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Ultimate Warrior: Macho Man Was a Coffee Freak!!!

5/23/2011 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Ultimate Warrior just released an emotional video tribute to his fallen friend, Randy "Macho Man" Savage -- and finally revealed the source of their crazy energy ... GALLONS OF COFFEE!


Warrior -- who famously forced Savage into "retirement" by defeating him at a "Career Ending Match" at Wrestlemania VII -- said he and Randy used to get so jacked up on java before getting into the ring, they would often compete to see who could down more Joe.

In fact, Warrior says, one time they sucked down 5 GALLONS of the black stuff before an event.

During the emotional video, Warrior said Savage "inspired a generation" ... adding, "I was so fortunate to be in so many great events with him."

He concluded, "Thanks for the memories Randy, thanks for the memories."

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No Avatar

What Da    

yeah right coffee........Its safe to assume that coffee is slang for cocaine.

1252 days ago

sick of it    

always thought of wrestlers as being fake but this guy was a class act.....

1252 days ago


You all keep talking about Wrestlemania, we also have Summerslam 92 where they faced each other for the title. Hello, think about it?

1252 days ago


I use to cook in a restaurant in Florida that Randy use to frequent -always- 2 chicken breasts and rice cooked with water only , no butter or anything. Never did he order any coffee. FYI.

1252 days ago


The whole point, Wrestlemania VII was Randy vs this guy, and Summerslam 92 was Randy vs. this guy. Guess what, to us WRESTLING FANS it was a side card, not something of importance. LOL

1252 days ago


He did seem awfully wired when he did his interviews.

1252 days ago


Go to youtube and type in macho mania 95. It put a smile on my face.

1252 days ago

uh, no    

drinking too much water or coffee...i.e. 5 gallons would cause hyponatremia...resulting in death.

1252 days ago


that guy is running cover for him..sorry he died so youngish from a heart attack, but, again, i say, i believe he was on steroids for a long time...maybe 5 gallons of coffee too, but, for sure, he was killing his heart and himself..so very sad. all for macho wrestling...hope others learn from his death...at a youngish age.

1252 days ago

Andre R.    

To Majestik: I'm sorry you don't like the Warrior (formerly James Brian Hellwig) as you seem to be able to find many ways of insulting him and his fans, which I happen to be. Of course, you're not the only fan of wrestling that posts on TMZ, I do the same thing and have been doing so for a little while now.

I don't think it's neccesary to run this man over the hot coals at this point, he was one of the most popular WWF/E athletes and already had said years ago that he despised Vince McMahon for the direction he took the company in, that is why he left for the third and final time in 1996. Warrior CHOOSES to not be associated with Vince and WWE, it is NOT the other way around where he "has not been asked back". I don't think that ANY amount of money would be able to convince Warrior to EVER work for Vince again, as he has also said that he wants nothing to do with the current WWE. In a way, Warrior is a lot like Bruno Sammartino, the legendary WWF champion back in the 60s and 70s, as he went on record in the 90s and said that he despised what wrestling had become, and in his mind, it no longer existed. Warrior does not take it quite THAT far, but you get the idea. When Hell freezes over is when Warrior will come back and work for Vince in WWE again. Not likely!

As for the whole thing about Warrior and Savage imbibing in many gallons of coffee before their matches, well, that seemed to be better than doing steriods or Soma painkillers. As many are aware, Warrior, Savage, and Hogan were ALL on the juice at one time or another, and sadly it affected Savage in the way that his heart was weakened and it led to his death. As for Hogan and the Warrior, they are both also in their 50s and I really have no idea how healthy or unhealthy they really are. Maybe they're just lucky to not be having any serious heart problems, who knows!

Anyway, despite all the people Warrior worked with that "hated" him and said nothing but bad things about him on the "Self-Destruction" DVD that WWE put out, he also has his fans that know that he is charismatic and was a very popular and athletic talent in the WWF rings, starting when he debuted in 1988, beat Hercules at Wrestlemania IV, and totally destroyed Honky Tonk Man for the IC title later that year. I became a fan of his a while ago, first when he cleanly beat Hogan for the World title at Wrestlemania VI, and then challenged Savage to a retirement bout at Wrestlemania VI, and emerged victorious. That ending was bittersweet, his career was over, but he reconciled with Elizabeth, someone who the Warrior apparently never had anything to do with, I don't recall them ever interacting together in the ring or in a promo.

My point is: Majestik can hate on Warrior all he wants, but you can take away the man's accomplishments. And for the record, I know this to be true: it's HE who wants nothing to do with Vince and WWE, NOT the other way around. Just thought I would let you know!

1252 days ago

Andre R.    

Sorry, that should be "you CAN'T take away the man's accomplishments". And it's true!

1252 days ago


Coffee????? Come on!
How about a few lines and some steroids on the side.
Ultimate Warrior is cookoo crazy

1252 days ago


thats a lie .... He did coke and joked about it and stopped around the time he got divorced.

Wrestlers used to drink tons of coffee if they needed to blade themselves that night because the caffeine would thin your blood

1252 days ago


Actually once you've had coffee for a long time it ceases to have any affect so it doesn't explain jack. He would have had to go off the stuff for awhile to feel any sort of affects again. Or if you're like me it makes me sleepy.

1252 days ago


The Warrior had to change his name because he kept getting sued for using it because WWE owned it.. They can't stop him from changing his name so he did.. TMZ you had a better story with DDP and he could have got you guys in with REAL people who worked with him

1252 days ago
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