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Michelle & Barack Obama Chug Through Ireland

5/23/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama engaged in some high priority business while in Ireland on Monday ... downing pints of Guinness at a pub.


The Prez visited the Irish town of Moneygall -- the home of his great-great-great grandfather. 

After leading the bar in a toast ... the president plunked down some cash and told the bar tender, "I just want you to know that the President pays his bar tab ... that's how we do things."

Hopefully, he left a good tip.


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When is that man going to sit behind his desk and do a little work for out country? All I've seen is him going on vacation and laughing and Michelle doing commercials trying to make us think she's actually doing some work. I remember Hillary Clinton actually going out in the world and trying to make a difference. I am starting to believe the president wants America to keep falling in a downward spiral.

1251 days ago


To "Love My Fans" thanks for the information. I just became a mom and am trying to educate myself on what's happening in this world so I can try to protect my family as best I can. I love the valid points you bring up. Everyone says he needs time to clean up Bush's mess, but I don't see any minor improvement at all. I don't see him trying, all I see is a man trying to look badass for the voters who don't do their research.

1251 days ago


I like you, too, "Nose Job". But, I really LOVE "Love my Fans." He's my hero!

1251 days ago


I truley feel sorry for the people who can not see the good in this trip. All Americans hail from somewhere else in the world (unless I have it wrong and all comments have been left by Native American's) I seriously doubt John F Kennedy suffered a back lash for visiting his ancestral home and having a pint of the black stuff with proven distant relatives. Have you guys nothing better to whinge about? Seriously? Your president has followed tradition in the country he is visiting and you are moaning about your taxes paying for a $5.00 pint of guinness? Get a life, seriously..... If I thought you lot were representing your entire nation I would be seriously losing respect for all Americans right now. He is doing his job as President of the most powerful country in the world and "walking the room" in the world... Get back into your boxes and relax!

1251 days ago


Hey Dee, why isn't he being a president and visiting Missouri?

1251 days ago


Yes, what has happened there is awful. But wasn't he in the air on the way to Europe when it happened? Just sayin - he's not superman! I'm sure he has political obligations in Europe that are important to the US. I'm just objecting to the earlier comments on tax payers money paying for the president to "booze up" in Ireland! One pint of the black stuff is hardly Boozing up...There were just some really ignorant comments being made.

1251 days ago

right straight    

Or you're just an idiot

1251 days ago

PRO US    

Mikey 7 hours ago

A whole town in Missouri got wipe out by a tornado and he's in a bar throwing back drinks and never mentioned the tragedy.

Is that true? He didn't give his condolences to the families in Missouri who lost loved ones?

If so, that's not right. You'd think our President would want to express his sympathies for those families who are suffering in Missouri.

1251 days ago


Dumbo in the white house, the great imposter.

1251 days ago


The only person I've ever seen who CHEWS beer. She's wishing she were eating Cook's PIE! I wish she'd get a course on SOCIAL GRACES!

1251 days ago


In the air or not while the disaster occured, he could have post poned his visit and put his people first. But no, he'd rather spend money we don't have and continue his pointless visit. How much he drank, or what he drank doesn't matter, by being in that picture he's slapping the U.S. in the face.

1251 days ago

PRO US    

I'd like to know the context of that picture to know why the President has that expression on his face.

Big deal, he's drinking a Guiness beer. It's a beer made in Ireland. It's typical Public Relations for a Presidential visit.

As for people complaining that he took his wife with him and that's going to make the trip more expensive, the incremental cost of taking her is tiny compared to the cost of the trip for the hundreds of people he's taking with him.

And he has to go to that G8 meeting in Paris so he couldn't turn around and go to Missouri. He has responsibilities to the leaders of the other G8 countries to discuss serious issues.

Give the guy a break. Jeeeez. He's not playing golf there for his own pleasure. He's working. All American Presidents have to go on foreign trips to keep up International Relations. It's part of the job.

And if you think, he's going to lose the next election, tell us who's going to beat him? I don't see anyone who can, not yet anyways. Maybe Romney but probably not since even many Repubs don't like that Romney passed a government funded Health Care Plan in Massachusetts.

1251 days ago


It really is so tiresome to continue to call people who disagree and /or dislike BHO "racists."

For those of you who actually think that's true; you need to google Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, and Charles Payne.

All of these amazing scholars are black, and they vehemently disagree with BHO. Are they racist? Not in the least.

BHO is the leader of this nation. How callous to not get his narcissistic bum back here and do the right thing for people of ALL races in Missouri. Disgraceful.

1251 days ago


Andie, when people attack PRESIDENT Obama with a vitrol unlike anything seen in history, made their decision to dislike him before he even made his first mistake(all Presidents make mistakes)and sat quiet while Bush totally F'd up this country with his tax breaks and bad financial decisions, it sure looks racist to me

1251 days ago


I am reading a lot of these comments and just Laughing at the uneducated people who make comments. Get the info before claiming the President is on vacation. These are Silly comments seriously he is at a G8 meetings with other leaders doing his job not umm hanging out a bar. This is a true case of making a mountain of mole hill lol. He make one stop take a taste of beer as a nice gesture and suddenly he is know drinking and shopping with the first lady, love how people allow there imagination to take over.. FYI: He is doing his Job , Didn't see Clinton or Bush Catch Bin Laden he gotta be doing something right ...

1251 days ago
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