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Arnold's Baby Mama Defaulted on Car Loan

5/22/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a ton of cash on baby mama Mildred Patricia Baenabut not enough to cover her car payments -- because TMZ has learned she defaulted on her ride back in 2004.


According to documents filed back in 2005, Baena had her car repo'd in April 2004 after she failed to make payments on a 2001 Nissan Frontier.

We're told a collection agency still has an active case on Baena for $17,193.82 in back payments.

As we previously reported, Arnold forked over the down payment on Baena's home in Bakersfield, CA and even picked up the tab on her niece's Quinceanera. 

Think he'll open the checkbook again?


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This is the Republican's trickle down economic theory in action.

1248 days ago


I think Arnie used the help , he pressured them , Patty probably wasn't the first. He has finally reap what you sow, what a cheap using man..

1248 days ago


Arnold's image is already wrecked.

I don't see his reputation being restored anytime soon. What he did was just unforgivable.

He has finally been exposed for the s***bag he truly he is.

1248 days ago


Maria Shriver is a VICTIM and not to be blamed for Arnold's behavior. If she knew of his disgusting behavior, she would not have allowed EVIL Mildred to continue working for her!! Pathological liars can be highly convincing and are incredible ACTORS! Arnold clearly has NO CONSCIENCE and is likely a dangerous SOCIOPATH. I voted for creepy Arnold too, and do NOT have any animosity toward Maria... Only sympathy, empathy and compassion. Arnold is fortunate that Maria is not the mentally challenged Sociopath, or she would be hunting down evil Arnold and diabolical Mildred with a shotgun!! No woman deserves this psychological, emotional and physical abuse! Thank you Maria for helping to encourage women all across the world. Now it is time that we support and encourage you!

1248 days ago


Hey Sociopaths are Sad:

You think Maria "deseves" this "because she chose Anrold"? Are you INSANE?

Did Laci Peterson deserve to be killed and dumped in the San Franciso Bay while 8 months pregnant becuse she "chose to marry" Scott Peterson?

You have zero empathy my friend.

1248 days ago


TMZ, why are you not telling the maid's side of the whole story?

Why didn't you publish what the New York Post reported today from her lawyer?

New York Post:

Arnold's baby mama, Mildred Baena, is sick and tired of all the stories being spread around about her -- and her lawyer spoke out last night for the first time since the Schwarzenegger love-child scandal broke.
"She's very disturbed about the extent to which certain persons have come forward claiming to be in the know or to possess knowledge about the current situation, when in fact they do not, and have been estranged from Miss Baena for many, many years," said attorney Michael Saltz who reps Baena, the woman who allegedly sired The Terminator's secret child 13 years ago.

Read more:

1248 days ago


I wonder if Mildred could sue Arnie for sexual harrassment? She could have a case if she felt she had to have sex with him to keep her job. She could also claim that he threatened to fire her after she told him the kid was his and she had to keep her mouth shut and keep having sex with him in order to keep her job.

As it is now, she could probably sue for wrongful termination since he cannned her in order to keep his wife from leaving him just as the news broke about the illegimatie kid.

She could also sue for all gropeing and all the feels I'm sure Arnie copped over the years. Behaving like this is sexual harrassment and it is illegal for an employer (which Arnie was to Mildred) to behave like this.

I'm sure Mildred is lawyering up at this very moment. Why has that big mouth Gloria Allred not jumped on the bandwagon about this? Remember when that big mouth lezzie tried to sue Dodie Fayad because he dumped some stupid model to be with Princess Di? That was a good move, the poor guy died about three days later.

Stay tuned for a press conference with an enraged Gloria Allred biotching out Arnie with a demure looking Mildred sitting next to her sobbing and not understanding a world of it.

1248 days ago


According to one of the four network news agencies, Maria may have known about Baena before 2003 when Arnold became Governor.

I still want to know where Baena is. Did the Schwarzenegger's put her and the kid on a plane to Guatemala, to get her out of sight?
Maybe Arnold should get on a plane to Austria.

1248 days ago


Mildred could have aborted her child and terminated her employment if she was sexually harassed, and made a case against Arnie when he was running for Governor.

1248 days ago


Why stay there washing Maria's underwear? Once she got pregnant she could have lived a wealthy woman. I'm positive Arnold bought his other mistress baby mommas nicer cars.

1248 days ago


It's a shame that the going into his teenage years this one child has to suffer the embarassment of having his life put in the media. Nobody talks about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children being bastards...leave this young boy alone.

1248 days ago


This lady is a private citizen. I can't stand the woman but she is a private citizen. You shouldn't go after her private business. It's one thing that Arnold paid for her home. That should be it.

1248 days ago


...And... this is important because?... Who gives a f***? This post sucks... Posting where shes at right now or what her family has to say about this drama or better yet what she has to say about the scandal would be wayyyy better. Just sayin...

1248 days ago


Mildred Patricia Baena




1248 days ago


Arnold is a FOOL. Here's hoping that Maria is tested for every sexually transmitted disease on the planet!!!

1248 days ago
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