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Kim K:

My Naked Breasts


5/25/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is so familiar with her own naked body ... she recently noticed a photo of her own bare breasts on an unauthorized album cover ... and immediately sent her lawyers into attack mode!!

Turns out, two music producers -- Terrace Martin and Devi Dev -- used a photo of a woman's bare chest on the cover of their album "Terrace Martin & Devi Dev Present: The Sex EP" ... and it just so happens the image was a close up from Kim's nude photo spread in W magazine.

Kim's lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Terrace and Devi demanding they swap out the pic -- and stated, "We cannot imagine why you thought you had the right to use this photograph without permission."

T and D immediately replaced the photo with another woman's bare bosom -- claiming they had no idea the original boobies belonged to Kim.

Devi Dev tells TMZ, "We didnt even know they were her boobies because obviously I don't recognize her by her nipples."


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Kim " OMG, my boobs were jacked" ON, LOL

1226 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

She is the CHIEF EXPLOITER of Hollywood-- How dare she accuse others of what she is a PRO at????She has commited every act of EXPLOITATION known to man and women!!!

1226 days ago


Kim, you let them be photographed and published, you stupid girl.

1226 days ago


Didn't she make a porn and released it for 5 mill? the only reason why she cared was because she wasn't being paid.

1226 days ago


Yes, they are being exploited. By YOU.

1226 days ago


Since this is the second time (at least) that Kim has caused an uproar over her pictures being used without her consent, perhaps nobody should use her pictures ever again in ANY type of publication! She's not worth the trouble!

1226 days ago


Oh, my. Poor Kim K. Always the Victim in every situation, eh, Kim? Well, how about this... maybe if you weren't getting pictures taken of your naked body and getting them published all over the Internet in the first place, you wouldn't have to worry about people using said pictures without your permission! Take some responsibility for the predicaments that YOU get yourself into! Crying victim every chance you get only makes you look pathetic, especially when everyone knows it's your own damn fault!

By the way, expecting everyone else to be able to recognize faceless body shots of you just because YOU can recognize yourself is a completely unfair expectation. After all, nobody else pays half as much attention to you as you think they do!

1226 days ago


her boobs are fake so they arn't really being exploited

1226 days ago


I wonder how her fiance' likes knowing that everyone and their mom has seen her naked body.
So glad that intimacy really matters to some people in life.
Much sarcasm there btw.

1226 days ago


lol kim is an idiot. she's freakin ugly as hell. you people must be blind. if you think she's pretty haha. either that or your missing a few screws in your head. chick is ugly. just like she was trying to sue melissa moilinero. (i think that's her name)because she looked similar to kim kardashian. what an idiot. melissa is way more gorgeous. melissa is model material. and kim should just stick to eating her twinkies. it ain't doing her thighs any good. haha those things are huge.

1226 days ago


Oh please, that publicity crazed woman has not been exposed anything more than her crazy Mother signed her up to be!! What a joke for a headline.

1226 days ago

so what    

everyone on here is really hating on kim k im sure if u where paid to do all of the things she did good or bad u would have done it ! no questions just leave her alone ur just mad bcuz shes paid nd ur not!!!

1226 days ago


This come from the woman that made a sex tape and is a attention zombie and has no talent!

1226 days ago

Trooper Tom    

They are plastic just like her skanky media wh0re

1226 days ago


Let me get this right....she poses topless on a magazine for all to see (of course got paid) and because some is using them for free on an album cover shes offended??? THAT'S RIGHT...the Kardashian family of money whores didnt get paid!

1226 days ago
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