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Arnold's Baby Mama -- 'Self-Hating' Hispanic

5/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred Patricia Baena was not well-liked by the rest of the staff in the early 90s, when she worked as a maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver at their L.A. home -- and we're told the big reason was that she trash-talked Hispanics.

Sources who worked with Baena tell TMZ ... she was a "self-hating woman" who would tell members of the staff that "white people were better" and she did whatever she could to become friendly with Caucasians. 

One staffer told us ...  most of Baena's peers disliked her because she was a social climber, adding, "She felt like she was better than the rest of us,"

This photo was taken in 1992 at Arnold and Maria's house, several years before she set her sights on Schwarzenegger and began the affair.  Rich Austrians apparently posed no problem for her.

So, on a hotness scale ...




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"Your article says that Baena "did whatever she could to become friendly with Caucasians". Um, did you know that Hispanics are Caucasians?"

You are an idiot. Make that statement in public, I dare you. Guess who will laugh in your face? Not only your own people but most likely 99.9% of the population of the world lol

1227 days ago


everyone is commenting on her looks. maybe there was some genuine affection there on his part, for her and for the kid. he had enough money and power to get her out of the way if he had wanted to. you don't know this lady.

1227 days ago

Your Momma    

Why are you guys trying to dig up negative things about this woman. Of course it was wrong what she did but that is no reason for you to dig up this kind of trash about this lady and find the most unflattering picture of her you can find and put it on your website. The media should stay out of this private matter and stick to stories people are interested in, how about all of those people that are being affected by the tornados. You have stooped to an all time low, not sure if I will continue to be a fan of your site.

1227 days ago


THIS IS A SMEAR CAMPAIGN. Just like they did with Oksana. I hope she sues them. This story has changed my whole view on TMZ because of the way they are manufacturing stories on it.

1227 days ago


Koru 4 minutes ago
everyone is commenting on her looks. maybe there was some genuine affection there on his part, for her and for the kid. he had enough money and power to get her out of the way if he had wanted to. you don't know this lady.
So true, it's not like Arnold is some sort of Adonis.

1227 days ago


So this knick knack paddy whacked chit chat from people who had some distant association with this woman is now gospel. Oh wait, I menat to say gossip.

1227 days ago


I see the anti Arni's and Mexicans are out in full force today on TMZ.

1227 days ago


Ah-node is such an idiot. Just drop the load in her mouth -- problem solved! Remember kids: the stork brings the baby NOT the swallow. And don't do a Clinton and leave all that DNA on her dress!

1227 days ago

The Gorn    

I guess this woman's character flaws absolves Arnie? WRONG!

1227 days ago


he should have "terminated" the pregnancy.

1227 days ago


all reports are that he is a good kid, so she must have done something right and made a good home. and it seems like the father was at least generous enough to enable the kid to have a stable financial base. there is more to this story than first appearances.

1227 days ago


Why wasn't negative offered on the scale?

1227 days ago


if you look at the wedding pix, maria was pretty pudgy when they got married. maybe that's what he likes. maria got too skinny.

1227 days ago


I don't think this has "runied her life". I think getting knocked up by Arnie was the best thing that could have happened to her and she was probaby trying to do it for a long time. She's not going to be working as a maid for anybody anytime soon, she will be getting big bucks child support and in her pea brain, she is now a "somebody".

Life in good in America people! Come here from a third world bananna republic, work in a big house for a ton of money (for a maid), hob nob with the Kennedy family, get knocked up and skate the rest of your life.

1227 days ago



Do something about the amount of spam on this site!!!! I don't need any Nike's or a 46 inch HDTV!

1227 days ago
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