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NBA Fines Joakim Noah

$50k for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA has fined Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah $50,000 for targeting a fan with a homophobic slur during last night's playoff game against the Miami Heat.

The fine is exactly HALF the amount the league fined Kobe Bryant when he hurled the same word at a referee during a game earlier in the season.

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One thing I will give Noah is that he actually apologized and quickly. Something that Kobe never did, and Noah actually stated that he was a man and owned up to his mistake. He is not a homophobe in my opinion, but I have to wonder why this is the first place their minds go to when they are in the moment. To tell the truth that public apology saved Noah 50k.

1212 days ago


I was just reading the post that Harvey would lose revenue. Do you not think that a large percentage of the nba revenue comes from gay people going to the games, probably not buying the sports gear, lol. The nba knows that gay people make up a large part of their audience and will lose big revenues if they don't get this situation under control.

1212 days ago

thurston sandlin    

get the **** out hear im so tired of this gay movement bull**** the bible says its wrong and those gay movement commercials are wack as hell too dudley and hill are probably ****in ***gots too get the hell out of here all this **** is GAY

1212 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Just you try and make him work with a gay group and I promise you ALL HELL WILL BREAK. Your life style is not natural and you cannot make, nor should you suggest that someone work with your gay group because he used a word that made you cry.boooo hoooo.
There is no law that will make him work with you and you should shut the muck up before people start attacking you with words on the street for no good reason.

People that believe homos are wrong according to the Bible, cannot be made to do a damn thing for you and your F,....well your friends. Keep this up if you want a war. If you want us to do the same as we have been, that being, seeing you and moving on,,,,,, then you need to sit the hell down and shut up. A fine is not going to stop the use of that word.

This is painful because I love so many entertainers who are homosexual. I can love them because they are human and they can do what they do well. You don't always see them in the news crying about a f'ng word. A few people generated all this noise, when if you had just shut the hell up and let them handle their business without comments, we would be talking about Botox Mom.

1212 days ago


Thats a lot of money for a word. Probabbly not for the rich folks. Kobe is more famous. Maybe thats why he was fined more. I don't follow basketball, and I have never heard of this guy, but I have heard of Kobe Bryant.

1212 days ago


I'm done with the NBA. This is pathetic.

1212 days ago


He looks like a headhunter. Who cares what he thinks, I don't.

1212 days ago


Who cares, gays make up like .00000000001 of the NBA fans!! So this is just plane stupid, I hear gay trash talk all the time.. they need to got over it. Stern should be fined, for letting spanish creep into the team uniforms

1212 days ago


I am not concerned about that specific fan and his feelings. I am concerned about all the children world wide that were watching this playoff game and are choosing a position on something that they may not be old enough to fully grasp the true meaning and hurt that word can carry. They should never be put in this situation from watching an NBA match, especially a Playoff game. It's all about class, and apparently Noah posses none.

1212 days ago


Every time someone says a rude hateful slur and is hit where it counts - the pocket book I think it is the appropriate thing to do. Accountability is what it boils down to. you want to hate and verbalize it in a destructive way than you better get out your checkbook. I wish this was more in practice across the board to womanizers ect. I've had my fill of dip**** ex so called friends and so called whatevers turn to have diarea of the mouth to say whatever comes up to the top of their head to say and its so tiresome putting up with hateful people who just think they can make themselves feel bigger by putting others down. I'd like fines for hateful comments be put into legislation and the target of the hateful verbage gets to choose which charity to donate the fine amount to.

1212 days ago



1212 days ago


Who the F cares? Guy can say what he wants in my book.
Overly sensitive ***gots, get looser panties or somethin'.

1212 days ago


This is totally unfair.... why was Kobe fined more for using the same exact word??? It should be the same across the board, all though I dont think that either of them meant to offend anybody in the Gay community its just a common word that people now a days use. Get over it they use immigrant for any hispanic now a days and I dont find it offensive it they call me an immigrant it is what it is! Im not gonna go and be like OMG they need to get fined for saying immigrant. Sorry Gay community I totally support ur movement but you need to stop overexaggerating about every little thing!

1212 days ago


The NBA can fine their players all the want...
I can still say anything I want and NOT get fined..
so there... My freedom is speech is intact thank you very much..

1212 days ago


And everybody that uses that words is not homophobic, I dont kow why people always assume that!

1212 days ago
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