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Conrad Murray Goes Dumbo

5/23/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With his manslaughter trial pushed to September, Dr. Conrad Murray enjoyed some downtime at the happiest place on Earth and rode a Dumbo ride at Disneyland yesterday.


He's living the life.



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How sweet you all are on here.

1200 days ago


In the beginning, there was a dream.A dream from an angel, kind and gentle.Why? Why? He said. I loved the world and gave them my golden heart with my crown.Never understanding it. Why..did you all leave me? The angel asked. I gave you my true love and you turnd away.Listen to my heart, hear the sound of my soul...forever and always loving....Follow the sound of my Love.To Michael Jackson

1200 days ago


The broken Rainbow.

Long long ago, there lived a poor Fisher in a small little Town.He was so poor that he had no shoes, he had no Home, he slept and lived on his boat.One day, a terrible Storm broke loose and swept the poor fisher off of his littel Boat. He fell deep into the ocean waters, so deep it turned all black around him. He gave up on trying to swim to the surface and thought he would die, when a Beautiful Mermaid appeared and pulled him into an underwater cave, so he could breathe.There, he could see that she was half fish half girl.The fisher could not take his eyes off of her, she was so beautiful. Now, she said, I saved you so what will you give me? He replied,If you take me back to the surface, I will give you a colorful broken ring that is so beautiful to see, you will never take your eyes off it.The mermaid could not believe such a ring would be on Earth.So she agreed, I take you back up to the world he knew.But the fisher had a plan, he was so in love with the Mermaid but could not tell her his feelings.The next Morning, she took him to the beach, It had rained before, so the sun hit the earth and the most beautiful Rainbow appeared in the Sky !!Oh! She said, I never saw such beauty! It is half of a colorful ring.But the fisher just had his eyes on her !The Mermaid asked the fisher how could she get such a beautiful thing like that?If you marry me and become my wife, I promise you that you will get one each time it Rains.The Mermaid was so in love with the rainbow, she agreed !!The Fisher and Mermaid got married and he built a home for them right on the beach. The little Mermaid lived in the beach, but at night, the fisher would carry her to a pond that was in the middle of the home.And anytime it rained, the fisher made sure his beautiful wife could see the heavenly rainbow.Both of them shared a happy long life together.They were happy, even though they were different.

From Eleonora
To Michael Jackson

1200 days ago


well I have a friend who works in Nord Carolina in the Welfare department she is one of the bigger once there ( We talked on the Phone last night).I wanted to let everyone know that things are really Bad in our Country Aim sure it’s in every state so. More people than ever falling into the Welfare bracket the offices are full and fuller I was told its horrific whets happening (Think about the Children) what will that do to them! The Cape is bigger than ever between the Rich and the poor the middle class is gotten thinner and thinner. In the Ghettos it’s even worse people fight over Jobs these days and there are NONE and only part time here in Pittsburgh Macys have a Friend working there Part time is 8 Hr in a week NO CUSTOMERS!!!!I don’t care what the MEDIA writes because I see it I live it you see it all my friends see it THINGS are bad!!!!And it’s so strange NO one seems to be able to fix the problem WHY?? And look is there NO grand Person running for future Perez??Its always the same people running everything in offices is run by people who are implanted for 1000 years and Stone old in our Government there are solo out of touch with whets been going on because there never had to fight for a Job or home or Food. People in the Government some not all are over played for what they’re doing especially how bad things are now. Face it we need to change things for the better. I came to this country in 1980 Ronald Regan was PREZ things were Grand a Wonderful strong USA!!My friend is from Scotland came 1960... she sad it was even better than. FACE it PEOPLE HAD MONEY!!!Things are so out of Wick now it makes you wonder whets going on and it’s not Amaretto coming it’s who is running things !!Everything is and been so MISSMANAGED and misshandelt.Things can’t go on like this or we the USA will turn into a 3 world Country. We need to bring our own products back on to the Market MADE in the USA and our American Farmers need to came back and give us there products .Worried about your neighbor once we do well agene and can help!!Right now we need help here whets so pity full. How can a GRAND COUNTRY hurt like that???What a Mess!!!I LOVE AMERICA and its people !If I would be in charge the first thing I would do is fire everyone in the Goverment and than rehire.

1199 days ago


Sorry about the spelling mistakes, my boss called me in on my day off, she wants me to come in for two or three hours and I had to type that in a hurry.

1199 days ago


AN avage congressman/Women makes about 174.000,(225.000)a year.Thats not all there getting Cola ( Cost of Living allowens we got that in the Army too, thats what Goverment gives you to pay for your Home and all Extras.THAN FREE MEDICAL AND DENTAL OR YOU may PAY LITTLE FEE NOW some get a LIMO,Dinners and Planes for use not counting other perks.A AVAGE WORKER HERE IN Pittsburgh in Retail right now if you get a Job makes 7.50 HR at Macys or Kohls now if hired (full time now is 28 HR a week) now feed a Familie on THAT !!!!!

1199 days ago


OhWell 8 hours ago

What a beautiful video! That cat is amazing. (my kitty loves water) Gonna show it to my sons. Thank you!!!

1198 days ago


he's asking for it...

1191 days ago


This is funny...I think MJ is alive and well, there is no other explanation of everything that is goin on since that day .Watch the Jackson family closely, if you ahve lost a brother , a son , a father would you be that happy the very next day ? and now they are all again in the spot light....

1189 days ago


justics,please do some much needed research on Michael ,and u will see very clearly he was NOT AND NEVER COULD BE CHILD MOLESTER.......THE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN POUT OUT FOR ALL TO SEE, AND PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES ,THE MEDIA HAS BLINDED U AND MANY OTHERS TO THE TRUTH !!!!!VERY SAD.....AND YES A CONSPIRACY AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.tHINK ABOUT WHO WOULD HAVE WANTED TO BRING M.J. donw and try to ruin his life? It is painfully obvious some very powerful individuals plotted to try to ruin him ,and his career ,have u listened to Mr Chandlers.taped conversation? It was organozed and planned and he didnt act alone....
I pray justice for this wonderful human being be done soon! Maria Copelli

1188 days ago


Shame on you Michael for tricking this excellent Dr. My mother was a pill poper. They are very sneaky people. I feel for him

1057 days ago
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