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Arnold's Baby Mama -- 'Self-Hating' Hispanic

5/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred Patricia Baena was not well-liked by the rest of the staff in the early 90s, when she worked as a maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver at their L.A. home -- and we're told the big reason was that she trash-talked Hispanics.

Sources who worked with Baena tell TMZ ... she was a "self-hating woman" who would tell members of the staff that "white people were better" and she did whatever she could to become friendly with Caucasians. 

One staffer told us ...  most of Baena's peers disliked her because she was a social climber, adding, "She felt like she was better than the rest of us,"

This photo was taken in 1992 at Arnold and Maria's house, several years before she set her sights on Schwarzenegger and began the affair.  Rich Austrians apparently posed no problem for her.

So, on a hotness scale ...




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billy cema    

However, the thread is about the woman's racist attitude. And that's what sparked the discussion about racism; not Arnold's.
With a little research, one could find out about Arnold's relatives' nazi interactions.
The same could be said about ex-prez, Bush.
I have been to several jewish agencies in person. I asked them about the Hitler relatives situation. They were uncomfortable with my question. I respected that, and didn't press my inqiry.
I went elsewhere to get this information And yes,it is an uncomfortable thing to know about. But it makes one more alert to anti-semitism.

1246 days ago


re: "However, the thread is about the woman's racist attitude."

You say it like it's a fact. Nobody knows anything about this woman except that she was a maid in Arnold's house for twenty years and she had his baby. Everything else is spin.

1246 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@billy cema: Sorry but I can't leave without saying this: Please don't post your opinions as fact, mkay?

If indeed you have been to Jewish agencies in person and asked that (which I highly doubt because first of all...what Jewish agencies are you talking about? You don't just come on in and ask such a question. That's beyond bizarre).

What you say is NOT fact. I'm Jewish and I can tell you that most Jews believe it is a MYTH. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CONCLUSIVE HISTORICAL FACT to back up what you are saying.

I challenge you to find it...and I'm not talking about some internet gossip boards or internet stuff. That being said...I suggest you read this URL. I know it's the internet but I don't have anything else with me at the ready and it's a really good FACTUAL DISCUSSION about the topic.

So basically, you won't find that Hitler was Jewish "with a little research" because smarter and more educated people than you have done A LOT OF RESEARCH and failed to find anything where you claim to have succeeded.

I'm not buying what you're selling, billy cema.
And now I'm really O.U.T.I.E

1246 days ago


@Sociapath, yes you are sad. I wasnt talking about her car or house payments was I?? But I'm sure he has her back covered pretty well regarding those things and more. Regardless, I was talking about her looks, not about the material things that Arnold has provided for her. There's your answer.

1246 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

I was so upset about the stance Arnold was taking against Latino immigrants that I called his office. The staff was rude although they seemed quite loyal to him...after being hung-up on when I called back twice more...a staffer finally apologized.

The whole thing was basically how Arnold was saying how Latinos needed to assimilate into the culture. I was like, well, there are 25 million here right now that now hardly seems to notice so I don't think that is the issue.

I guess Arnold was making sure personally that assimilation was occurring.

Also, it seems weird to me that all keep calling this poor little bastard a "love" child. The housekeeper comes from a country where parents sell their kids on a daily basis for the basics of life. She "sold" herself, and the kid was is meal-ticket for life.

Plus, people are saying how great Arnold is because he has been paying. Well, she was already being paid for her "services" in the house...and we all know good and well that if he didn't pay that this would have all come out a very long time ago. That's called "covering your ass" not "being responsible".

Lastly, Barbara Walters and all the rest of you that are trying to shut this story down...shut the F up!

P.s. - now, if you had seen the pics of the kid yet, and you know that Maria saw the kid in her own home....does anyone SERIOUSLY believe that Maria "had no idea"?????

1246 days ago


jane seymour wouldn't risk damaging her reputation on an unfounded accusation. i think she knows something for real. why else would she come up and say that out of nowhere???

1246 days ago


While I think that what this woman did was horrible, why is there such a need to trash her. She was clearly a woman with some issues, otherwise she wouldn't have hated her own race. Even if she was some horrible, home wrecking slut, Arnold didn't have to have sex with her. He should have said "No, I'm married and you're fired". Instead he had sex with her on more than one occasion. The responsibility for a marriage falls on the two married people. It is not up to the rest of the world to keep your vows for you. He is not the victim, but is the responsible party. If you feel bad for anyone, feel bad for his wife who has been lied to for years and his children who now have to deal with the fact that their father cheated on the mother, they have another sibling, and this is all happening with the whole world watching.

1246 days ago


Yeah, it's white people's fault she got knocked up by Conan. Whatever :/

1246 days ago


With a little research, one could find out about Arnold's relatives' nazi interactions.
The same could be said about ex-prez, Bush.
Billy Cema,
Get a Life. Ex-prez Bush didn't have connections with Nazis. All nazis are dead and he probably wasn't even born then.
Neither did Ahhhnold. Your emotions are running away with you. Stick with the subject. Mmm, 'kay?

1246 days ago


re: "jane seymour wouldn't risk damaging her reputation on an unfounded accusation."

Exactly. She's a credible perosn who cannot be so easily dismissed. That's why TMZ hasn't done a follow up interview. I wonder if Arnold will now sick his goons on Jane.

1246 days ago


re: "She "sold" herself, and the kid was is meal-ticket for life."

What you're saying doesn't even make sense. I know mysogynists aren't logical, but whatever. She continued to work as a maid for another ten years. If she wanted a payoff she could have gotten one years ago.

Most likely she was groped until she gave in and just kept her moth shut about the kid and went on like nothing hapened. It's called DENIAL.

1246 days ago


Somebody got hit by a few sticks. An ugly stick was one of them.

1246 days ago


The comments I have read about this ugly episode are worse than the deed itself. Starting with the maid who thought that "whites" were better than latinos. Well, let me enlighten some of you that are apparently very ignorant, as well. LATINOS come in all colors, white, black, mestizo, etc.,etc....being latin is not being automatically black; it would be the same as saying that because there are black Americans then all Americans are considered black. These are all "RACES" and there are several races mixed within the specific ethnic groups; "latino" is NOT A RACE, IT IS A GENERALIZATION OF ETHNIC ORIGIN- meaning people born in latin countries or of latin extraction. Please, people, instruct yourselves before you continue to bash an ethnic group just because you are totally ignorant and unschooled.
I am a college professor, and consider myself qualified to set the record straight once and for all.
What this maid and Arnold did is beyond betrayal, disrespect, dishonor, etc., etc....but, unfortunately, it is not something totally unheard of and the fact that the woman is an ugly latin woman is not the central point of this debate. Notwithstanding who did what to whom, it is the lack of moral values that bears scrutiny and reproach, not that the characters were foreigners or of mixed race. But, above all, stop judging latin people by the wrong acts of a few or by the color of their skin; Americans do not have exclusive rights to whiteness, neither do other nationalities. "Latino" is a term concocted by the media and society to describe people of latin origin and to wrongly portray them all as being of color; nothing could be further from the truth. So, I hope that the people who read these comments and are following the saga of the Shriver-Shwartzenegger scandal, will now be able to discern a little bit better what is incorrectly portrayed by the media.

1246 days ago

Mario Perez    

@Mikey. Is Baena you STUPID MORON!!, Not Beana.
Read more often and you'll stop projecting your STUPIDITY!!!

1246 days ago

Kimmie K    

I don't know why Arnold got "THAT THING" and his wife looks 10 times better then THIS!! COME ON NOW ARNOLD! WHY!?!?

1246 days ago
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