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Arnold's Baby Mama -- 'Self-Hating' Hispanic

5/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred Patricia Baena was not well-liked by the rest of the staff in the early 90s, when she worked as a maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver at their L.A. home -- and we're told the big reason was that she trash-talked Hispanics.

Sources who worked with Baena tell TMZ ... she was a "self-hating woman" who would tell members of the staff that "white people were better" and she did whatever she could to become friendly with Caucasians. 

One staffer told us ...  most of Baena's peers disliked her because she was a social climber, adding, "She felt like she was better than the rest of us,"

This photo was taken in 1992 at Arnold and Maria's house, several years before she set her sights on Schwarzenegger and began the affair.  Rich Austrians apparently posed no problem for her.

So, on a hotness scale ...




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This site is vile. However could you smear this poor woman, an ethnic housekeeper clearly set upon by a rich superstar well-known womaniser moron like Arnold? There is a hell on earth. It's called TMZ. You people make me ashamed to be human.

1249 days ago


People need to mind their own business.. get lives of their own and stop living others. people make mistakes. Human relationships are more complicated than most people- exspecially here- are giving credit for. It is appalling that people have taken to plastering this little boys pictures all over the internet. Maybe he was protecting the child from people like you guys? maybe. In any case their are people dieing, starving, wars being waged, little boys and little girls disappearing never to be seen again tragically lost in the most brutal ways. This is hardly the most important thing. Homewrecker? Someones been cheated on! XD get over it. - you can't wreck a home that isn't already wrecked. He was a grown man- her- a grown woman- they made their choices. im just sure everyone here has NEVER had unprotected sex or done anything else that could be plastered all over the internet if it happened to be with a famous person. Is she hot? WHO CARES?! as far as what you've "HEARD" about her my god how can you possibly know what is truth and what isnt? This is TMZ- they are the home wreckors!!! anything for their own sleazy entertainment right? even the emotional well being of an innocent little boy. when we get rid of dispicable media like this and focus on important things as a society we will know we are moving in the right direction- like out oF MIDDLE SCHOOL. When **** like TMZ dies off then we've made strides. Makes me sick to my stomache. you should all be ashamed for being so childish and vapid. now go get a life and mind your own.

1249 days ago


I absolutly think this situation is horrible for the 13 year old child involved in all of this drama. For one thing the housekeeper was out of line having an affair with Arnold in the home of the lady she is employed with. How low can you be to sleep with the husband, sneaking around when you should be cleaning the house and or doing what you have been paid to do, instead you are laughing and smiling in Maria's face all while sleeping with her husband. God says never judge people, but this lady deliberatly has gotten pregnant another way to assure getting money from Arnold, and shame on him. He should be ashame and this goes for any man or woman who acts this way.

1248 days ago


How, how trashy of you to run this story like this, very professional TMZ. I've lost any respect I had for you.

1248 days ago

Beth In Illinois    

This is no shock to me all men are s***bags! They all cheat and only think with the brain that sits between the middle of their legs.

1248 days ago



1248 days ago

jmax kimbrough    

on self hate: if whites feel so good about themselves, why do they puff up their lips, get tans (in salons no less), try to kink and dred their hair, and plump up their butts?

Actually, i think all folks see characteristics of other races that they like and try to emulate. Nothing wrong with it. Everybody wants to look as good as they think they can. Me too.

1248 days ago


Oh geeze....look, the gal did work for the family, big deal. Why look for ways to further beat her down?

Stuff happens, that is life....let it go and leave them all alone!!!

1247 days ago



1246 days ago

My Little Girls    

Well, this piece of work is going to have a real eye opener when she realizes that she's not going to be getting one single dime from Arnold. This so called lady.... if this is what you can call her, lost her chance when she didn't correct the birth certificate before the two years after the birth.
The maids husband and Maria both have the grounds to sue for alienation of affection because of the behavior of both their spouses.
Maria is very wealthy herself but just on general principle, I'd try and take Arnold for every cent I could because of his actions. When a friend and an employee of the family can enter the bed of her boss when his wife leaves the house, it tells you exactly how despicable and low class these people really are....
In my opinion, this was a complete set-up from the beginning with regards to the maid. She knew if she got pregnant she would hit the Jackpot except she wasn't smart enough to understand she signed her own husband as father of the child and he's got the legal power and not Arnold. He can prove she lied and misrepresented the child as his all those years and he can get custody and leave the Country. Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake.

As far as the daughter is concerned, I feel she knew all along that this child was Arnold's. She was just reaping the benefits that her own Mother was getting. These are my opinions only..
Think about it.... this whole thing stinks to high heavens.

Furthermore, Mildred aka Patty Melt looks an awful lot like Octomom. Considering Octomom is in such a financial mess right now, maybe she could move to Bakersfield and have the gated community she always dream of... two pea's in a pod.

Mildred, you lost out to the LA Times because every news paper in the nation has printed what you've done and what your all about. It doesn't look like their is going to be much of a pay day for you after all.

1245 days ago


What the hell!

1242 days ago


is it the other way around?--------------------

1209 days ago


it's white people's fault she got knocked up by Conan.-----------------------------------

1209 days ago
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