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Dodger Beating Suspect -- I Was Babysitting

5/24/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of beating a San Francisco Giants fan to a pulp at Dodger Stadium says he was doing domestic stuff at the time of the incident -- babysitting his young daughter and another child.

Giovanni Ramirez

Giovanni Ramirez -- who was arrested Sunday for allegedly beating Bryan Stow so badly he suffered brain damage -- claims he was at home with the girl and, as we previously reported, has 3 alibi witnesses to prove it ... so says his lawyer, Chip Matthews.

The 3 alibi witnesses are his ex-girlfriend, who left Ramirez at the apartment to go to the game, along with 2 friends.  Interestingly, the ex-girlfriend is a suspect in the case -- cops believe she may have been the getaway driver.

Matthews tells TMZ ... there are several pictures of the group at Dodger Stadium and Ramirez is not in any of the photos. 

And, a source familiar with the case tells TMZ, Ramirez had a highly-visible tattoo removed from his neck after the incident, and cops believe it shows a guilty state of mind so he couldn't be ID'd.  But Ramirez says he removed the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's lips because his new girlfriend didn't like it.

Attorney Matthews adds ...  Ramirez is covered in tattoos so removing one wouldn't make a difference.

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"MsMe" Chill, your baby daddy will be out in a few years... relax.

1249 days ago


Why are you hellz bent on defending this POS gangbanger MsMe? You know, the cops have tons of informaiton that they NEVER release to the public. They get tips, they have informants who would turn in their own mother to stay out of jail (yes even gangbangers turn each other in). No honor amongt thieves, right MsMe?

Despite what YOU can think, most cops are pretty smart and hardworking. They want to be sure they get the right person so the arrest will stick. Oh...I'm sure the cops have the right person, plus this POS has a rap sheet a mile long for things like armed robbery...that sounds pretty violent to me.

1249 days ago


Piper...you are funny! Read the articles sweetheart. The only reason his parole officer said anything was because of the new tat he got. That's all!! Because of a tat! Please....keep quiet if you have nothing meaningful to say...evidence?? WHAT EVIDENCE?????? Speak on it PIPER...speak on it....please, lay down the facts that tie Ramirez to this crime...Go on...I'm waiting! How about that man that served 25 years in jail for attempted murder and then they realized it wasn't him...cops pick you up because of race and they know that if you have a background, it's a done deal! What world do YOU live in?

1249 days ago


REALLY! When have you heard of a THUG staying home to watch his kid while his EX goes to a Dodger game! RIGHT

1249 days ago


Mighty Mike & Piper: the voices of reason! Thank goodness. I pray you both are on the jury.

1249 days ago

Mighty Mike    


I don't hate anyone. I don't even hate the thug that did this to Bryan Stow, should it somehow not be this dead ringer. I just believe that if you grow up around gangbangers as mentors and/or examples there's a pretty good chance you will follow suit, so they just don't know any better and it's pretty sad.

But once you turn 18, you DO HAVE A CHOICE and if you choose to continue that path you WILL end up in prison or in the ground.

Like piper said, the cops aren't stupid. They have tons of leads and evidence in order to even get a warrant to orchestrate a SWAT raid!!! You said it yourself, there are a lot of Latinos that match the description. So why not send a SWAT raid to every one of their places, then sort it out later? Because they know who he is and what he did, that's why.

He didn't babysit some kids so you guys could go to the game. Come on. If I was the judge I would call a quick recess, walk into my chamber and laugh so f%^&ing hard that when I came back to the bench it would look like I was crying for an hour.

You guys are going to need a better alibi. Justice will be served.

1249 days ago


Please put this man in jail.

1249 days ago


MsMe writes:

"I just love how everyone is SO BRAVE on a "post". =) Half of you would just keep your mouth shut if we were in a real environment. "

Or what? They'd get beaten into a coma by somebody like Giovanni Ramirez?

1249 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Yeah. He looks like a real *babysitting* type. DYFS check that kid please. F*****g liar. Karma baby karma. Not if, but when.

1249 days ago


Marlena...another funny girl...talk and say all you want =) if you only knew sweetie...if you only knew..

1249 days ago


InZee - - you know exactly what I meant by that...you want to add your own comment to that...go ahead..those are your words, not mine *wink

1249 days ago


This clown can't think of a better alibi than "babysitting"? That is LOL'z...

Those cops have heard everything but that laugh was heard aroung the room.

1249 days ago


MsMe wrote:

"talk and say all you want =) if you only knew sweetie...if you only knew.."

Does this sound like a veiled threat to anyone else? I'm glad LAPD is monitoring this message list, and that TMZ will provide traceable IP information to them. Perhaps MsMe would like to be interviewed by the LAPD detectives next?

MsMe, little advice: I don't know what your connection to the perpetrator is (he's your "cousin", or brother, or son, or "boyfriend"), but you're not helping him by posting thinly veiled threats of violence whilst defending him. You are certainly not projecting the image that most Latina Americans would like the rest of America to see. It's really in your best interest to cooperate with the law enforcement investigation as much as possible. As is clearly evidence by his past, Giovanni Ramirez is a violent person. If he's not rehabilitated, then he will hurt someone again. Maybe you, maybe someone you care about.

1249 days ago


This is no surprise - Just go to court and see the gang-bangers on trial and see the family members that try to intimidate witnesses. Lying is something that comes natural to these people. With an ownership change a near certainty for the Dodgers, perhaps it would be best if the franchise moved to another city. The gang-bangers are ruining the attendance as is and it's only going to worsen in the years ahead.

1249 days ago


He better hope he did not have his cell phone with him if he did attend the game. If he made or received a call while at the game the route and tower the phone used during the call can be retrieved.

1249 days ago
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