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NHL Star Won't Be Charged in Alleged Nightclub Fight

5/22/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Komisarek -- an all-star defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs -- will not face charges after he was accused of punching a woman in a nighclub back in January ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Komisarek was under investigation by the LAPD after a woman claimed she slapped him in the face ... and he responded by punching her.

We're told after reviewing the case, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office decided against filing any criminal charges.

Komisarek tells us he's pleased the case is closed.

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Wonder if she told him the cigarette machine joke, that's why he punched her.

1216 days ago


if you slap some one you should expect to get punched n the face,hope he broke her face

1216 days ago


I'm glad they are not prosecuting. If she hit him first, she deserved to get hit back. I don't believe a man should hit a woman first, no, not at all, but if a woman puts herself in a mans shoes and hits first, there will be repercussions. No double standards. NO DOUBLE STANDARDS !!! Violence will be met with violence.

1216 days ago


Tit for tat! They call it self-defense---who knows, maye this broad weighed 300 pounds and practically knocked him off of his feet!

1216 days ago


Read the whole story, numbnuts.

Allegedly....He, literally, picked her up off the ground in a nightclub. And when she told him to put her down, he wouldn't. So, she slapped him in the face. He put her down and, according to her, he punched her. But, according to his friends, her nose hit his head when he put her down.

I think I believe her story over the "enforcer" and his entourage's story.

1216 days ago


Just like the real superman I disagree with you.

The police obviously wouldn't only interview the dude's friends in a assault case. They probably asked everyone in the area (and it's a club, so there were a lot of people in the area) and all of them corroborate his story. The woman was obviously angry and thought she could make a quick buck.

Also he's the enforcer on the ice, off the ice he's just a normal guy. He might be a bit dimmer then normal because it sounds like he thinks picking up women involves literally picking them up.

1216 days ago


Wrong, jokerfish. The police didn't press charges because nobody came forward as a witness to back her story. They were, more likely than not, in a VIP section with just his friends and some girls. And you're dimwitted if you think after she slapped him in the face, he did nothing to her back.

1216 days ago


lol... all-star? who ever wrote this story is not a hockey fan. Komisarek is no all-star....

1215 days ago


This is NOT TRUE. He is due to appear in June at the LA city attorneys office for an office hearing. Get your facts straight! he HAS NOT been cleared!!!!!

1215 days ago


You obviously are getting your "facts" from Komisareks publicist/lawyer who is putting out there what he wants the world to think. Just like the story that he told police she hit her head, when the truth is he NEVER gave an interview to the LAPD. He never called them back. Just had his publicist/lawyer put that story in the press. Charges have NOT been dropped. He is GUILTY. There are eye witnesses that saw the whole event, me included. He punched her after assaulting her. End of story.

1215 days ago


Jokerfish...there is NO civil case, so obviously shes not in it for the $$$. Just wants him to acknowledge the truth, which is that he punched a girl so the world can see what kind of person he really is. Secondly, it happened in the PARKING lot, not inside the club.

1215 days ago

Jen's A Bitch    

Jen sounds like a total ****face.

1184 days ago


Ahh but the fact remains that Jen speaks the truth regardless of what you think of her.:)

1179 days ago

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