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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez -- The Shirtless Pic

5/24/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Showing off his shirtless torso, 17-year-old Justin Bieber basked in the Hawaiian sun with his older girlfriend Selena Gomez on Tuesday.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin better use protection ... on his fair skin.


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Has Selena given birth before? My wife had that same scar are giving birth to our daughter. I believe her mother was a teen mom.

1192 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This kid is hairless..isn't he 17? I thought kids by then have already got their manly bodies? lol Selena is a craddle rocker.

1191 days ago


wow.. i dont even know where to start. These are kids! Proverbial babies.. not even proverbial. Just plain kids. Of course we all miss our days of frolicking and fun, but my god, are all of you so shallow or jealous or simply denying your daily dose of Prozac that you actually feel the need to bash a couple of kids that already have the hollywood hammer slamming down on them. Includes you, TMZ. Do you think there is even a remote chance these kids do not follow such a largely followed celeb blog? No need to take a cheap shot at the kids using confusingly amusing words like "protection" like its some pre-teen, adolescently conjured joke, and letting your bloggers leave whatever without screening it( also why im confindent this will get through). This is a supreme example of why people think hollywood and the "patzi's" in particular are a huge downfall of society. There have been many times you have used taste TMZ. But, this is one reason you will always be known as TMZ, with no real human being's name behind it, and in your elder years wishing you had the "leave" Oprah does. Man, theres just some lines you dont cross. I originally read this ad because I thought it was a cute young couple that reminded me of my own youth (im 32), but upon reading, I found it totally duplicitous. I even understand when you do it to older hollywood couples, BUT THESE ARE KIDS! It just makes me wonder, bloggers and TMZ, how you treat your own children.
I think 99% of you people need to lock yourselves away in your homes without any human contact and watch a few baseball games or whatever YOUR hobby may be. Any smart person would understand why. Trust me, it will help you focus on someone else besides you. Of course I dont expect this. Almost none of you have thought of anyone but yourselves until this point, or else I wouldnt be writing this. Selena and Justin.. best of luck. Grown ups are idiots. Your adorable, do your best - no matter how things turn out, it will turn out. Just remember, your smarter now than you ever will be when you get older. You have the inertia of positivity now that will keep you going your whole life.

1191 days ago


He looks like a 12 yr. Old kid with the dumbest shades....seriousely, we have such low expectations of talent and cuteness....

1191 days ago


Why do people enjoy making fun of other people> Basically due to lack of their own self confidence. Good Lord people get off the picking on every body who has more money and better looks than you.

1191 days ago


justin bieber is amazing, and selena is lucky to have him.. (: lol

1191 days ago


"He even crash a CD from a fan waiting at the airport for him when the fan reached for him"

Justin Bieber: Attitude Problem Soars High as Career Do?
Read more:

1191 days ago


justin you is sexy xxxx me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1191 days ago


freacking beach selena gomez ,she looks soooo sluty!!!

1191 days ago


This boy needs to put his shirt back on and remove those girlie sunglasses.

1191 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks Biebs is hiding...something behind that towel?

1190 days ago


Is he an emancipated minor, OR, is she a rapist?

1190 days ago


selena gomez and justin bieber are gay ***gets retards and just plan ugly have no tallent, i cant belive any one would go for them

1189 days ago


Damn, put that shirt on Justin! Or, wait until you get to be about 21-22, or, gain some weight. She loks good though, little fat around the belly! Little twit and **** look cute together, but, I bet Usher is pissed off, she is with his boyfriend! Yeah, chicken breasted for sure, haven't heard that one in a long time, don't know if you can outgrow that, just gain wieght and hide it! But, with his money, who cares?

1185 days ago

john k    

Mrs. B you need to put a shirt over your face, your so ugly that you cracked my monitor. Also you should grow up your so called child stocking of these kids puts you with the rest of the child abuse loosers, TMZ should firer you. Good job get a face transplant, As Bob Dylan Would Say HOW DOES IT FEEL. You Stupid Old Bully. WoW See what I did. I know your not ugly, but it mad you feel bad for a sec. HAha, But wate theirs more. Did you Know kid commit suicide over self image even if their pefect like Justin and Selena. I worked with kids as a social worker for the Key Program in Ma. You all think its a joke but its not funny to see kids self mutilate. Good luck with your bad self you go girl.

1185 days ago
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