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Dodger Stadium Beating Suspect: I Have an Alibi

5/24/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man arrested for the brutal beating of a San Francisco Giants' fan outside Dodger Stadium claims he's innocent and has an alibi to prove it ... TMZ has learned.


Giovanni Ramirez was arrested Sunday for allegedly beating Giants' fan Bryan Stow so badly on opening day, he suffered brain damage.

Ramirez' lawyer, Chip Matthews, tells TMZ ... he has three witnesses who will testify that Ramirez was not even at the game that day but rather at his L.A. apartment. 

Ramirez -- a gang member with felony convictions -- was busted after his parole officer met with him and noticed a strong resemblance to the sketches of the suspect.

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three witnesses, lets see, his mother who would lie for him cause she already has, and two other friends with records probably as long as his... Gee I wonder why he's been "staying in his apt" as his mother says....Cause he knows what he did and he knows the pic identifys him...For his three witnesses to support his alibi. There's about 20 who saw him beat that man down...nice try ahole...

1250 days ago


Uh oh. Some people are going to be very upset that their lawns will not be getting mowed.

1250 days ago

Monty Gordon    

Bryan Stow has a history of violence and drug abuse. According to court records filed in Santa Cruz, California, Stow has a felony conviction for possession of narcotics, assault and battery committed against a spouse and a DUI for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. SANTA CRUZ SUPERIOR COURT CRIMINAL DIVISION STOW BRYAN MICHAEL DOCKET 49 11407 CHARGE 11350 H & S DOCKET 40 06514 CHARGE 242 PC DOCKET 40 08846 CHARGE 23152(A)Basically have respect when you are a visitor in LA, NY, SF, Boston, or any other city you might be visiting. You get what you ask for when you are a violent drunk who was probably talking smack after the game to the wrong gangsters. I have hear giant fans say "It's my life time achievement to be here talking crap" at dodger stadium. This guy asked for what he got! He's a drunk, narcotic user man beater. YES HE BEAT HIS MAN LOVER. Wonder why he got whooped so bad? Who gets jumped randomly? Thought so... the La Times keeps deleting anything that makes Mr.Stow look bad. TMZ is less political and about the truth.

1250 days ago


His alibi is all family or friends including his mother. The initial witness accounts were not vague, they described his tattoo which he has tried to hide by having another tattoo put over it.
Thef act that he is Hispanic has zero to do with anything if you are thug you are a thug it's a race neutral thing.

1250 days ago


im sure his gang member friends are very reliable sources....

1250 days ago


One of his 'witnesses' was one the news. She was a Hispanic female who said he couldn't have been there because he was with her at her and her kid at her apartment. A few seconds later, she said that SHE was at the game with her friends from work.

What a stellar alibi.

I hope all those focker start to feel the noose tightening around their necks.

1250 days ago

Rock Singer    

I got one thing to say...."PUT ME ON THE JURY".

1250 days ago


I saw the "alibis" being interviewed on the Channel 9 news last night. 1 was his baby momma, one was his best friend and one was his mom. All swore that this reputed gang member with previous felony convictions "would never have done this".

1250 days ago

john wayne gacy    

all the billboards should have frank
mc court likeness plastered on them;

frank mc hoard has been the true thug
that has continually assaulting dodger
fans for years all the way to the bank ...


1250 days ago


california has "the most dangerous violent gang members" in america... said the TV

1250 days ago


It has nothing to do with race , people who think that are stupid , for 'Love my Fans' shut up cus mexicans are def no minority , it has nothing to do with race , dude is an ignorant thug in a gang , his alibis that took him long cus him and his ignorant friends had to think of some , what better than to try and say he is a good dad ?

1250 days ago

todd lee    

You mean gang-banging, ex-convicts with tattoos all over their bodies are all of a sudden telling the truth?

I say hang him....he wont be missed, i feel bad for his daughter but im sure she will end up a $15 prostitute anyway...look at her father.

1250 days ago


He sounds like he loves babysitting!


Far before Giovanni Ramirez’s arrest in the Bryan Stow (aka Brian Stow) matter Sunday, Ramirez had an extensive criminal background. At age 18, in 1998 Ramirez was convicted of attempted robbery. Ramirez was arrested for allegedly using a club against a woman, as a deadly weapon, in the effectuation of robbery. Ramirez eventually served one year in county jail. He reportedly was also convicted of a robbery in 1999.

Three years later, Ramirez was off probation. But by 2005, he was back in trouble with the law again. This time was convicted of firing a weapon in a public place. But the location of the firing prompted additional concern.

1250 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

does he got some jelly, too, tho?...

1250 days ago


What man, white, black, or hispanic, in his right manly mind would ever tell his girlfriend, "Honey, you take the ticket and enjoy the opening Dodger-Giant baseball game with my friends, I will stay at home and watch your kid."?

If this reputed hispanic gang member would have gone to school to actually learn something, he would have been able to come up with a much better alibi after seven weeks of thinking real hard than tis load of crap.

1250 days ago
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