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Dodger Beating Suspect -- I Was Babysitting

5/24/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of beating a San Francisco Giants fan to a pulp at Dodger Stadium says he was doing domestic stuff at the time of the incident -- babysitting his young daughter and another child.

Giovanni Ramirez

Giovanni Ramirez -- who was arrested Sunday for allegedly beating Bryan Stow so badly he suffered brain damage -- claims he was at home with the girl and, as we previously reported, has 3 alibi witnesses to prove it ... so says his lawyer, Chip Matthews.

The 3 alibi witnesses are his ex-girlfriend, who left Ramirez at the apartment to go to the game, along with 2 friends.  Interestingly, the ex-girlfriend is a suspect in the case -- cops believe she may have been the getaway driver.

Matthews tells TMZ ... there are several pictures of the group at Dodger Stadium and Ramirez is not in any of the photos. 

And, a source familiar with the case tells TMZ, Ramirez had a highly-visible tattoo removed from his neck after the incident, and cops believe it shows a guilty state of mind so he couldn't be ID'd.  But Ramirez says he removed the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's lips because his new girlfriend didn't like it.

Attorney Matthews adds ...  Ramirez is covered in tattoos so removing one wouldn't make a difference.

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No Avatar


Be embarrassing as hell for the LAPD if the only guy they arrested so far isn't guilty.

Frank McCourt deserves all the blame for the attack anyway. I think an investigation will find that he cut back on security to save money. McCourt should be arrested, if you ask me.


1210 days ago


Hanging is too good for this S-O-B - so, give him a lethal injection. Dirt bag doesn't deserve to live among humans. Same with the other two.

1210 days ago


Wow. What a coincidence that his girlfriend and other friends were at that very game. What are the odds? Somehow he doesn't come across as the kind of guy that would tell his girlfriend to go enjoy the game while he watched the kids.

1210 days ago

Joe Blowe    

Found a pic of the alleged suspect:


1210 days ago

No comment    

The game was televised, there are in-stadium park surveillance, and fans who take pictures and videos. If he isn't on any tape anywhere then maybe he has a point. (TV video includes footage that doesn't make it to air). All fans who were at the game and want to help, should view the photos/videos they took on opening day.

1210 days ago


Based on his priors this piece of worthless s*** should still be in prison for life even if he had nothing to do with this anyway. We should set a goal to make 3 strikes a automatic death penalty and then kill 10 prisoners a day minimum. Even then we would not be able to exterminate all the vermin.

1210 days ago


This story is terrible...but why is it on TMZ? It has nothing to do with entertainment? I am glad they caught this POS.

1210 days ago

Joe Blowe    

You are right Kim, LA Dodgers sure arent entertainment

1210 days ago

No comment    

Baseball is entertainment and Dodger Stadium IS inside the 30 mile zone.

1210 days ago

john wayne gacy    

if you check any surveillance or televised
video of the dodger's opening day game,
we will find numerous hispanics with tattoos.

however. most of them are players on the field ........

1210 days ago


Kim, TMZ now covers entertainment AND local news AND anybody in the world uttering a gay slur.


1210 days ago


He was a coward when he helped beat an innocent guy senseless and he's still a coward hiding behind his lame excuses. What a pathetic example of a "man".

1210 days ago


The way this story has been playing out makes me wanna puke. First of all , they had TONS of evidence and have known who these jokers are since day one IMO.

This case is turning out to be a real little rain maker for LA. Think of the revenue in Catering Trucks alone covering the trial. LA needed this to help bring some revenue into LA . LA is a cesspool of illegals alien , homeless , and gang bangers of all races looking for a sucker to beat and rob. Yet LAPD does NOTHING to stop the flow of these criminals knowing it is JOB SECURITY FOR SURE.

1210 days ago

little dum- dum    

@little lou- lou, reason they havent shown his picture yet is theyre having him in a lineup today for some eye witnesses. his pic will be released after.

1210 days ago


actually, the police aren't releasing the photo yet because they have witnesses that they want to do a line up w/first. that way this slime can't say they just saw his pix on tv and identified him that way. also, the ex girlfriend just happens to be the girl they are looking at for driving the get away vehicle. the police have been eyeing him for a while and wouldn't have just picked him up cuz someone said so. he's been under surveillance for some time now. just because the press isn't reporting it, doesn't mean nothing's happening.

1210 days ago
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