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'Jersey Shore' BRAWL -- Ronnie BEATS UP Situation

5/24/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie and The Situation got into a MAJOR fist fight with each other last night in Italy ... TMZ has learned -- and based on the post-brawl pictures ... the Sitch got his ass kicked.

Ronnie and Situation Fight
The two arrived separately back to their apartment hours ago -- Situation has red marks covering his face around his left eye. Ronnie's knuckles were torn up and bleeding.

Details around the fight are still unclear -- but big surprise ... we're told it all began with a blowout between Ronnie and Sammi.

Story developing ...


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Come on??? Those of you who have any experience in fighting know that those marks on Situation are not blows...unless they had him in a long ass headlock. Looks more like an unfortunate tanning accident. Could be wrong though but I've never seen anyone I've boxed with in or out the ring with those kind of bruises. I hope TMZ isn't "doctoring" photos now just to have some hype.
Damn, it's like I don't know what to believe in anymore...there's no integrity in the journalist profession anymore. Sad but true, just look at Fox News.

1059 days ago

Ave Joe    

Well the show was loosing audience and this was created by the Show producers and writters

It gives it a boost
Notice how this Happens when other shows are doing their Finalies? Wrapping up the season...

Very Coincident.. or Planned?

Would you want to have to go back to work at a real job vs do this?

And do you really think doing alittle Boxing really hurts them?

They sure do need some Normal size Looking Girls though..Boy talk about bubble butts..

Jersey has much better looking girls than that..

1059 days ago


Wtf is ronnie really thinks he could fight why dont he train and learn some self defense and go to the UFC. And see if he really is a tough guy, to tell you the truth ronnie will get murdered in the UFC

1058 days ago


Whoever said you can learn a lot from a dummy,
has never met Ronnie or Sammy. I remember the
incident when Ronnie went off on Dena. He was
like a RABIT DOG and i thought to myself this
guy has some serious, serious issues. Spitting
and foaming at the mouth to the point where he
could hardly talk. Sammy is no better, she lets
STUPID RON talk to her anyway he feels. If i
ever saw 2 losers in my lifetime these 2 take
the cake. My final thought, they don't come any
dumber. The SITUATION and PAULY are my favorite
of the cast. I think STUPID RON is trying to be
a fan favorite and it's to late. Can you say
B O R I N G !! LOL!! If Ron and Sam wasn't so
USELESS, i might feel sorry for them. Keep your
head up Situation, your better than those 2 losers.

1058 days ago

Cooler then you    

I think that even though Mike got his ass kicked, Ronnie loses in the long run because he has a short temper. And that will get him no where with his life. Except hate mail

1058 days ago



1058 days ago


Ouch! Well, someone finally learned. Guess he won't do that agian. O.O Situation, Karma has really hit you!!

1058 days ago


social darwinism at it's lowest ebb.

1058 days ago


about time, thanks rnny.........hahaha

1058 days ago


im sure ronnie probably gave that idiot the beating he deserved but those photos look fake then a mug

1058 days ago

shari francis    

here's the situation go fu## yourself

1058 days ago


Oh come on isn't this part of why u have cable for the excitement? just think if every show was boring! jersey shore not a bad show like it better when they keep their clothes on and when they FIGHT! YE as for the bar incident with snookie didn't situation start that? how bout them nj house wives and husbands can't wait 4 the next fight CABLE BILL!

1058 days ago


RONNIE CONTROL YOUR TEMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1058 days ago

Lady Bug    

Dumb Ass Ronnie going off over Sammie. She is playing him!!!!

1058 days ago


Honestly the "bruising" looks like someone put some blush on his face..probably just another way to try and get more viewers for Jersey Shore.

1058 days ago
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