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Kyle Busch on Speeding Bust -- 'I Got Carried Away'

5/24/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Busch just issued a sort-of apology for his 128 mph speeding ticket -- chalking up his ridiculous speed to a test drive gone wrong, and the blatantly obvious ... "I got carried away." 


In his statement Busch says , "I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went  beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment."

The NASCAR bad boy was driving a Lexus LFA when cops in Troutman, NC pulled him over today ... doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. BTW ... the LFA packs about 552 horses!

Busch added, "I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again."

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Will he lose his license?

1250 days ago

PRO US    

SNAFU about a minute ago

Will he lose his license?

No, under the terms of the VIP Act, he will not lose his license but he will have to pay a ticket and he may volunteer to do a TV commercial on behalf of the NC State Police to remind people to drive safely and not exceed the speed limit. It's a classic case of "Do as I say not do as I do." He may also go for a few beers with the state police officers and sign a few autographed pictures of himself for them and their kids. Ain't that special?

1250 days ago


Snafu, he"s NOT going to lose his liscense, if that was the actual COPS decision they would stop him from driving in NASCAR. His brother, four years ago, was stopped and charged with driving DUI. Neither of these guys are going to be charged or get pulled from NASCAR. It's all bull****

1250 days ago


okay so i'm not disagreeing with anyone on the fact that what he did definitely was wrong...BUT...nothing bad happened because of it. you can speculate on what could have happened all you want, but bottom line is that nothing bad happened and he didn't hurt anybody and in the end, he will pay a bigger price for this than what you think. yes, he could have hit someone and seriously hurt or killed them...but the same thing can be said any time any of you speed too. Yes, your "speeding" isn't 128mph, but you also don't have to be speeding that much to hurt or kill someone in a car accident and that could happen to any one of us any given day. And yes, he's a professional athlete so of course the punishment isn't going to be as bad for him, but this wouldn't even be a topic of discussion if he wasn't a professional athlete and none of us would have even heard about it in that case. If you aren't familiar with nascar, trust me, Kyle will receive enough punishment for this from Joe Gibbs & his sponsors. Sponsors are quick to pull the plug in this sport. Maybe to you that isn't good enough, but if he loses his sponsors then he won't have enough funding to race, especially for his truck team. Then his entire Kyle Busch Motorsports business folds and he loses all of his investment in that. He will pay for what he did in one way or the other, it just may not be to what you think is fair, but in the end even if he isn't punished through law enforcement, he will probably pay a bigger price through his boss & his sponsors than what you think and will come out of this losing way more for this than any normal person would.

1250 days ago


Should throw his ass in jail for a week! They would the rest of us. Wreckless on the track and off! Dumb ass! Go 29!

1250 days ago


It is not effective to give a mainstream fine to wealthy people. It is not a deterrent or a punishment. If he did that here, he would lose his vehicle to forfeiture for reckless driving. I'm sure the loss of his "new sports car" would be a greater deterrent and punishment for recklessly endangering lives on a public street, than giving him a $200.00 fine. It's strange that Americans think we are stupid up here in Canada, because I think that is a pretty smart law, and not weak at all.

1250 days ago


nascar is fixed...its just like wwe wrasslin he is the bad guy of nascar.they tell him to do the **** he does thinking they will get ratings.but by seeing the ratings and poor ticket sells most are done with the bull ****.

1250 days ago


Hes a idiot he could have killed or paralyzed somebody and that was a really lame apology. Just sayin.

1250 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Nascar isn't fixed, Kyle Busch is just a d-bag

1250 days ago

PRO US    

Look, what he did was stupid, thoughtless and careless. I'm not saying he should go to prison for this and you know he won't, but does this guy deserve to have major American corporations sponsor his racing after pulling this stunt that put lives of the general public in potential danger for no valid reason?

What would have happened if someone riding a bicycle, motorcycle or car on that road had gotten severely injured or killed because Kyle Busch wanted to check the performance of his new spiffy, new sports car on public roads? How egocentric, how selfish, how arrogant do you have to be to pull a stunt like this?

Maybe it would be nice if people take note of the companies that decide to continue to sponsor Kyle Busch' racing team, and decide they're not that interested in supporting companies that sponsor celebrities who drive at almost 3 times the speed limit?

I've only watched a few Nascar races but I'm going to find out which companies support this reckless loser and if I have a choice to buy their products or their competitors' products, guess whose products I will buy next time I get the chance!!!

The best American way to support what you want is to vote with your wallet. Support the companies that support the American public if you can.

We don't have to reward bad, stupid, crazy and dangerous behavior if we don't want to.

Do you hear me, Kyle Busch, or do you not give a frack?

1250 days ago

PRO US    

Wow! Just found out that Kyle Busch is a bull-s-h-i-t-ter!
He says now that "I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again."

But, I found out that:

"In April 2006, Busch, 26, was issued a summons for reckless driving in Richmond, Va., after squealing his tires in a fast food parking lot. He pleaded guilty to improper driving and was fined $150 plus court costs in traffic court. The Charlotte Observer also reported that Busch was cited for going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone in Iredell County in 2008."

And: "The Statesville (N.C.) Record and Landmark reported on its website that Busch responded "this is just a toy" when asked by Iredell County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Chris Stone why he was driving so fast."


So, this is not the first time, he's driven irresponsibly. It is at least the 3rd time. And he promise he won't do it again? You believe this guy after his record? What a farce! This guy is a disgrace to Nascar! Why would you want to buy products from companies that sponsor this guy's reckless driving 3 times over the last 5 years? Do what you want but I ain't gonna support this reckless driver. 128 mph in a 45 mph zone is a little too crazy for my liking. This is a pattern of abuse of the law and indifference to public safety.

Maybe, I'm overreacting.

If and when he kills someone by speeding on a public road, we can all look back and say: "Oh, ya, maybe we shoulda done something to stop him."

1250 days ago


To make all the nannies happy, build cars that cannot go faster then 60mph. If cops are pulling a gun on you if caught going insanely fast, stop making fast cars.

1250 days ago


I'm very happy that nobody paid with an injury or their lives. Kyle, you're amazing on the track, just keep the speed demon there and everyone will be happy. :)

1250 days ago


Just goes to show you it's true, Kyle and Kurt DO share a brain cell...can't stand either one of them...why don't they become golf pros and get out of NASCAR.

1250 days ago


OK to test a car at that speed, just don't get caught. Besides he has more control of the car at 128 than the regular public has at 45. He is 100% concentrating on the driving whereas the regular public is thinking about their job, kids, wife, friends, lovers, bank accounts, whether they are speeding...etc.

1250 days ago
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