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George W. Bush -- Nearly Decked by Foul Ball

5/24/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former President George W. Bush almost took one to the kisser last night at a Texas Rangers game -- when a foul ball cleared the protective net in front of him ... and nearly smacked him and Laura.052411_george_bush_video

Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski -- who failed to catch the foul ball -- later admitted, "Just 'cause he was the president doesn't mean I wouldn't jump on top of him."

Sounds hot.

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Wow, too bad if it had hit him, huh?

1249 days ago


CelebJustice 41 minutes ago

Freedom has never been free. Though the cost is enormous there are those that give their lives willingly to defend and expand it. Why is it you feel that only a few of the billions of people on earth are allowed to live free?
Its idiot morons such as yourself that blindly believe what others tell you. Why not get off the boards and do a bit of research into world history.
Try living in a country that would kill you for thinking the way you do... perhaps then you would understand that freedom has always had a high cost that brave men and women are willing to pay.
but then again... I doubt you have the courage.


Get a clue. Really.

1249 days ago


Let me rephrase my last comment. Fighting for freedom is fine. Starting a faked war while pretending to hunt down the real instigator of terrorism isn't.

1249 days ago

Natalie C.    

It almost hit the lady "ducking" in the red! GW has a great sense of humor and so does Laura! Wonder what he said to the catcher!? Too cute! Bush knows baseball and that's part of the game! Those on here just looking to "bash" him need to get a life. I don't want to have to start posting a list of things Obama has done I'm not happy with. But, I'm not like that. Just sayin'...

1249 days ago


Charlie, what are you talking about ? What did anything I said have to do with race ?

1249 days ago


Hey Celeb justice. It's hard for "gold star" relatives of our fallen heroes, from any of our wars, to admit their relatives died or were maimed for the delusions of a failed president. Those that suffered these fates in Iraq because of the war criminal, George Bush, may someday realize this hard truth.

If you see me you don't laugh, you salute

1249 days ago


Breath of fresh air. GWB is very likeable as is Laura. We need more of these fun moments. I really like the Bush family.

1249 days ago

Smarter Human    

j, you're an idiot.

1249 days ago


Skippy McDumbBush was the worst Vice President ever when he was in the Cheney administration Brought to You by Haliburton. Yet, I did like Laura. She could pronounce "nuclear" unlike Skippy. I will give this to him. At least he held on to his deep fried twinkie and Coca Cola Icee when the ball was sailing towards that small brain of his.

1249 days ago


Is it too late to bring this ass up on charges? They spent a bazillion dollars to prosecute Bill Clinton for lying about a blow job, and yet this guy's crimes are untouchable? Seeing this guy makes me flush with anger and shame (not that I ever voted for him, mind you).

1249 days ago


George and Laura: A decent man and a wonderful woman.
Just picture those two hoisting a brew in Ireland. Too classy!

1249 days ago


Hey Gutsy. You'd never see them in a pub, because he's an alcholic. If he ever took a drink again, Laura would kill him.

1249 days ago


At least he got elected twice and Obummer will be out next year ;). To those that believe he's not smart, then you are saying the same about Obummer, they both had the same education, but Bush has one more degree that your so called smart pres. Your lib party really knows that their voters are the dumb one's, because you believe and repeat everything they put out there. To prove it, here's an example: During the Clinton years, the Republicans took over Congress before Clinton next re election, so that means that we got a surplus, thanks to the Republicans, so HA! Also, in 2006 the Dems took over the House, that's where the bills are introduced. After 2006, our countries debt became even larger. Now, our debt is out of control. It's the Dems that love to spend and tax! Dems had the House in 2006, then they got control of Congress for 2years and are things getting any better, I think not!!!! WHY DON'T YOU START PAYING ATTENTION AND DOING YOUR OWN RESEARCH, THEN YOU WILL REALIZE WHAT A DRONE YOU WERE. START WITH ENTITLEMENTS, PUBLIC NOT PRIVATE UNIONS, WHO PAYS THE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES (HINT YOUR TAX DOLLARS) AND THEN SIZE OF GOVERNMENT (STATE BY STATE).

1249 days ago


Too bad it missed.

1249 days ago


The lady is red is Nolan Ryan's wife, Ruth. I am GLAD no one was hurt.

1249 days ago
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