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Obama's Armored Limo BOTTOMS OUT in Ireland

5/23/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama's Secret Service probably needs a whole new set of underwear -- after the Prez's armored limo CRASHED into a nasty speed bump in Dublin today ... and was instantly immobilized.

Talk about luck of the Irish.

UPDATE: A rep for the Secret Service claims Obama was NOT in the vehicle that bottomed out due to a "slight miscalculation" -- telling us, it was a spare limousine carrying staff and support personnel only. There were no injuries.


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John W    

You are what you drive.

1214 days ago


Isn't this technically called HIGH CENTERED,not bottoming out?

1214 days ago


People need to realize that conservative read gossip blogs more than moderates and liberals. So of course there's going to be more hate online. But Obama's approval ratings are sky high.

1214 days ago


Thats why you shold buy a german car like a bmw :-)

1214 days ago


Face it... as much as I like to see egg on Obama's face - I do not like to see it thrown in the direction of our services; Yes the U.S. Secret Service (see that word Service there) are serving us, just like any other service member.

Fact is if they'd had to get out of there in a hurry - The vehicles would have pushed each other over the high spot & the tailing vehicles are much more tactically oriented.

I hate to say it, but Obama's staff did something right. Saved the taxpayers some body work. Call a tow truck, put some dunnage down & get the vehicles clear. Rather than unnecessary damage to two!

Thats probably on our excellent Service members though! Barry and Michelle were probably all over them.

1214 days ago

Shanan Li    

Was that the side Michelle and her big fat bum was on???

1214 days ago


Holy Crap... is that the same unit that failed in service for Bush in Italy!

1214 days ago

His Prince Michael    

N.azi S.ecurity A.gency?
C.ommunist I.gnorants A.gency?
F.ascist B.ureau of I.neptness?
U.S. Secret Socialists?
A.nother T.oddler F.ire?
.....ETERNAL enemies of THE True and Living YAHWEH!
Isaiah 37;35-36...ANEW!

1214 days ago


The car bottomed out because something broke in the front suspension. If you watch the front tire you can see it gets sucked up into the wheel well and is leaning at angle after.

1214 days ago


Its not really high centered or bottom out... its caught.. watch the front and get sucked down.. He started to high center but would have made it out of there if that gate deal wasn't there. He hung the car up on its transmission crossmember.

This is diver error more than anything. The driver should have stayed to one side and he would have been fine.

Someone side take it sideways and thats not always true.. it works with mini trucks and slammed cars but with a longer limo style its to much and you do not want to start twisting the body all up..

1214 days ago


Jay 7 hours ago
They ain't got no switches on that thing?


1214 days ago


This would never happened with the Go GO Gadget Mobile!

1214 days ago


@ Superman

"Can we go back to the times when these politicians used to be "public servants"?!? Now, they are overpaid, corrupt, greedy, selfish famewhores!!!"

I think we aren't allowed to say "servant" any longer; I think it may be "politically incorrect". Meanwhile, politicians say "ask not what your country can do for you, but what this country can do for my career."

1214 days ago

PRO US    

The Secret Service's job is to prevent things like that from happening. They're supposed to plan the route for the cars and know if there's any obstacles on the route and how to avoid them. Someone in the Secret Service screwed up. Maybe someone in the Irish security services didn't communicate some important information to the Secret Service or the Secret Service didn't listen closely enough. Glad to see no one got hurt.

1214 days ago

Anne lynn    

They should build these cars with hydraulic lifts.

1214 days ago
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