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NASCAR Stud Kyle Busch

Popped at 128 MPH

5/24/2011 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch likes to go fast ... so say the cops who nailed the 26-year-old for going 128 miles per hour in a 45 MPH zone in North Carolina earlier today.

Busch -- who goes by the nickname "Wild Thing" -- was cited for careless and reckless driving and speeding.  Busch was caught tearing through a street near Troutman, N.C. in a yellow Lexus LFA sports car. 

According to cops, Busch was targeted by a special unit called the "Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team" of the Iredell County Sheriff's Dept.

If convicted, Busch can lose his license for up to a year and face $1,000 in fines.

FAST FACT: NASCAR drivers do not need a valid driver's license ... only a NASCAR license.  So, Kyle -- currently 3rd in Sprint Cup points -- is not in jeopardy of getting yanked out of his #18 ride.

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Morning Glorie    

Now why should Kyle be treated any different then the average Joe or Joann? NASCAR should get him too!

1216 days ago


All of you Losers have done the same damn thing..you didn't get caught...that's the difference. Kyle and Kurt are the best to ever drive a nascar machines...get over it losers!

1216 days ago


First of all everyone here has probably speed. Most likely on the freeway, not 128 in the 45 mph zone. Second of all that not the point, the point is if anyone else was pulled over they wouldn't of got just a slap on the wrist. Thirdly, are you delusional. Kurt and Kyle are not the best to ever drive a nascar machine. Yeah, Kyle may be good even great, but the fact is most of his wins are coming in Nationwide, not Sprint cup. F.Y.I. Write of the article Kyle is no stud. Plus his nicknames are Rowdy and Shrub.

1216 days ago


Tiffany, which Cup driver do you consider better than TMZ's "Stud" Kyle?

1215 days ago

J C Kimball    

All Kyle Busch did was GO FAST which he does better than anyone else. He did not KILL anyone but he got a ticket. SO WHAT. . . Go Kyle, Go. I wish I was riding with him !

1215 days ago

John Warren    

It will outrun everything but Motorola. This desert rat needs to go back to his hole. He ( Kyle ) needs to back in his hole.

1215 days ago


Kyle Busch is a whiny punk, and an arrogant SOB. Put his dumb a@!#! in jail. He is always telling everyone how wonderful he is....WRONG! God forbid a child had walked out in the road! If this had been ANYONE else, it would have been simple. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO, NO MORE CAR, NO MORE LICENSE, DONE! Actually we would have probably been put under the jail. Right?

1214 days ago


Kyle Busch a Stud? You have GOT to be kidding me!

1214 days ago


As some stated all he did was go fast. But what if someone came out of a side road? a faimly member someones wife,Husband, child. So lets put this into a bright light. The law states anyone going over 100MPH goes to jail all he got was a notice to appear. If it was you and they took you to jail would you still be saying all i did was speed.

1203 days ago


Kyle is a spoiled baby. If he does not get his way he will crash you and cheat to win. It's pretty bad when your home town of Vegas dont care to much for him.

1203 days ago


ye he is definately an idiot,and what makes him so special that he can drve like that and virtually get away with it.everyone knows if an ordinary person does that, the penalty is much greater than $1000 will spend time in jail,some of us perhaps under the jail.joe gibbs has always bee role model to me for his success in sports and a man of God,but I am very disappointed that he did practically did nothng as the idiot's car owner

1168 days ago


^Billions Billions Billions^ as my Pops the Guy from Twist and Ton Frances chase down Kim Coates with a of Nascar ^Ty!! Kyle!!! and my Brother^ they chase them down very Government ^Ty!! Billions^ and give him the lights of his Life.Then as you see a Level 17 Hawk!! coming out as the Guy from Twist and my Father light this Hawk!! up with a Vengeance that you couldn't believe.As youu se Tony Frances shooting his gun at this Hawk!! with a very controlled movement.and then a trust of a Helicopter fly in and start lighting People up that was closer to the conspiracy.

1166 days ago


People are idiots, not the drivers but the stupid public. They race cars DUH

1022 days ago


Kyle Bush should have been arrested if it were anyone else they would of been in jail. I guess when you have his kind of money a slap on the wrist is all you get. I think you are a shallow loser and think you are above others and should never get your license back.

864 days ago


Kyle Bush should have lost his license for good and spent time in jail but, i guess if you have money you just get a slap on the wrist. That punk could have killed someone but, wait i forgot he thinks he is above the law and eveyone else.

864 days ago
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