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Duggar Family Delivers Relief to Tornado Disaster

5/24/2011 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family from the TLC reality show "19 Kids & Counting" sprang into action just hours after that deadly tornado ripped through Missouri -- packing up supplies and driving through the night to join the rescue effort ... TMZ has learned.

Josh Duggar -- the eldest Duggar child -- tells TMZ the fam spent Sunday night and all day Monday delivering supplies and clearing massive piles of debris to search for survivors in Joplin, MO.

Josh says he and 5 siblings -- John, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Joseph and Dad, Jim Bob -- decided to load up a 3 car caravan late Sunday night when they heard about the disaster in Joplin ... just one hour from their home in Arkansas.

Four of the Duggars are volunteer firefighters ... and Josh says rescue officials immediately put the family's considerable manpower to work -- assigning them to search around the devastated town for any activity -- and hand out supplies at command posts.

Josh tells us the survivors he met were most interested in recovering memories ... saying, "People in Joplin aren't looking for stuff, they're looking for their lives."


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unbelievable that so many sit & condemn a godly family who supports themselves and lives to serve others! i find it amazing that the very person who types out nasty, negative things is harshly judging a family who would not hesitate to put themselves aside and help *you*
God bless them! rushing out to aid in this tragedy is exactly what they are about, what an amazing family!

1211 days ago


you people really need to a get life I can't believe you really have nothing else to do then to make bad comments and critize the duggar family. It's really to bad you guys aren't the ones out there suffering from the tornado....

Go Duggars!

1211 days ago

john wayne gacy    

the only fires this family needs
to put out are with procreation;

instead of kindling the branches to extend their
family tree, they should utilize birth control &
stop adding to the problem of over population.

although it is unbelievable to hear the
dugger's are willing to hand out some of
their own government cheese to others in need ....

1211 days ago

john wayne gacy    

further, of all the 60-odd comments posted here on TMZ in
relation to this PRODUCED publicity article, more than half
are rebuttals from this irresponsible family's members ....

please put down the good book & hiding behind
the cross by stepping forward with the truth.

as those who need to magnify there good deeds,
have something incredibly dark to hide ....

1211 days ago


That is so much like them always thinking about someone eles, God bless you all and I sure am glad to see your new show. We love your show and your stand for Our Lord. Keep up the good work .

1211 days ago


Good on them for being so quick to help out! God bless you!

And for all of you people who are making these nasty and rude remarks...Is it really any of your business how many kids they have? Does it affect your daily lives? This is a story about people doing a kind thing. Remember if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

1211 days ago

john wayne gacy    

you see, there you go;

any of the comments that utilize the
absentee landlord name within, is quite
obviously a dugger family response.

isn't it funny how the largest tax free business
in the world happens to be religion & they
collect rents every sunday morning ?

please stop procreating & step from behind
the cross to show your true darkness ....

1211 days ago


I love this family and this makes them even more endeared to me. I have spent my last few days volunteering my services to this disaster as well, as a member of a nearby town. I hope they know that their help, just like everyone else's, is appreciated by our community.
As for those of you who feel you need to use this to make derogatory comments about them, is this really the time or place??? You may be sitting somewhere else, miles away from Joplin, feeling free to be judgmental, but what are you doing to help? I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but take it somewhere else. This is simply to show that they are helping out and doing their part, unlike some other "famous" people who could be doing much more and aren't. Stop worrying about how many kids they have unless you are the ones taking care of them and show some empathy for what is going on in the world around you. THAT would be far more productive.

1211 days ago


lady 4 hours ago

Im am so happy there ratings are high up there. I would miss this family. I love the way they never ask the media for coverage. But the media always reconizes them from there popularity and zooms right in on them. They do not shy away as they were raised to respect and love one another.
I remember that lady that had all those kids as her choice and having to live off the government to support them all. Its so nice to know the duggars have always supported themselves as well as helping others in need. TMZ keep up the good stories. As we all know the horrible tragic tornado in joplin,Mo is horrific and alot of people are helping but we do appreciate seeing one of our great families of notoriaty helping out. Thanks for spotting them out for us. Love and praying for all in Mo and those that have lost everthing including there lives. Duggar family is a very popular show and just keeps growing. Keep up the great work duggars.
They never ask for media coverage? That's really funny. What do you call signing a contract with TLC to film their family for a paycheck? Josh felt the need to give an interview with TMZ about what they are doing. What about them appearing on GMA every time they are expecting another baby? Josh and Anna appeared on one of the morning news shows with a cake that they cut into to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. They have a film crew with them when they go on their mission trips. They have the film crew there while giving birth. I do give them credit for helping out with this horrible tragedy, but I am sure there are a lot of others that are helping out that don't have the need to have the media reporting on them. They signed up to put their private lives out there for the public and that gives the public the right to comment on them. They can't have it both ways. They have to take the good with the bad.

1211 days ago


@ Jessica,
God Bless your family and will pray that no more storms hit that area. I know it was terrifying for all of you. I'm glad the Duggars went to lend help and support, because so many are just trying to find their loved ones and people here sit and make jokes about how many children he has. And that does not matter at a time like this. Guess a man with this many children loves and cherishes them and never had to bury one. Guess that is funny to some to want to save others.

1211 days ago


I say people can reproduce and over-populate as much as they want if they produce children who will jump in and serve their community during hard times like these kids have. How many Hollywood children do you see who are upstanding citizens like these kids are?

1211 days ago


Upstanding citizens don't carry firearms taking pictures like they're going to war. Guns in pockets, rifles and shotguns, what's the Duggars excuse now that they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar sorta speak? Oh the guns were for shooting innocent animals, we shoot and eat them because they are not God creatures says Jim Bob. Squirrels, deers, rabbits, beers anything with four legs and breathe God air doesn't deserve to live. Please... we all seen the video the Duggars goes to Adli supermarket and buy in bulks everything in stock including pregnancy test. I used to watch this show in 2009 and I never seen them go hunting, never even knew they had guns on their property. That was shocking to see that photo being leaked, especially coming from the Duggars. What's the guns really for Jim Bob?

Duggars love guns and shooting so much, why doesn't any of their boys sign up for the service? They can help the country that way too. Oh that's right, no TLC camera crew allowed on army sight. Cowards! :)

1211 days ago


oops I meant "bears and Aldi supermarket."

To the poster, Hello! I totally agree with you.

And to the other poster who question how does the Duggars having 19 kids effect others? One would say they eat up all the pickles and food supplies at the supermarket. Buy up all the second hands bunkbeds, shoes and clothings from the poor and if that's not bad enough, Michelle lies and say the guns that John David got caught posing with were for hunting, because her family hunts and eat squirrels. JimBob say all the boys in the family go to gun practice. LIARS!!!! GMAFB!

1211 days ago


DP 6 hours ago

What right do you have to criticize their family for any reason, be it family size, faith, affiliation!

DP, what right does Michelle and JimBob Duggar have for criticizing and telling store owners they don't have a right to get a license to sell beer to adults in their own stores? And people who drink beer where they can and can't buy beer? It's okay for the Duggars to criticize these people, but not okay for others to criticize them having all those kids they can't even take care of themselves, without their eldest kids doing for them and without TLC supporting the whole lot of them by exploiting them? Please...

1211 days ago

fran froelich    

They've sure got the right vehicles to transport any food & supplies. We may question all those monster vehicles they have but right now, it's the best friend anyone can have, both in terms of space & suitability in those particular driving conditions.

1211 days ago
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