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Willow, Jaden & MJ's Kids

Superstar Children Unite

5/24/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

It was a meeting of the A-list celebuspawn as Michael Jackson's three kids (Paris, Prince and Blanket) hung out with Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's children, Willow and Jaden Smith, on an L.A. film set the other day.


The Jackson kids arrived to the set with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson. So far, it's unclear if the kids were on the set to act ... or just to hang out with the Smiths.

As we previously reported, the Jackson kids have expressed a serious interest in Hollywood -- earlier this year, Prince told "Good Morning America" he was "looking at a couple of opportunities in show business ... mostly producing."


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en Todo Momento!!    

thank god they got rid of them masks they used to have to wear!!!

1157 days ago

Throwback kid    

I know Willow is young, but if she works really hard I think she can become more annoying than her parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. it looks like she will already be more uneducated than them, does Willow still go to school?

1157 days ago


I wouldn't tell my own kids or any average kid to S T F U if they wanted to "produce" because they would have to study, pay their dues and actually demonstrate some talent to ever get that opportunity. This 14 year old brat will have crap handed to him the same as Willow and her brother have. If he's going to "produce", he'll have to learn how to deal with unpleasant people. I'm happy if I can help put him on the road to his dreams.

1157 days ago


This is appalling. I had a bad feeling it was a matter of time before the Jacksons pimped those kids. If there is a god, Katherine will drop dead a.s.a.p., and the kids will be placed with Diana Ross.

1157 days ago


@ shan Oh, I stand corrected. This kid who thinks he's entitled to be "producing" in the entertainment industry is 14? In that case I meant "S T F U you obnoxiuos P O S " No need to be gentle if he's over 10. Your child molestation fantasies and random mention of strippper poles says more about your own twisted mind than my dislike of entitled, rich brats.

1157 days ago


The Smiths have been making the rounds of the rich and famous a lot lately - visiting Obama's family, etc.

Of course, they are rich and famous but I bet they are trolling for Scientology converts and since MJ's kids are relatively unprotected by anyone with common sense, I'm sure the Scientology powers-that-be are going to try to get them to convert.

After Katherine Jackson dies, who will be able to protect them?

1157 days ago


their daddy lied repeatedly about his mental condition and lifestyle with drugs and worse health. yet, mj kids had no idea what happened to him.
the jacksons of all ages live in denial and arrogance.

moron jay-z told willow smith that her music ability reminded him of michael jackson. lol

1157 days ago


jackasson couldn't be a good man and parent because he believed he was more powerful than humans!
he was so wackin' deluded, he molested his nose off!
death freed him and the kids from more court trouble and abuse!
time to get rid of criminal joe and liar coward katherine.

1157 days ago


I'm so sick of these talentless children. I agree makes me want to VOMIT. Hollywood has always had nepotism. Most of their 'talent' is in their connections. Can you say Nick Cage? But please, now you want us to cheer them on and agree to this travesty in advance? Used to be it was much more quietly done. I was watching reruns of 3rd Rock from the Sun and realized that all those kids in the classroom were some Hollywood bigwigs kid. Thanks for the SAG card dad. These kids are not creative. The really creative people are mostly locked out. Never even to get a CHANCE. John Travolta your child is not talented and FAT. Madonna your child is not a designer. Paris, Blanket, Jaden, Willow and Prince, you are NOT TALENTED. The people who say you are want to make money off you. Most people s****** behind your backs because Your Parents are rich and powerful. Don't want to get them angry. Might lose a job that way. The rest of us just want to VOMIT when you are pushed their way. This is the truth.

1157 days ago


Wacko's three so called children are really stupid kids if they still believe that skin bleaching, nose hacking drug addict freak was their real daddy. I would almost feel sorry for them, but they seem to be stuck up brats who walk around with body guards as if they are someone special. Even the Smith kids, as untalented and annoying as they are, have done something to gain some kind of attention. But the Jackson three have done nothing except keep the lie going that Wacko was their father. I bet they love all the fans spending money on Wacko's music. It lines their pockets, so of course they are not going to speak the truth.

1157 days ago


After watching the demise of so many child stars, I wouldn't want my children in the business. As a matter of fact, I'd do everything to discourage it.

And if I were Michael Jackson's kids, I wouldn't use the Smith's as any sort of role models. The Jackson kids seem like normal kids, as "normal" as possible I guess, and the Smith kids seem to already have highly overinflated views of themselves.

1157 days ago


katherine and the siblings played the innocent heroes and smarmily blurted to tabloid shows and bad reporters that "mj had the right to have kids in his bedroom and get plastic surgeries because he enjoyed those things!" funny, now katherine says his nose was destroyed. she and janet and rebbie acknowledge that he was wrong. jermaine can't admit that propofol was not medication and that mj used propofol to fake a good night's sleep and somehow impress the jacksons and media in concerts... kenny ortega was so desperate to promote himself and mj's so-called humanity in the idiot do***entary.

1157 days ago


Awee, don't get mad boo boo, don't dish if you can't take. I suspect your parenting style will lead us to deal with more socially dysfunctional misfits than any self-absorbed stars could ever produce. You keep wallowing in your own crap though because you're always assured it can't get any worse. ;)

1157 days ago


Every kid in that pic seems normal and more than likely is. Will any of them take up Lindsay Lohans baton? None of us have a crystal ball so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. And dice when does saying what you want to acheive in life equal entitlement? I think some folks have serious issues with wealth. Being a rich kid does not make one a spoiled brat, having an over indulgent parent does. I have seen some broke ass spoiled brats in my time and some wealthy kids with an excellent work ethic.

1157 days ago
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