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Kyle Busch on Speeding Bust -- 'I Got Carried Away'

5/24/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Busch just issued a sort-of apology for his 128 mph speeding ticket -- chalking up his ridiculous speed to a test drive gone wrong, and the blatantly obvious ... "I got carried away." 


In his statement Busch says , "I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went  beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment."

The NASCAR bad boy was driving a Lexus LFA when cops in Troutman, NC pulled him over today ... doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. BTW ... the LFA packs about 552 horses!

Busch added, "I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again."

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You people are ridiculous! I got a speeding ticket for doing 120 in a 45 and no threat of arrest was ever mentioned. Yes I got 4 points on my record for it and a hefty fine, but that was it. There is no reason he should have been arrested. Trust me, I'm no fan of Kyle on the track, but for crying out loud, don't we have more important things to focus on than arresting someone speeding? Half of the US would be in jail. He made a mistake, admitted it and is paying for it...more-so than anyone else that gets a speeding ticket...let it go people!! When was the last time YOU had to publicly apologize for a traffic ticket?

1225 days ago


I got a ticket 20 some years ago 135 in a 25, in a 1970 Dodge Super Bee. I went to jail. The judge couldn't keep a straight face when I answered this question, "What were you thinking?" I told him I wanted to see if the car could fly without wings. $500.00 fine and time served. That was a lot of money back then! Haven't had a speeding ticket since.

1225 days ago

Johny Birther    

Everyone settle down! It's a speeding ticket! He wasn't caught molesting the neighbor's dog! Sheesh!

1225 days ago


It's really easy to sit back and be judgemental behind your computer. If you never did anything risky, dangerous or irresponsible when you were young, it must be nice to be perfect. Wonder how many other people have done something similar and just didn't get caught?
Doesn't make it right, Kyle. You could hurt more than just yourself. Remember being a well known NASCAR "celebrity" cuts both ways.

1225 days ago

david bakker    

so the next time i get pulled over, all i have to say is that im kyle busch, and ill get away with it? why in the hell would bruten smith even let him run in the race this weekend after acting the way that he has. that makes charlotte police and the city just look terrible!

1225 days ago


i what to know what he was test driving

1225 days ago


he was also pulled over a year or two ago and was a complete butt hole to troutman cops and said "do you not know who I am".....bite a big one ass wipe

1225 days ago


Like none of you ever sped! HYPOCRITES!

1225 days ago


Preferential treatment. Anyone else would have been arrested on the spot and their license revoked.

1225 days ago


While I don't think this was awesome or anything, lest anyone misinterprets what I'm going to post but...seriously?? All the haters on here, come back and see me when you've become perfect and I will applaud you.

What do people want him to say? Screw you to the cops? I'll speed if I feel like it! I'm king of the road and I don't bow down to anyone...etc..
But no he didn't, he acknowledged what he did..which is a lot more than some people can do.

1225 days ago


I'd trust Kyle at 128 more than I'd trust 75% of drivers doing the speed limit. He probably had both hands on the wheel, wasn't on his cell, wasn't flipping through his MP3s, wasn't setting his GPS, and his SA (situational awareness) was acute.

1225 days ago


Sorry, Kyle, but going 60 in a 45 mph zone is getting carried away. Going 128 is just plain stupid! Didn't you have any thought for the other drivers or pedestrians or cyclists who may have been on that road. He should have been arrested and lost his license. NASCAR better hand out some kind of punishment to this LOSER!

1225 days ago


Hand a 26 yr old race driver a $500,000 car & what do think would happen.

1225 days ago


Lexus LFA, Let's see that's a V10 Lexus worth about $400,000.
He probably didn't notice he was going 128 MPH in that thing. It seems that Paris Hilton has one too.
Who do you trust with this car on the road?

1225 days ago


Love it that so many people are excusing his behavior. How fabulously typical!!!

1225 days ago
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