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Gary Shirley -- Nuclear Argument Led to Arrest

5/24/2011 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cop who arrested MTV star Gary Shirley for driving on a suspended license in Indiana this morning says he only approached the vehicle after hearing Gary and his baby mama Amber Portwood screaming at each other inside of a car.


According to the police report obtained by TMZ, the officer was concerned about a couple arguing inside of a Silver Dodge parked near the police station around 1:30 AM ... so he approached the vehicle. 

The officer says Gary introduced himself and Amber as the couple from "Teen Mom" -- and that's when the cop asked for some ID. The officer ran a check on Gary's license -- and it came back suspended, so he ordered Gary out of the car.

According to the report, "I placed Mr. Shirley in two sets of handcuffs due to his size." Gary was taken to a nearby jail and his bond was set at $3,000. He has since been released.

Gary's lawyer, Jeff Lockwood, tells us ... "I am not concerned about him being sentenced to a jail term. It's a traffic violation and Gary doesn't have a previous criminal history."

He adds, "We hope we can resolve the license issue so this won't happen again."


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one thing i would ;like to know is where was there child when all this was going on !!!!!!! and why hasnt children services steped in yet !!!!!!! and taken that baby away !!!!!! until they both get parenting classes!!!! and she get's put on some kind of drug to comme her down !!!!!!!and one more thing !!!what will the show do when she kill's her boy friend !!!!!!

1211 days ago


LOL I agree with "Me". I never see any music on MTV, just Teen Mom and other nonsense. These two need to stay away from eachother. Their adorable daughter is going to have sooo many issues

1211 days ago


Enough of the gutter trash !!

1211 days ago


That poor child, it never had a chance not to be morbidly obese and then to have abuse parents on top of

1211 days ago

J Johnson    


Stop giving these low-lifes "star" treatment. All you're doing is glorifying idiots having babies way too young. Cut it out, you morons.

1211 days ago


efff that fat slob and his fugly baby mama. MTV is all that is wrong with america.

1211 days ago


"Gary and his baby mama Amber Portwood screaming at each other inside of a car."... now what I'm trying to figure out is how did he manage to engage in an argument with Nothingness, who proudly introduces herself as the thing from Teen Mom, talk on the phone and eat"


His attorney says he's afraid Fatazz may do some jail time and claim that the didn't have any priors... Wait a minute, I'm not an attorney but I have a brain. He had to do have obstructed a law - even with his existence - to have had his license suspended. I know those folks in Indiana can count, that would be TWO [2] OFFENSES. Count them, one-two.

I don't even want to guess what the parents of those mutants are like. They're probably sitting back on their fat ass smoking their cigs, slurping that PBR beer, watching Maury Povich and those judge shows and bragging about how much better they are then them there blacks in the trailer next to them.

Well let's see if Indiana is as fu88ed as California when it comes to kissing the ass of the un-celerity types.

1211 days ago


i vow to all mightly xenu if you show these two fools on this website one more time i will never come back on it again. they are not celebrities; we don't care about their constant domestic foolery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1211 days ago


they really need to get it together... smh always having these huge public blow outs... and where the hell was their child??

1211 days ago


Damn! You KNOW you're obese when the police have to use TWO sets of handcuffs on you! How embarrassing! Lose some weight before it's too late, Gary!

And it's time for you and Amber to give it up already. Trying to make a relationship work for the sake of the child is admirable, but not when the two parents are as volatile towards each other as you and Amber are! Do you think your little girl wants to grow up hearing/seeing the two of you fighting and abusing each other? Subjecting a child to that kind of anger and negativity does SO much more harm than good. You and Amber do NOT belong together, period! You need to STAY AWAY from each other! Move on with your lives and do better for your daughter. As it is, I pity that little girl for having the two of you for parents! Somebody should take her away from the BOTH of you and give her to a healthier and more loving family!

1211 days ago


And where was their kid when these two fat fauks were fighting at 1:30am?

And girlie man GARY SHIRLEY introducing himself to the cop??? Hey mamas boy Gary, the cop doesn't care who YOU think you are cause you are a fat loser to the rest of the world.

Now go back to your mamas basement.

1211 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Those "MTV GIRLS" are ALL alike!!!!

1211 days ago


Hey Amber & Gary,

Y'all stay classy, huh?

1211 days ago


Did he think telling the cop they were from teen mom would help. He probably would have better chance of an appearance ticket if they didn't know who he was.....idiot.

999 days ago
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