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Joakim Noah Apologizes for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 4:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joakim Noah was quick to apologize for screaming a homophobic slur at a fan during last night's NBA playoff game.

Speaking to reporters in the locker room, Noah said, "I apologize. The fan said something to me that I thought was disrespectful, and I got caught up in the moment, and I said some things that I shouldn't have said. I was frustrated and I don't mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up."

Noah said he expects to be fined for the comment (Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for a similar incident) but so far no word from the NBA.

Noah was caught on camera screaming at a fan by the bench and capped it off by yelling, "F**k you, f**got."

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terrell m    

americans are becoming too sensitive. too many advocacy groups now a days... im about to start a group to protest the fact that the damn sun keeps coming up... this is ridiculous.. so he cursed at a fan who was probably cursing at him the whole game... i have no problems with gay people but ya'll have to calm down... i say **** you ***got all the time... ooops.. now tmz will delete my comment.... oh well

1251 days ago


who gives a **** what the moo said while he thought no one was watching. If he came out in a news conference talking like that it would be diff. ppl use that word all the time. get over it!!

1251 days ago


here's my take on it...if they want then "N" word to be okay to be used exclusively by them (or it's considered an "insult") then the "F" word should be able to be claimed like was for the gays.

1251 days ago


and? calling another guy that is trash talk. It upsets gay people? so what, I respect there rights, but come on its pretty dam gross and if it upsets someone than that's what ill do.....just not at work...and he is at work

1251 days ago

Kowny Krush    

"Fine him with something he will not forget" - ok, how about shoving a douck in his mith.

1251 days ago


Don't say butt head or those who have butt head will get offended. ***got is just a word. Who cares! Athletes are paid to play, not get heckled. I'm pretty sure the fan didn't get offended, so why should other people act like it is such a bad thing.

1251 days ago

Mark S    

IMAGINE... a straight black basketball US player who is homophobic? I've never heard of such a thing before... :-) Next I'll hear something equally unbelieveable like "Australia is in the southern hemisphere" or "the Pacific ocean is deeper than the Atlantic"

1251 days ago


I wish these basketball players could remember back to when it wasn't politically incorrect to call a black person a ******. Finally, we realized the term was pejorative, and that it was being used in a hateful and belittling manner. These pro players would be up-in-arms if you called them the n-word today, but they think it is okay to use a disbarging term against someone born with a different sexual orientation then them. Blacks were probably the last group that faced discrimination and not granted equal rights...if they could just remember how it felt they would be more careful about what they said and thought!

1251 days ago


***got? ***got? ***got???? really when did we stop living in the US??? I could understand the "**** you" that is offensive. If you think ***got is offensive then clearly you are a ***got and should ***got off.

1250 days ago


fa ggot? fa ggot? fa ggot???? really when did we stop living in the US??? I could understand the "*F*** you" that is offensive. If you think ***got is offensive then clearly you are a fa ggot and should fa ggot off.

1250 days ago

Virgil Hytower    

This is a free country. Noah should be able to say what he wants. The "offended" in this case should cowboy up, and get some thicker skin.

1250 days ago


They should leave him alone. We do have freedom of speech and he is a human bean. We all DO or SAY things that or NOT so fair and pleasing SOMETIMES. Is that RIGHT? NO.... bUT wHY pUNISH sOMEONE eLSE iF you aRE NOT going to punisH ONES ...you should it alone or jUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!


1250 days ago


It's disheartening when you have role models continue to discriminate. Not just against gays, but mainly against gays. I understand it is sometime hard keeping your comments to yourself, but come on fellas. You should be smarter than that. It's never OK to ridicule someone that is indifferent, but you guys still insist on looking like (and being) a "jackass." Here's what I propose...
$250,000.00 fine for any professional athelite for uttering these harsh word toward gays, and their supporters. It should be a standard fine. That would zip their lips once and for all.

1250 days ago


Homophobic? Afraid the person would sneak up and style his hair?

1250 days ago


here we go again. people just don't get it. the "N" word was used so much that you now got this newer breed of flip flops ( i mean hip-hops) use it greatfully. the word ***got isn't new.i you want to do anything about it, change the game by changing the name....how about "head knockers & split chaser's " dam cry babies. "DAMN"

1250 days ago
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