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Duggar Family Delivers Relief to Tornado Disaster

5/24/2011 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family from the TLC reality show "19 Kids & Counting" sprang into action just hours after that deadly tornado ripped through Missouri -- packing up supplies and driving through the night to join the rescue effort ... TMZ has learned.

Josh Duggar -- the eldest Duggar child -- tells TMZ the fam spent Sunday night and all day Monday delivering supplies and clearing massive piles of debris to search for survivors in Joplin, MO.

Josh says he and 5 siblings -- John, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Joseph and Dad, Jim Bob -- decided to load up a 3 car caravan late Sunday night when they heard about the disaster in Joplin ... just one hour from their home in Arkansas.

Four of the Duggars are volunteer firefighters ... and Josh says rescue officials immediately put the family's considerable manpower to work -- assigning them to search around the devastated town for any activity -- and hand out supplies at command posts.

Josh tells us the survivors he met were most interested in recovering memories ... saying, "People in Joplin aren't looking for stuff, they're looking for their lives."


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I'm in AR too, and we ALL want to help in any way we can, good for the Duggars, this disaster hit way to close to home for a lot of us, and the damage there is devastating. My heart goes out to the people of Joplin. Love from Nwa.

1256 days ago


The Duggar wannabe "The Waltons" show is going down the toliet just like all of TLC reality TV-- sell your kids for a buck family shows are. I haven't seen the Duggar show since summer of 2009, that's how freaking boring they gotten. It used to be a good show, watching how a large family works together within the home. Guess fans got bore with it and figure out what the Duggars phony arse's are really all about(having babies for money and blaming it on God) Duggars switch to going on trips helping the poor. UGH! Who wants to see these lazy lame no real job having fk's get paid to go on free paid trips in every episodes giving by sponsors/TLC as they claimed to help others beneath them? The Duggars know they are doing it for show rating purposes only? It's ridiculous! Plus I have no interesting in watching adult children with no personal real lives of their own raising their siblings as the parents get paid, fat and lazy off them. :)

Why would Josh contact TMZ for publicity on this? I lay odds that it would be aired as part of their corny show. Duggars doesn't do anything unless it's being exploited and they're getting paid for it. Guess their trying to win back lost audiences again.

1256 days ago


Are they going to refuse to help people who won't allow them to preach like they did in El Salvador and Guatemala.

It's nice that they try to help people, but to only help people who they can possibly convert is disgusting.

1256 days ago


7 hours ago While I give credit to everyone who helped during this disaster, including the Duggars, I think it is sad that this family feels the need to be patted on the back for every good deed they do. It's not like they were the only ones helping out. This family seems to thrive on any media attention they get. I don't know anyone else that feels the need to go on a morning news show to announce every time they are expecting another baby. I don't care if they go on to have 20 more kids. I do feel bad for the older girls that could be stuck in that house for a long time raising all of their siblings while the Jim Bob and Michelle go on to prove what great Christians they are.

Excellent post hello, if the Duggars were helping the tragedy in Joplin without cameras hanging over their heads, not getting paid off it by TLC and not looking for ratings-- I would be behind them 100% saying TeamDuggars! But that isn't the case, we have to hear from the Duggars themselves what they are doing, what's going to be aired as part of their lame show. There must be hundreds that are helping the Joplin tragedy and their not getting recognition or wanting to be pat on the backs, makes you wonder why the Duggar feel they should be getting it, huh?

1256 days ago


They're going there to re-populate Joplin..........

1256 days ago


I have to say good job for the help the Duggar family is doing. This is a time when everyone needs to help one another, we have lost this in our world now. I have watched on youtube the video of the people in the convenience store and after all this took place how they all checked on one another to make sure they were OK and how they spoke to one another during and after this time shows us we still have wonderful, kind respectful people in this world. One of my friends her best friend and son was killed in this tornado so always be thankful and kind to people because you never know when your time here on Earth is done.
On another note, I do wonder if anyone from the shows "Extreme Couponing" will donate any of their "stock pile" items to these victims?

1256 days ago


Hmm .Giant family who love each other and their neighbors.
Wonder if faith has anything to do with that?

1256 days ago


the mom will have the biggest reward in heaven for having them all kids,

1256 days ago


Hey! check out!!

1256 days ago


Please, these Breeders are boring. So is the obese Botox Mom. Are you running out of material?

1256 days ago


I left Joplin last month and it breaks my heart to see the devastation in the area. So thankful for the outpouring of love and support. As for those who are hating on the Duggars, shame on you. They are people too. If they want to have 100 babies who are you to place judgement? Those kids are well taken care of and you don't see them running wild, doing drugs, going to jail, getting taken away from their parents....I mean really? You should be dogging on the parents who have 1-3 children and can't take care of them. Might want to think before you speak. Just sayin...

1256 days ago


Good job Duggars!

1256 days ago


Thats amazing!

1256 days ago


People can talk all the crap they want about The Duggars, but they really do help and care about others.

1256 days ago


This family should be leading this country. They have great morals and practice what they preach. I admire the parents for raising such committed children. You people making crude remarks should learn a few lessons from them, get off you duffs and help others instead of tearing people down. GO DUGGARS!!

1256 days ago
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