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Ex-KISS Guitarist

No Punishment

for Dog Corpses

5/24/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former KISS guitarist Vincent Cusano will NOT face animal cruelty charges after officials found 4 dead dogs at the rocker's home in Tennessee this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Pet Adoption Welfare Services (PAWS) tells TMZ ... Vinnie had kept all 4 animals in above-ground plastic storage bins, clearly marked as graves ... with little memorials written on them -- and even though it's really creepy ... it ain't illegal.

TMZ broke the story ... Vinnie was arrested for allegedly beating the crap out of his wife ... and while cops were at the home, they noticed the dead animals and called PAWS to investigate.

Vinnie's wife explained the dogs had been killed by ANOTHER one of the family's 9 still-living dogs. PAWS tells us they will test all of the living pets for rabies vaccinations.


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Jackazz flatts    

Every dog has his day

1214 days ago

frenchy boy    

Is she(he) a trans ???

1214 days ago


The ONLY way to test a live animal for rabies is to kill it, remove the brain, and have it examined by a lab for the presence of rabies.

FACT!! TMZ, please follow up on this. Unless the dogs are exhibiting symptoms of rabies, a quarantine period for observation is all that is needed, NOT DESTRUCTION OF THE LIVING DOGS!!!!

Could you have possibly meant that the dead dogs' were going to be tested for rabies?

1214 days ago


The only way to officially "Test" for rabies is to test the actual brain tissue. Which means decapitation, unless they decide to quarantine them for 10 observe. But that's not actually testing for it.

1214 days ago

Alvin Beaverhausen    

There is such a double standard in this country, had this just have been a guy off the street, he would have still been in jail but because of his celebrity status he is afforded a different set of rules. America land of the free and home of the brave.

1214 days ago


Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley - Those guys are KISS. This guy is a hack replacement.

1214 days ago


o.k. we got it about the rabies/brain tissue etc.

How about WTF is he doing keeping a dog that has already killed 4 of his dogs?? I want to beat him for that.

1214 days ago


Wait, did I read that right? That they will test the rest of the *living* pets for rabies? I believe the only way to test for rabies is to cut into the brain, after the animal is dead...Vets who suspect rabies in deceased animals usually cut off the head for are they going to kill the rest of these animals?!

1214 days ago

Bert Miracles    

Check out this forum full of Vinnie Vincent nutjob stalker fans.
They think he has done nothing wrong.

1214 days ago


@ bunny He could have cremated them. I did with my critters who have passed on.

And Vinnie is long known to be a little man with a huge ego and drinking problem. Why his music projects kept imploding..

1214 days ago


I'm a vet tech and no you can't "test" for rabies unless you send off brain matter from a diciest pet so I'm sure they meant that they would have to quarantine them a few months to test them. But clearly this guy has issues how creepy and disturbing, I'm shocked it's not illegal. And I wish he could never get his pets back not only is he a hoarder having so many but he also isn't properly caring for them. Poor animals and his poor wife, he deserves to be behind bars!

1214 days ago


ever think he was planning on burying them and thats why they were in there,we dont know how long they were in bins,humans get kept in a funeral home before being buried ,at least the guy was maybe having the good enough intentions for proper burial

1213 days ago

scot ley    

NONE of you know vinnie or the REAL story of what happened.Your judging by what you are reading & anyone with brains knows that you don't believe everything you hear.If he did keep his pets in storage bins rather than burying them,he must have really loved them & did'nt want to have the surviving dog that killed them put down.If they test for rabies,then they would have to be.Most of you are probrably young & don't know of vinnie.He is a good guy.So grow up *******S!!!!

1213 days ago


This guys ex wife was found murdered in CT about 10 years ago. I think trouble just seems to follow him around. Oh Yeah, she was moonlighting as a call girl when she was murdered. Fuzzy

1155 days ago


Hey MORONS! Can anyone here READ? The article did NOT state that the remaining 9 dogs would be tested for said tested for Rabies VACCINATIONS (as in, doing a simple bloodtest). DUH!

1154 days ago
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