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$44K SCREW You to

Westboro Haters

5/23/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli dropped $44,000 to turn the gay-hating ways of the Westboro Baptist Church into a positive -- because, let's face it ... making stupid people look stupider is priceless.

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Who Cares!!!!!

1251 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

She lovs "the corn holers" WTF, NOT funny...Laugh it up you're an ugly bitch LiLamp

1251 days ago


How many times you queerballs going to report about this? Once more when she mails the check, again when they receive the check, again when she gets a thank you letter and yet again when you ask her about it the next time one of you morons sees her walking the streets?

1251 days ago

Evan Benz    

Anyone know the score to the Mavericks Game ????

It's kinda annoying to always have to leave TMZ, go to ESPN, then come back to TMZ.

Hey Harvey . . . . how about a sports ticker tape ??????

1251 days ago


I'm all for gay rights, and if I lived in Topeka, or at least driving distance, I would have shown up just so a good cause would have gotten more money.

1251 days ago


Lisa says she gave $50,000.

1251 days ago


I find Lisa and the gays both disgusting, but what a way to make a point!

1251 days ago


Love it!! :D And to all the people that just don't get it. You need to get your heads out of your a**es.

1251 days ago


so the WBC gets even MORE free publicity.

good job Lampenelli, you really showed them.

i wonder how much it would have cost the WBC to buy all of the free advertising you've been giving them.

because of lisa lampenelli the WBC has been in the headlines for days now.

1251 days ago


She is a disgusting foul mouth witch who thinks she is funny and can be disgusting and rude picking on children because it is supposedly a comedian. Not funny and probably a **** licker, and for all you gays......if you want to be "married" call it something else like a union because as long as you call your queerness normal unlike the majority of people and use "marriage" as your term to sound normal then you will be sol with my vote. MARRIAGE is between a REAL MAN and a REAL WOMAN, got that you p and d lickers? If you want to be united, good for you but you are not normal and you can protest and get as much media attention as you want and still be the same. This goes for all you women that think you are cool because you are bi........still disgusting, I bet your man feels real good when he knows he can't satisfy you.

1251 days ago

the Stranger    

Awww...did you people that are all anti gay rights get all butt hurt?...go cry in a corner or join WBC...shes making a point and Tmz was following up on not homo and never will be but we dont nitpick when your dad comes into your room at night, do we?

1251 days ago


How gays and lesbians got people to choose them over the church and God, and do it so fast, is amazing. These people will sell their very souls to make these people happy. well, i tell you, if the choice is between making gays and lesbians happy or God...then they will lose with me every day. Call me whatever you want to. the good news for me is that when i die i won't have you all standing behind me shouting. plus, i don' want to be standing by while they try to explain to God why they supported these people doing the exact opposite of what he wanted. and don't say 'well God i didn't do it, i was just supporting them.' God's gonna say 'you might have well been doing it. you were with them and against me.'

1251 days ago


Again: Congratulations to you Lisa for your ingeniousness and generosity. I hope the idea spreads...especially for keeping these demented people away from funerals.

1251 days ago


F the Westboro Baptist Church.

1251 days ago


Thanks Lisa, WBC protested my graduation this weekend from the University of Kansas and it is great that she made a good out of people that are so hateful and awful.

1251 days ago
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