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Lindsay Lohan: Dying for a Chance at "Carrie" Remake

5/23/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen King mentioned Lindsay Lohan by name as a possible star in a remake of the classic film "Carrie" -- and sources close to Lindsay tell us ... she'd jump at the chance to play the iconic role.

In an interview with EW, Stephen King was quoted as saying, "I’ve heard rumblings about a Carrie remake ... Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White, hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast."

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she said she was "stoked" when she heard King mention her name and thinks working with King "would be epic."

We're told Lindsay is a big fan of King's work and, if the opportunity presented itself, she'd love to land a role in the upcoming adaption of his famous book, "The Dark Tower."


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john smith    


1158 days ago


He was making fun of her and you know it. He pondered the thought of casting Dino as the mother because, as we know, she produced an evil child just like the mother in the Carrie movie. He was joking! My god, these Lohans are so desperate they don't even realize when people are making fun of them. Besides, this article looks suspiciously similar to one I read on a "fan" site days ago and it too neglected to tell the whole story.

1158 days ago

Carrie Fan    

"I can see your dirty needles"

"It's pot mama, and every body does it."

"I might have known it would be crack."

"They're all gonna laugh at you"

1158 days ago


Is this remake 3 or 4? We all know how remakes work, oh yeah, they don't.

1158 days ago


Hope Stephen King was joking. I would never watch anything she's in and if he does put her in, I'm done with his books. This train wreck needs to pay for her crimes, clean up her act and get some humility!!

1158 days ago


Carrie was a shy insecure 16 year old sweet girl. Lindsay is a 50 year old druggie theif slut, total mismath.

1158 days ago


There is absolutely NO chance she would ever be in any movie related to Stephen King. What he said was taken out of context by the Lohan clan, of course. They see it as something positive, but it wasn't. Outside of porn and really bad B movies, there are no roles for her. There are hundreds of beautiful actresses who are talented, don't look like they're as old as Sharon Stone, are easy to deal with, aren't addicts, & aren't loathed by the general public. Why would anyone hire her and risk no one seeing the movie because of it?

1158 days ago


Hollywood needs to STOP making re-makes of great movies from the past because the new versions SUCK! Halloween - sucks, The Stepfather - sucks, The Bad News Bears - sucks, When a Stranger Calls - sucks!!!! All the original movies were awsome. Why the hell re-make a great movie. Would you re-make The Godfather??? You could NEVER improve on the 1st one. Stop wasting money - have some imagination and make new movies, not sorry re-makes of classic, great movies. DO NOT RE-MAKE CARRIE EITHER. You can't improve on it in any way.

1158 days ago


oh honeychild !

he was joking

1158 days ago


you know, that actually wouldn't be terrible.

1158 days ago


Complete disaster from head to toe. Smudged ink. She's such a mental and physical wreck. And she hasn't even been sentenced yet or made any kind of dent in the CS work. And who's counting the 3 years of probation.

1158 days ago


How many minutes of CS has she completed?

She was sentenced to 32,400 minutes.

1157 days ago


I thought Carrie was a horror movie not a disaster pic;)

1157 days ago


richard_nixon69 said, "Carrie is still in High School? LiLo is nearly 40"

Uh, no Lindsay is only 24.

1157 days ago
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