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'Grease' Star's Ex -- I Will Fight Restraining Order!

5/24/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Conaway's on-again, off-again girlfriend Vikki Lizzi believes the actors' family had NO RIGHT to ban her from visiting Jeff in the hospital after he fell into a coma earlier this month ... and now she's begging a judge to rip up the restraining order.


Vikki's best friend, Aubry Fisher, tells us the family members who blocked Vikki on Jeff's behalf last week don't have his best interests in mind because they refused to help him conquer his addictions in the past.

Conaway has been in a comatose state for weeks -- after he reportedly overdosed in his L.A. area home earlier this month.

Aubry says Vikki's lawyers are going to court today to try and lift the restraining order so that she can be by Jeff's side, adding, "Vikki just wants to take care of him, she would never hurt him in any way."


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So which is it-did he overdose and fall into a coma or did he take a massive tumble down the stairs (as reported earlier) breaking his neck, arm and hip?

1251 days ago


She looks like the love child of Elvira and Winona Ryder.

I saw this broad and heard what was said on "Celebrity Rehab" she needs to find a job and get over herself. I hope NO JUDGE will grant her the right to see him.

1251 days ago


This is the 1st story TMZ has posted about Jeff and you got it sooooooo wrong.That you reported on Vickys behalf appalls me and not the real status of Jeffs condition.He did not OD and Vicky is doig what she has allways does which is try to be the victim.Jeff has been much better with Vicky out of his life.Get Well Soon Jeff

1251 days ago


I think she wants to kill him so that she can collect $$.

1251 days ago


isnt this the chick who did more drugs then him ???

1251 days ago

Hollywood Insider    

Get well Jeff...and why in the hell is a loser wannabe dj/self promoting z-lister like Aubrey Fisher commenting on anything...broad is so irrelevant...she will say anything on someones behalf of get any type of press.

1251 days ago


Dr. Drew show didn't help not one one of the cast ,a drug addict died last month of overdose and now this one ,this guy is going to die soon he is not going to get well and this woman is a enabler for sure in the show she brought drugs to him ,he is a crazy dude .They belong together they are addicts ...she should be not able to stay with him she is a bad connection for him ,for sure she will not help him maybe to die soon?who caresssss...

1251 days ago


A true match made in HELL!

You can't blame his issues on her, as much of a bad influence she is on his life. Also as much of an enabler and gold digging fame whore as she is - he is a WASTE. He had it all and pi$$ed it away over drugs and her sorry A$$! I have no sympathy for either one, sorry!

In my world, this isn't 'celebrity' nor is it 'news', do well both! NEXT!

1251 days ago


M....not sure what site you have been reading but this IS the first story TMZ has done about Conaway's most recent hospital stay!!!

1251 days ago


drug addicts shouldn't hang out with outher drug addicts..

1251 days ago

PRO US    

TheHOLETruth 6 hours ago

Another Dr. Drew rehab success story. Why doesn't the media just find a REAL doctor with a proven track record, instead of hooking up another Jew.
No matter what any story on TMZ is about, TheHOLETruth will find a way, reason or excuse to do some Jew-bashing. All he is is a Jew hater. What a pathetic hater you are. Just pitiful.

I don't like Dr. Drew anymore than a lot of people. I think he's more flash than substance and I don't believe in his methods of trying to cure someone on Reality TV. To me, it sounds like a gimmick for him and the Reality TV addicts to make a lot of bucks.

But Dr. Drew's being Jewish is incidental to that. Most Christians, Jews, Muslims etc. are good people. When we stereotype all members of 1 religion because of the actions of a few of its members, it says more about our own frailties and prejudices than about them.

I really enjoyed seeing Jeff Conaway in Grease, Taxi and Babylon 5. He was always light hearted and entertaining as an actor from what I saw. I've read on another "gossip" site that he's not doing well and Marilu Henner and Tony Danza visited him to offer some comfort. That was very kind of them. Thumbs up to them for their good deed. My thoughts and prayers are with Jeff Conaway and his family at this difficult time.

1250 days ago


BULL SH*T...remember on celebrity rehab she had KICKED HIM in the back and effed up his already damaged back?...yeah

1250 days ago


i know why she wants to be there for him- how else can a junkie like conaway get his fix if he is stuck in a hospital in a coma?
she is just gonna deliver the goods through his I.V.
it should be pretty easy.

1250 days ago


Good for Jeff's family. Vampira needs to stay the freak away from him.

1250 days ago


two drug addicts who cares

1250 days ago
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