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Michelle & Barack Obama Chug Through Ireland

5/23/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama engaged in some high priority business while in Ireland on Monday ... downing pints of Guinness at a pub.


The Prez visited the Irish town of Moneygall -- the home of his great-great-great grandfather. 

After leading the bar in a toast ... the president plunked down some cash and told the bar tender, "I just want you to know that the President pays his bar tab ... that's how we do things."

Hopefully, he left a good tip.


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OMG, Obama can do no right in the eyes of so many haters. Let's blame President Obama for the volcano eruption in Iceland as well, I mean he is very close to it, I am sure the Tea Party will/Sarah Palin will blame him for it, just like he is responsible for the deadly tornatoes in the midwest.

1217 days ago


So sorry all the Hollywood stars are not happy. They are really who we count on for our opinions...without their input where would be be? MAaybe we would have to think for ourselves with an educated mind?

1217 days ago


ok im not a fan of O'Bama by any means but he is our president and everyone has to respect that. he is the leader of our country now, so deal with it. hopefully we will get a better pres by 2012 but until then just hang on. respect him, even if its hard

1217 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

I tell you for the remainder of his term, he and his wife will take many exotic trips under the guise of being political. They'll squeeze the taxpayers dry with their "Miller High Life" vacations. Just wait. Is this what he calls "tightening our belts"???

1217 days ago


meanwhile tornados have killed around 100 in the midwest.yet he is drinking it up in a pub.also pres pays bartab thats how we do things..yet he isnt paying for this vacation he is taking.we are.

1217 days ago


Sarah Bellum 15 minutes ago
Really? And Wishes , What would you do better ? Dont hate the man cause he is black. you are showing your KKK cards.

Yeah, right, Tee. Throw that race card out. Did it ever occur to you that we all voted for Obama, and he's turned out to be a liar. He has kept none of his promises, and he is inept. It has NOTHING to do with race - this is the 21st century. We have a half black/white President. Slavery ended MANY YEARS ago, why can't you get over it??
Oh please, Sarah
I am way over it . Im not playing a race card. but dont act as if the race card is NOT in the deck. My point is, If you dont like someone or disagree with they're politics .State your case !! not just hate. blind hate is ignorant You dont need to try to lecture me about Mr Obama's background and racial makeup ans slavery..I know all about it. But let me ask you this ..Why does the the law consider anyone of mixed black/white race to be black and not the other way round? all presidents and post polititions lie to get elected. Do you think you will find truth is Sarah Palin? come on Really? none of them can live up to the high expections we set .But you all were loving some Obama when Bin Ladin was killed ...... Im just saying ..

1217 days ago


C'mon. His Mom is white and his dad is black. So what.

Obama, ran on the I'm the 'first black' president. He never once manned up and said I'm the 'first bi-racial president' of the United States.

Now he's a son of Ireland. O'Obama. Enough already.

1217 days ago


Who cares if he is black? He is a horrible president and has not done ****. The killing of Osama will get him brownie points, that is the only thing that can be credited under his name even though it was our troops out their on the line that took him down.

1217 days ago


I would love to know who you think these other 'PRETENTIOUS BASTARDS' are?? The people who met President Obama are the regular working men and women of Moneygall the town his great great great grandfather came from. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that you all descend from immigrants and so Obama is simply visiting his ancestral home, and we Irish welcome him here. If I were you I wouldn't judge people as 'PRETENTIOUS BASTARDS' when you don't know who or what your talking about.

And yes this was a photo op, ofcourse it was, just the same way as the Queen of England had her photo op as the Guinness brewery last week. Show me any politician who would take this kind of opportunity. It is also customary to go for one in your local pub and that is simply what he was doing, he went in to the local pub in moneygall everyone had one pint on the house and he graciously went out and shook hands and said hello to the thousands there to meet him

We the Irish people are proud and thankful to have him here. We welcome him with open arms because we know he represents the open-minded forward thinking people of America, those who are obviously not represented here.

1217 days ago


doesn't look like either of them are enjoying the Guinness

1217 days ago


Obama did a great job today, people here in Ireland love the guy as he gives people something to hope for, god knows we need it here!!

1217 days ago


screw him and his ugly wife! As an American all I have to say is don't come back. Pretend to be Irish.

1217 days ago


Who's picking up the tab for this....

1217 days ago


Give them a fawty of OE 800

1217 days ago


Obama should feel quite at home since he is full of blarney. He has the gift of gab but unfortunately all his gab are lies. What happened to working on the economy 24/7?

1217 days ago
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