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Barack and Michelle

Catch Royal Fever

5/24/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Almost a month after the Royal wedding, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama finally basked in the glow of newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

It was a meeting of the superpower couples.


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This is the cool part about being a US President, you get to hang in a bar drinking Guiness one day and hang with royalty the next!

1214 days ago


Ummm what power do Prince William and Princess Kate have? Doesn't Parliament make decisions for the British government?

1214 days ago


did Michelle keep her hands to herself this time?

1214 days ago


William and Kate = Royal couple
Odumbo and Michelle = Couple of royal douchebags

1214 days ago


Update your records, please. She's not Kate Middleton anymore.

1214 days ago


Does Michelle have a stylist? She dresses like she gets her clothes at WalMart.She is First Lady of the United States,please dress like one.

1214 days ago


I am guessing this was MORE important than coming back to the United States to deal with the massive tragedy the tornadoes caused?! I mean it is only the worst in over 50 years! I guess a week later is better than nothing, right Obama?! PATHETIC President!!!

1214 days ago


Hey StoryTellingIsAllIDo the President is in Europe for the G-8 Summit and was INVITED to the UK by Queen Elizabeth herself. He will be in Missouri this weekend to tour the devasation. Stay off of TMZ, read some real news and you won't sound like such an idiot.

1214 days ago


Would someone PLEASE fire the person that decides on what Ms. Obama wears. PLEASE? What? She dresses herself? Oh.

1214 days ago


OMG you Obama bashers really sound pathetic.

Patti - if Michelle strutted arond in expensive, designer clothes you would be bitching that she is spending too much money while the rest of the country suffers, wouldn't you??

Also, Obama has addressed the tornados many times in the last two days. The federal govt was there immediately. He is planning on going there this weekend. BTW, I thought the tea ba**ers wanted the govt to stay out of their business? Is the federal govt suppose to help in disasters? I thought you crazy conservatives don't want to pay taxes for this kind of stuff? Too bad, Joplin, you're on your own according to the philosophy of the Tea Party. We don't have the money to help you, sorry.

I think the Obama's did America proud in Great Britain!

1214 days ago


Obama atleast makes a difference while the royals do nothing but attend charities and pretty much donate a little money here and there. President has MORE power. The royal thing is not much needed anymore. Its like theyre actors, rich actors. No one in this world is a KING OR QUEEN, were all created equal. Its annoying! Id bow down to a Japanese ninja before I bowed down to the "QUEEN" or the "royals". What a joke! They should bow down to President Obama!

1214 days ago

I am Spartacus    

The only power William & Kate have is spending the people of London's money. The Royal Family does nothing.

1214 days ago

Truth Hurtz    

Hey juju, it's a free country. If someone doesn't want to kiss Obama's azz, then they don't have to. Quit stuffing your liberal crap down everybodys' throat. This isn't a political comment board. Enough, now go away.

1214 days ago



You idiot. Michelle Obama's outfits ARE designer outfits. She wears ridiculously expensive clothes, by designers like Alexander McQueen.

Most of them are hideously ugly, even if they're insanely expensive.

The Obama's are disgusting. Why do they waste so much time hob-nobbing with celebrities and taking vacations? Fuel costs are insane & the unemployment rate is alarmingly high.. and we just had a huge national disaster. Yet he's rubbing elbows with the royals?

Also the night special ops got Bin Laden... Obama was busy at the correspondent's dinner hanging with Scarlett Johanson, Sean Penn and all the other communist celebrities -- cracking jokes about Donald Trump.

Please..can't wait until Nov 2012!!

1214 days ago


No JuJu ,I would expect her to look like the First Lady she is, not a middle class soccer mom. Jacqueline Kennedy was the most elegant and tasteful First Lady and Michelle needs to study her fashion and style sense.Do you think if Michelle wears expensive designer clothes it's coming out of my pocket!! Please.

1214 days ago
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