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NBA Fines Joakim Noah

$50k for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA has fined Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah $50,000 for targeting a fan with a homophobic slur during last night's playoff game against the Miami Heat.

The fine is exactly HALF the amount the league fined Kobe Bryant when he hurled the same word at a referee during a game earlier in the season.

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Homophobic is a word made up by gays to justify their so called right to hedonistic self centered behavior. I could just as easily say gays are heterophobic...so get over it and move on.

1250 days ago


AMEN Brian. Who gives a crap what he called the guy. Why fine the guy anything? The guy made himself subject to the comment the minute he opened mouth. If the dumbass has the skin to make the initial comment he should have the skin to take what comes back. If he can take it up the butt he should be able to take a name.

1250 days ago

Old Trafford    

Harvey makes a big deal of this. Who didn't laugh in the Hangover when Stew yells "paging dr. Fa**T". Not everyone is a homophobe TMZ and the staff act like their above all these stories.

1250 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

So what's the lesson? Cover your mouth with your hand.

1250 days ago

Myself and I    

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It is a right in our Constitution. We have the right to say what we want even if you don't like it or agree. Funny how people use the Constitution when it serves their own agenda but throw it out the window when it doesn't Stop being so f'n sensitive. America has become a country of crybabies

1250 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Harvey should get a fine for pushing this cr*p,so sick of this gay sh*t.Time to boycott tmz if this keeps up!

1250 days ago


Who gives a **** what he said? It's called Freedom of Speech. The bitch had it coming, who cares? The political correct NBA sucks. I say the NBA should be fined for the there god damn lack of "Balls".

1250 days ago


F****t is derogatory, but, a man who enjoys watching other men play sports is acting on homosexual tendences, by definition. What's the big deal? Why can't players call a fan a fa*? Does one letter make that much difference?

1250 days ago


I am hearing a lot of what is in a word on this timline, what if a white player "in the heat of the moment" called a black ref or black fan a fu**in ni**er. Would that be acceptable too. I don't think so, and would hope in the time that we live, we have progressed beyond this type of behaviour.

1250 days ago


& noah doesnt even make nearly az much az obe doz

if dat matters

1250 days ago


That is discrimination! Kobe should appeal. They should get the same fine!

1250 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Grin now, but you can bet you will hear that word more and more from people who normally would just shut up, but since you want to biotch, take it where it's less painful.

You better keep going after guys who have money because most people cannot be fined nor punished. Now go away and do whatever it is you do to each other or yourselves. YOU ARE MAKING ENEMIES WHERE THERE WERE FEW. ******

1250 days ago


So, does the money go the fan? If not, it should.

1250 days ago

Hoekom Jy My Haat    

If a White athelete had called a spectator the N(word), would he even still have a job?

I seriously doubt it.

The F(word) to us is as offensive to us as the N(word) is to blacks.

They should have come down harder on him. In fact, they should fire him.

1250 days ago

Gsharon 710    

What does a racial slur have to do with the word faqqot? Not one damn thing. They should and could never realistically be compared. Pull your head up for air and maybe someone can school you to the horrors of forced slavery and the chosen Niqqer word, and the choice of WANTING pos sex from another person who have the same tools. Just nasty.

You are just trying to dig up some support because you and others cannot understand why the n word is sometimes hurtful when it is said maliciously. We had no choice. I don't worry about what you call each other while you are breaking veins, and don't worry about what we call ourselves to ourselves.

Your "what if's" are pure BS, but then that might not offend you at all.

1250 days ago
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