other women were being harassed by Ahnie (those who didn't want to be groped) as long as it didn't affect her. Well know it affects her. It's called Karma.

When human beings act in such a despicable manner, they deserve what they get. Ahnie is DISGUSTING and so is Maria. They are two of a kind which is why they stayed married for so long. They are only divorcing now because it's bad for Maria's public image.

It's OUTRAGEOUS that Maria Shrivled-up EVER wrote women empowerment books. JUST OUTRAGEOUS.

@Lilac: agree with you 100%. Isn't that always the way though? The rich marginalize the poor and then blame them for it (while they get pampered and pedicured and their ego is plumped up). Ahnie is actually being touted as GENEROUS. Again, JUST OUTRAGEOUS.

1195 days ago


Although I am, no doubt in the minority on this, I feel a deep compassion and empathy for this woman's son, and for her to a great degree.

No one knows the truth, only what spin doctors have put out there, and so far it's been all smear against the maid/housekeeper.

Maybe this women was seduced. Powerful rich employer pays attention to you, maybe you have low self esteem, or a husband at home who lets you work, while he does nothing, maybe you give in to this man's attention and you have sex with him, get pregnant, but don't panic, cause you are married, no one will know. Except the baby comes out more white than hispanic, and has blond hair and looks like the boss. You try to keep it secrete for a couple of years, but it becomes too obvious, so you tell the Boss, yes he is yours. No problem. You don't lose your job, you can still support your kids and husband, as long as you keep your mouth shut. And hey Boss man says he'll even help you out when you need it.

You see, it could have happened this way, Maybe.

1195 days ago



I didnt even read your last post but am not interested either. It seems you like to call people out and argue with them if you dont agree with what they're saying. I'm not gonna play that game with you. Neither will I respond to you again.

1195 days ago
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