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NBA Fines Joakim Noah

$50k for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA has fined Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah $50,000 for targeting a fan with a homophobic slur during last night's playoff game against the Miami Heat.

The fine is exactly HALF the amount the league fined Kobe Bryant when he hurled the same word at a referee during a game earlier in the season.

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Not that I condone what he did in anyway because I don't but has anyone ever stopped to think about the crap these fans are saying too? Again, not justifying any racial or gay slurs ever, but I can understand getting frustrated enough by some of the crap these fans say. The fans aren't always "innocent" either. I just wonder why nobody ever brings up the "other side" and what is being said.

1249 days ago


What J Noah really wanted to say was...

To the gay. No one gives a f**k about what your sexuality is...When we say f*****g ***got we don't mean u take it up the a** ... ***got is a synonym for bitch the double Fs just sound better off the tongue when talking ****.

1249 days ago

Mr. NBA    

Majestik, it sound like you a ***got because u all on Wayne's nuts lol

1249 days ago


When you are a professional, there are just some things you have to learn not to say. This is one of them. You would think other ballers messing up would school this kiddo....but....apparently not. Gotta learn the hard way. Shouldn't be using it as a slur anyway, but that's another thing altogether. That's just how some people address others. Not the best choice.

1249 days ago


Who cares what someone's sexuality is? Don't think that people at the highest level of sports care either.

Interesting that this nonsense only comes out when it could benefit some bookie's point spreads -- let's distract from the game.


1249 days ago


You know what pisses me off FAT people are bashed made fun of and generally hated but that's OK. but you say "***" "queer" etc. and its a crime we are supposed to be understanding to gays but treat FAT people like trash

1249 days ago


What a gay fine. Whoever gave it is a ***.

1249 days ago


Ohhh booo hooo....when will the bullying stop[tears], the poor gays?...it's called freedom of speech people, don't fall for this new "gay guilt" campaign by mainstream media(Government),they want you to shut up and be a doormat...it's not natural to suppress natural human emotion. hate and anger are defense mechanisms! do you think our species lasted this long because we're limp wristed and lay down?

1249 days ago


Those Miami fans is atrocious with some of the words they throw since the prima donna Heat been playing. They said the fan was talking trash about his mom so Noah said what he thought of the fan. If he got fined the fan should of been throwed out! NBA is getting soft!

1249 days ago


this is going tooo far when whites use to call black ppl ****** or nappy headed hoes no one finned them so why are they finning these basketball players. Im around gay people all the time, my brother is gay and even gays call themselves ***gots. I swear *some gays are just looking to be offended, its not thw word being used its the way its said. Kobe said ***got out of anger he has probably said it tons of times before on the court but because of this whole gay agenda movement he gets finned, but I bet if he had said ****** or even cracker or **** no one would say ****. same with this guy he didnt diss the fan because he was gay the fan wasnt even gay this is going out of proportion theres other people suffering in the world, worst off than gays so stop demanding ppl to pity you stop being the victom because really its pathetic. And this is not to all gays because even some of the gays I know think they are going overboard with this **** but some gays look to be offended so they can scream homophobe its sad and pathetic.

1248 days ago


Can't say "bitch" or the feminists will getcha!
Can't say "retarded" or the moms of mentally challenged kids will getcha!
Can't say "the n-word" or Al Sharpton will getcha!
Can't say "***" or GLAAD will getcha!

How about this? Instead of all you overly-sensitive cry babies telling us all the things we CAN'T say, why don't you just give us a list of the words that YOU approve of. I'm sure I can probably count them on 2 hands. How ridiculous.

1248 days ago


How ridiculous! It may not be polite or professional, but if he wants to call some heckler jerk a name - go for it. If he had called him anything that wasn't offensive to either blacks or homosexual, nobody would have cared. What makes homosexuals so special that we have to be ooshy gooshy to not offend the poor little darlings? I am tired of the lawsuits, fines and arrests (hate crime) for someone saying a bad word that offends some idiot!! If people are so easily offended, then they should just stay home inside a closet. Oops - didn't mean to use that as an example - homosexuals are out of the closet now!

1248 days ago


when will this end. real life 101 people do not have to like everyone. this country has turned into a bunch of people always talking about gay slur, racism, black and mexicans "politically correct" is such a stupid term. yet anyone can say anything they want about weight what you eat etc. isn't about time all these crybaby pick up their toys and go home. fines for expressing your thoughts. THERE WILL NEVER BE A TIME WHEN SOME FEELS INSULTED. NO SIGN'S BANTERS AND MARCHING WILL STOP THIS! TURN THE OTHER CHEEK GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

1248 days ago

Juan G    

I have something to say to Hetero and Amanda u say its againts god laws for being gay, thats not true he loves each and one of us. before we are born he knows how we are going to turn out to be in life stright or gay he knows.And by useing slur words thats why there are so many death amoung teen agers and grown ups. Me and my wife have a 15 year old son who killed himself last year he was being teas at school for being gay, he hang himself at home when we were at work. we did not know it untill we came home. and people like yourselfs are ingreant if u have kids or going to have kids and they turn out to be like that are u going to throw them out of your house and disown them and have nothing to do with them.

1247 days ago


You gotta be kidding me. Were you'll
dropped on your heads when you were kids.
I have never seen so much descrimination
against gay people as the nba has shown
this year. I say class action lawsuit
gay nation v.s. the nba. You spoil your
boys with mil. contracts now punish them!

1247 days ago
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