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Michelle & Barack Obama Chug Through Ireland

5/23/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama engaged in some high priority business while in Ireland on Monday ... downing pints of Guinness at a pub.


The Prez visited the Irish town of Moneygall -- the home of his great-great-great grandfather. 

After leading the bar in a toast ... the president plunked down some cash and told the bar tender, "I just want you to know that the President pays his bar tab ... that's how we do things."

Hopefully, he left a good tip.


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she looks like she's about to hurl!
He looks none to happy about having to drink room temperature beer.'s all so sad.

1213 days ago

Oh no!    

Michelle is starting to look like a plus sized Grace Slick.

1213 days ago


Presidential pub crawl! I love this president.

1213 days ago


With all the pictures out of devastated Joplin, Missouri today, this photo op truly shows a president removed from the people.

1213 days ago


You rock Obama. Thanks for getting Osama Bin Laden. Republicans call you the worse President in history yet they can't find anyone decent to run against you. All the Republicans care about is tax breaks for oil companies.

1213 days ago


Koru...yeah, right. He will be re elected in 2012..NOT.
What, did he promise you a green card, free housing, free
food and free gas? This president is the most embarrasing
president EVER. He makes Clinton look like a boy scout.
He is laughing his black, hawaiian, and irish ass off.
And WE are picking up the tab. I just love making a $250
car payment for a car I can not afford GAS for. Obama,
you are a joke, and you THINK you are a dictator. And look more like Mr. Ed. every day. What a
pair of classless clowns you two are. Try fixing the
problems in your own country...well, the USA. Where,
actually, IS your OWN country Obummer?

1213 days ago


WOW! tornado in Missouri and he gets to drink beer....Wgere are his priorities? Loser!

1213 days ago

yes i said it    

yea pays his own tab, you can bet your butts he wrote it all off as a business trip expense,i also bet tax payers payed his way there to enjoy yet another trip getting ,well his drink on....i am so not impressed at all with anything about him or the mrs................

1213 days ago


Ireland can keep Obama and the Mrs. and Italy can keep the Jersey Shore cast. Problems fixed!!

1213 days ago


Love him!

For anyone so quick to criticize, it can't be easy to clean up what our last president (cough cough) left. Obama did not get us into this situation we're in, and I absolutely can't see anyone doing better to get us out. It's a slow process, but we NEED his smarts and class, and I THANK YOU, Mr. President! and your wife is also pretty awesome. :)

1213 days ago


They like to drink those pints warm there. Thick & nasty, uggggh.

1213 days ago


What a tool.

1213 days ago


he might be the greatest president ever. others who say otherwise must be on crack...

1213 days ago


I agree, Pete, I agree.....

1213 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

OBozo and Big Bird on another trip, huh? America is going down the tube and he parties like there's no tomorrow. Maybe there isn't. Would someone add up how much of OUR money he has spent on vacations since he has been in office. Maybe Big Bird knows he won't be re-elected so she wants as many free trips around the world that she can cram into before 2012. Also, it is so stupid for you Idiots to keep blaming the last Administration for OBozo's incompetence. He's a Socialist who hates America.

1213 days ago
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